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  1. Mikasa_2014

    Wow, who said WG will never sell T10 ships?

    A different opinion found online. For any player doesn't have a Yamato, the free exp needed is 893000. That's 25514 db with a 1:35 converting ratio. Premium camo: 5000 db Legendary module: roughly 19000 - 20000 db (to reset Harugumo line and earn RB points) So total price is around 50000 db. The package online charges 55950 db. That's 6000 db more expensive, but you will get more stuff. For sure I believe the majority of the current players already have Yamato in their ports. That's why the price looks ridiculous to them. However if a new whale enters the game, the price is not too high considering the time you have to spend grinding Yamato. Anyway, I am not going to buy it.
  2. Mikasa_2014

    Wow, who said WG will never sell T10 ships?

    2019: CV rework, Puerto Rico 2020: Submarine test, tier X ARP Yamato for direct sale 2021: So what.. A tier X submarine for direct sale?
  3. Mikasa_2014

    Kansas is OP

    Bait for what?
  4. Mikasa_2014

    Kansas is OP

    How 776 base XP is OP?
  5. Mikasa_2014

    Please Move Clan Battle Time Zone Back an Hour to DST

    Have a job in west coast. Now I even have a baby daughter this year. So I just say no to CB. Life is more important than a game :)
  6. I would be happy to hear WG making an announcement that they have a system to ban players with RMT. What disappointed me was that WG just punished some players/band because they trade steel by sharing accounts, then within 10 days they officially announced a new system which encouraging trading steel. That's not consistent. You can argue that WG banned these players because sharing accounts violates EULA. Sure I completely agree with that. But the TITLE of WG's post did NOT mention account sharing, but TRADING STEEL, why? Well maybe I should not expect too much to a company who said they will NEVER release submarines and they would NEVER let CV players down. Inconsistency is in their DNA though.
  7. What you said is so wrong.
  8. You don't have to be a unicum to do RMT under this new system. I mostly finish my CB in Storm or Typhoon leagues, and I AFKed for almost one year. Even then I have 3 steel ships, and the fourth is coming. Don't think it's the privilege of unicum players only. Just a player with less than 55% win-rate (I am) could farm steel easily in CB. This system opens a door more widely for "trading steel", and I am astonished that it is officially raised by WG.
  9. If a clan has 10 more wins in the hurricane league, it can afford to lose 5 games. There are always more than 50 unicum players in a server, and I see no reason to kick good and active players out. So the points you raised can have a lot of arguments. Even if what you said are correct, there are a lot of players who are not noobs or unicums. Let's say 10% noob, 10% unicum, 40% below average, there are 40% above average players. Yes they may not be that helpful in hurricane leagues. But Typhoon league can farm steel as well. Just in your clan MHG, 15 out of 40 players have a win rate less than 50%. You are in Typhoon already. There are some positives since more people can play the CB. But real money trading is real money trading. How does WG plan to solve this?
  10. This is not even relevant. This post is about WG's attitude regarding TRADING STEEL. Like I am not in a hurricane clan, but I do want to have more steel. Can I say pay $10 to buy a position in a hurricane division for one day, and ask other 6 or 7 unicum players to help me farming steel? I don't think this should be allowed.
  11. I don't know why you cannot understand such a simple thing. You PAY to buy a position in a hurricane division for steel in CB: NO. This is what we call pay4steel. You PAY to rent a unicum player to join your division for steel in CB: NO. This is what we call pay4hurricane. This system made this possible, and you don't even need to join the clan! The difference is that the steel you get will be based on the TRADE. It is a very different thing to have a unicum clan to accept you if you are not unicum.
  12. That's not this post is talking about... In case you cannot understand.. Sharing accounts: BIG NO Trading steel: should be a BIG NO, but this new system OFFICIALLY opens the door. That's the point.
  13. Check the title of the 8/19 post.
  14. 8/19: 8/28: How can WG assure top clans won't use the mercenaries system to trade steel in clan war? Or did I misunderstand something?
  15. Mikasa_2014

    Bad winrate 40%

    Checked your stats. My suggestion is to increase your survival rate. Now you only survived one quarter of your battles. Try to increase your number to 50%, then plan the game accordingly. If you play the DD, don't rush to caps and die at the first place. That will give your team huge disadvantage. If you play BB, don't expose yourself to more than 3 enemy ships' fire, you cannot tank that much. If you play CA, just don't give broadside to BBs.