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  1. Silvercoins

    Soviet cruiser captain skills?

    I haven't got the Petropavlovsk yet but it won't take me long to get it. So in prepping for it I would like to know what would be the best captain skills for the Tier X Petropavlovsk with a 19 point captain?
  2. Silvercoins

    ST, changes to test ships

    So far none of the above impress me. Outside of the battleships which new cruiser can match the Stalingrad?
  3. Silvercoins

    Just noticed a torpedo dodging mod

    I just came from a match that when I lunch my torpedo's at a DD he started turning and I have seen this in other matches. Call it what you want but something just isn't right. I am going back and find the replay. Sorry but there are still those who find cheating more fun and I don't believe that Wargaming really cares.
  4. Silvercoins

    Public test server status

    Public Test Server 0.8.0 is not working properly. I can not get ships to move . Other players having issues as well.