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  1. ReddWolfz

    HE penetration of 4.5 inch guns

    From running into test Darings multiple times on the live server, I'm seeing that its rate of fire guarantees it can do a serous about of damage to another DD before you can turn to an angle that makes the AP ineffective... then they just switch to HE and burn you a little before you can disengage. this seems to especially be the case if you are caught closing in on one. After playing the Jervis and now the Lightening I'm leaning to RPF instead of IFHE as I am having quite a bit of success getting to a spot ( just outside of radar range) that an aggressive opfor DD might wants to push into, then pounce on them, relying on AP, as they close. Just use the HE to spread some warmth around.
  2. ReddWolfz

    Help with DDs

    I agree with Doombeagle here... This to me is the essence of contesting a cap. You don't have to take it right off, you can be effective for your team simply by being there sneaky like, then punking the unwary, taking the cap back once the opposition moves on or poking the edge of a cap (with an escape route close at hand) in order to bait CA's to pop off their radar. You can also transition into herding mode, dropping torps or showing yourself very briefly, to get opfor capital ships to move away from you into the line of fire of others or to chase you and pull them from the main fight. If you are not divisioned up.. watch the flow of you team and adjust what you are trying to do. play the screen on the weak flank and slow down advances there.. get out in front of a push and screen/hunt DD's in front of that. And above all, keep in mind that in absence of a CV, a DD has the most influence on the outcome of a game once you are past the mid point, So be aggressive early but don't be rash. Don't try to force things to happen. Keep your situational awareness on high (location/range of radar, location of other DDs, etc) and leave yourself a way to quickly disengage and re position for better opportunities.