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  1. Supremeguardian

    7th loss in a row

    Yeah, loss streaks do happen, after about 3 in a row its time to consider either grouping up with some other players or take a break from WoWs for a bit. The longer a streak goes on during a single session the more frustrated and angry people tend to get. Just take a break.
  2. Supremeguardian

    Ship you hate facing the most

    Khaba, I loathe them.
  3. Supremeguardian

    T10 AA, what ships surprised you as CV?

    Have run across some dd's where the AA surprised me. But for the most part tier 8 CV very hard to play in tier 10 matches. With people now actually sticking together to combine their AA for cover its very difficult to make even a first pass. The entire flight is usually wiped out before they get close enough to attack.
  4. Supremeguardian

    Grind US or IJN CVs?

    As of right now, IJN is the favored line: AP dive bombers, torpedo bombers, that doesn't have slow torpedoes, and better concealment.
  5. Supremeguardian

    Midway is weak

    It does seem for the current iteration that the American CV's are weaker compared to the Jap CV's.
  6. Keyboard for getting around the map, mouse steering to fine tune and line up the attack.
  7. Supremeguardian

    PSA: Azuma downtiered to T9

    Interesting, hopefully this moves it to possible coal ship.