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  1. joegils1

    Scared to buy new premiums

    I havnt bought a ship in ages for this exact reason. The last /only one I bought was the Mainz, and I bought that one purely because I love it being a puppy Hindy and the Hindy is my best and favorite ship BY FAR. Since I bought that ship, WG has messed with stuff WAYYYY too much after initial release, and openly said so. I dont trust em even remotely enough to keep away from the bait-n-switch so theyre not getting a dime of mine either.
  2. joegils1

    Wows Culture

    I agree with most of this, but I will admit I have seen players often enough that I have blacklisted them after repeatedly telling them to actually shoot at something, get out from behind the island theyve been living behind all game watching their team get blasted, and CVs that dont spot at all or help a side that asks for help. It is true that just being a ranting **** is one thing, but when its players repeatedly making the same mistakes...or even worse..when you ...as you say...POLITELY offer tips...they tell you to go **** yourself and more. It's gotten to a point this game is no longer much fun at all...with the repeated bad play, people not taking tips and hints, and general lack of common sense on things like....ohhh....simply shooting. On top of the super-sensative chat ban social experiment....its starting to kind of suck playing.
  3. joegils1

    How good are the new German DD's?

    I agree. The german DD line split was beyond stupid...it does nothing well, and is a DD trying to be a CA...which they all do horribly. This whole line makes absolutely no sense. I got the 31..just by how bad it is and its general charatistics that all em have....unles WG does something spectacular (ROFL yeah right) to make them even remotely viable as a team player, Im not going to waste my time grinding up a line that was dreamed up at the bottom of a vodka bottle.
  4. joegils1

    Matchmaking Broken

    I noticed this well before the 10.0 patch. It has been getting steadily worse over the last year. As for the "good players experimenting", that is true...BUT...I see that the new skill rework has completely wrecked the meta and made it so that only a few ships...i.e Yammies and Thunderers, can sit at the back of the map and spam shots all day without begin seen. The lineup I see most all Thunderers with a Yammy or two...and when I see it, which side has that lineup has an automatic win. It's plain and simple...this game is getting worse and worse every patch/ rework/indtroduction of anything. Im starting to really hate this broken game.
  5. joegils1

    New German DD Line

    Im not impressed at all with the new proposed german DD line. They will be big slow CV whipping boys, and a DD with no smoke and AP dependent while having a low ROF? Seriously? You'll spend the entire game waiting for one decent shot on a broadside, so you wont do much at all for gun damage, and again the torps are going to be the bad Z-52 torps...so those wont matter much. It wont be even remotely able to deal with DDs. It's amazing that a line is coming out that has absolutely nothing that sets it apart from the others....but not a surprise. As a Z player who knows the AP will be of little use since they either ricochet off of everything bigger than a DD or a DD thats anything but broadside, and if its a DD they all overpen with little to no damage caused. Nothing about this line says "give me a chance" But we'll see...but not looking forward to it.
  6. joegils1

    ST 0.10.0, changes to new skill system

    Again WG is whacking the german BB line. They already handicapped it bigtime, and now this. Unless they pull a miracle and fix it (which they wont..its WG...they break-you buy), it will render the entire german line pointless. So if it ends up as it looks like it will...I may just leave the game. That will be the last straw with WG. Im tired of just getting good with skills and ships just to have WG turn around and trash the entire system again.
  7. joegils1

    Massive nerf to secondaries coming

    Thats rich..." Plus...in certain case, secondaries were too strong on DDs"....thats the entire point to even HAVING secondaries....so that a BB can fight off a DD making a DD run or popping out of the islands looking to torp. Without good secondaries, BBs are sitting ducks for torps, and the entire german BB line will be pointless. So...if that nerf does in fact happen...which I know it will...well, because WG....they will be wiping out an entire line of ships. I am now sooo glad I dragged my feet on getting the Agir and Pommern. Now I wont. With this abomination of a change...its looking like time to find another game to play...this is getting too stupid.
  8. I have to agree and disagree on some things said..yes the key to not getting torped into oblivion in german BBs is to learn how and when to use the sonar. HOWEVER....I hugely disagree with anyone that says that the german BB accuracy is the same as the US accuracy...more specifically GK vs Montana. I have both...both have accuracy mod. I can reliably tag anything anywhere with the Monty and can rely on it to cit anyting broadside, while I cant even rely on the GK to even hit the water, let alone a target...at any range. As for the GK secondaries...there are many ships that now have very similar secondaries...Ohio, Georgia, Alsace, etc. So...the secondary specialty is not unique anymore, and it takes forever for them to target and start firing. And the horrible handling and being seen from the moon/horrible AA goes without saying. I try to like it, have played it for a long time, but with the power creep and current meta it is just simply not worth playing unless you want to pull your eyes out in utter disbelief on what youre seeing. It badly needs a lot of love to even be viable nowdays.
  9. joegils1

    Z-52 — German Tier X destroyer.

    The Z-52 is a much better DD gunboat and DD hunter!? Are you high? It gets out-detected by absolutely everyone, its guns are anemic, torps are worse than bad....hell....I just put 2 into a Halland and he didnt even go down. It also cant turn out of anything a CV throws at it....its a sad weak sitting duck. It desperately needs some help...either guns, torps, or vis...anything. Just calling it a great boat "because it has sonar" is a joke. WIth all the radar you never get to use it anwyay. Again, it desperately needs something, anything, improved otherwise its not worth playing.
  10. joegils1

    Z-52 still missing something

    I dont think the solution to the Z is 150 guns. The thing that I only see on the Z that makes it extremely frustrating and weak is the completely unreliable torp spread. It is impossible to expect a good torp spread every time you let em go. What I mean by this is this...this is what I always get for a spread: I= a torp spread 1: I II I spread 2: II II Spread 3: I III spread 4: III I What I almost never see : IIII which is what every other ship with torps in the game has. This desperately needs to be fixed yo make the Z to be even considered remotely playable because you can drive a house though these gaps.
  11. joegils1

    Why no german T10 heavy cruiser?

    I thought they had heavier than 203 plus heavier displacement. Daaaaamn....nevermind me...I'll shut up now.
  12. joegils1

    Why no german T10 heavy cruiser?

    Well well well....I must apologize. I always though the Hindy was a light cruiser because of the 203 guns and the iffy armor and the bow with not-so-good deflection angles...plus it doesnt handle anything like a light cruiser. Welp...I stand corrected. Ive had the Hindy for a long time and its my go-to CA...but it doesnt tank like a heavy..and the Turtleback is not what it used to be. Anyhoo, still love it, but its been changed a bit since I got it so I gotta use it as a kiter instead of a brawler like it was supposed to be. Plus....the 2 T9 heavies coming out at the same time in the same class/nation just fried my mind and made no sense.
  13. This is something that just boggles my mind and would like an answer from anyone who might have an idea of what the hell happened. The Sigfried was supposed to be a T10 heavy from its conception a couple years ago if I remember correctly. Why would WG then put it with the Odin and have 2 freaking T9 heavies, and no T10? Is it just that WG didnt want to create anything that can go against their precious russian heavies like the Stalingrad or to take on the PR? Is there an even remotely good reason for no german T10 heavy, or is WG being themselves and just wrecking a great idea? In my mind they had the chance to do it right, but blew it....again. Any ideas on why the omission?
  14. joegils1

    Bad Z-52 torps

    The issue isnt so much their damage ( its by far not the best), but the crazy unreliable torp spread that usually has huge gaping holes in it that a house could drive through sideways...even with narrow spread set. I never see this problem on any of the other DDs I have.
  15. joegils1

    Bad Z-52 torps

    I find that its not really either of them...cap contesting is iffy because of the and usually outgunned and out-spotted by pretty much every DD out there...everything else trashes it...and I have it rigged for contesting but I dont because 1: teams rarely backup contesters anymore, and 2: the handling is so poor it cant get out or out-turn anything before getting trashed. It's the ultimate "meh" boat....everything is OK at best....juuuust good enough to get your hopes up then drop you on your head. I've tried every possible handling config to try to get something decent, but nothing clicks. ROFL....one-shot a BB with Z torps..... HAHAHA thats rich...Ive hit BBs with all 8 torps and never one-shotted a single one. Maybe only a couple dev-strikes, but etremely rare...because thats when my torps hit and all I see are 6500 and 8500 damages.....uncommon to get over 10k unless I miraculously catch one flat broadside..any angle at all...back to 6500 and 8500.