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  1. ReddWolfz

    Torpedo Acceleration on the Black?

    I don't have the Black but from your question I am assuming it has the same torps as the Sims (or similar). I've tried what you described on the Sims and the exata 5 knots on the torps didn't add any additional utility/usefulness in my experience. They still only served in the area denial role and only occasionally fired with intent when a bb allows me to get to just outside my detection range.
  2. ReddWolfz

    What am i doing wrong? (Baltimore)

    I struggled with the Balti as well. While you don't like it the peek, shoot, hide play style is the only way I found to make it work. Its speed and maneuvering is far to sluggish to play effectively in open water, though I had occasional success kiting away engaging targets outside my detection range so I could have a chance to go dark when needed. IMO focus on the following when shooting from around/behind islands, be hyper aware of where the opfor BBs and heavy cruisers were before poking out and firing. Try to avoid giving a clear line of sight to anyone don't get greedy, especially when bottom tier. do some chip damage on targets then break detection don't rush up to get your radar in play right off. Try to wait a bit unitl you have a better idea of where BBs will be shooting from. If you are the only one around to bring radar to play, try to do so without exposing yourself. At that point your radar is more important that getting your guns in play, especially if you don't know where BBs are going to be shooting from yet. You don't have the DPM to knock out an high tier DD in the first engagement and you become more dangerous in the later stages of a game. If you are in open water, get in a kiting position first before you open up, fire off a few salvos then go dark... rinse and repeat or re position as needed Basically be more cautious for the first 10min of the game avoiding death or significant damage, chip away here and there and preserve yourself. Your 203s can do serious work later in the game on wounded ships of all classes.
  3. ReddWolfz


    For the AZ/NM I find success with the build below... 1st 10 points circled. AZ/NM are fun ships at their tier and also fair well in my experience when uptiered
  4. ReddWolfz

    Missouri frustration

    IIRC there there is a ballistics difference between the guns on the NC/Mass/Bama and the guns on the Iowa/Mo. I think the velocity is higher on the Iowa/Mo guns so your travel time and point of aim is going to be a little bit different... not much but just enough to effect what the shells do when they get there. For me switching from the Montana to the Iowa/No is easier then switching from the Montana to the NC/etc.
  5. ReddWolfz

    Do the 150's have 1/4 pen?

    I concur with this for the 128s as well as the 150s. German AP is nasty across the board and getting in the habit of switching to AP as soon as anything shows its side greatly increases your ability to hurt and many times wreck whatever you encounter. German DDs are for the most part out spotted by everything (with the rare exception) at their respective tiers. Having RL in place means you can shift your guns to the bearing or turn away and avoid the engagement. This, IMO, is far more valuable in a German DD over IFHE is it helps keep you in the game longer in addition to providing info to you and the team.
  6. ReddWolfz

    T8 CA vs T10 DD tactics?

    Yep yep.. The Ed and that Brit AP freaking hurts! :D
  7. ReddWolfz

    Harugumo/ Kitakaze observations

    Not to mention the joy of reminding the opfor that a wounded Haru is just a very angry Haru and thus even more dangerous.
  8. ReddWolfz

    T8 CA vs T10 DD tactics?

    The Balti (or most CA's for that matter) simply doesn't have the DPM to solo kill a higher tier DD in the first engagement. this is compounded by the fact that by the time a DD driver gets to that T9-10 level they know (or should) to keep to the edge of your radar and are able to disengage pretty quickly. I recommend to focus on using your radar when you have friends close by to shoot the target was well.. baring that, IMO every bit of damage you get on a DD is a good thing and what you shoot is not so much important so shoot what ever you have in tubes at the time and work to hit your shots constantly.
  9. ReddWolfz

    Gearing, Why would i play this over anything else

    I found better success with the Fletcher as well for a long time. For myself I find/found they play very different due the the difference in size and handling between the two. In the Fletch, I find myself being more aggressive, being able to engage in extended, running, gunfights with opfor DDs (in efforts to knock them out at first contact) and in general being an open water gunboat pest to capital ships. I feel the reason for this is the Fletch presents a much smaller silhouette and combined with being faster/more nimble which translates into more misses when fighting an opfor DD even when they have support. In contrast with the Gearing, which, while it brings a higher DPM to a fight, is slower and chubby. This translates, again for me, to taking more hits thus tending to be on the negative side of the health trade when fighting another DD (especially when they have support). I began to have much better success in the Gearing when I shifted to playing less aggressively early in the game, focusing on quick burst damage (chipping at DDs not trying to kill them at first contact, resetting caps, spotting, tossing torps for area denial) before ducking behind cover and re-positioning to do it again. Mid to late game I work to take back caps as needed and engaging DDs with lower heath (and hopefully without as much support) and of course tossing torps at CAs/BBs looking to make a push. At this point I find the balance of dealing vs. taking damage turns in the Gearing favor more often than not. I'm not by any stretch of the imagination a great DD player, so these are just my observations experiences in making the transition from fletcher to gearing within my admittedly limited skillset.
  10. ReddWolfz

    Is Ernst Gaede a slouch?

    OP makes be want to go back and play the EG again. I only played 30 games in it as I charged up the German DD line when it first came out but I had good success in it (70% WR). Perhaps the meta has changed much since then leaving the EG lacking. One thing for sure has changed is far fewer DDs sit in smoke. This means far fewer opportunities to use hydro offensively and be a cap bully. In any case the EG is very much a boat that does a lot of things OK but nothing specifically great. As for tips.. stay away from the 150s. upgrade to the 8KM torps (if you don't already have them) and focus on spamming targets that are at max range (or 1km beyond) that are closing), engage other dd's at your max detection range or beyond, don't get into a close in turning knife fight. Once spotted begin turning away immediately (always have escape in mind while driving DDs).. if the opfor dd opens fire, consider what other help he has (CA's etc) close at hand before returning fire. You don't have to kill him on the first engagement, damage as much as you can while breaking the engagement and preserving your health.. Any dd becomes more dangerous and can have a greater impact on the game the longer you stay in it. If you do fire, switch to AP as soon as he shows his side. As you turn from an engagement, consider poping your hydro especially if you have ffriendlies behind you. You will be up tiered so know the radar ranges of the Cleveland, Atlanta, and Indy.. stay outside these ranges at all times if you have the opportunity AP on broadside CAs run AR and or BFT if you have the capt. points.
  11. ReddWolfz

    Grozovoi — Soviet Tier X destroyer.

    Very true.. for the most part, early/mid I focus on cap control/contesting I play the Groz (and all other dds with the exception of the Khab) near a cap point to work on opfor DDs that blunder into view.. when the opfor DD has support close in I focus on doing fast 'chip damage' on them (hopefully pushing them back and or making them easier for others to kill) and then scurry behind cover. once undetected I reposition (maybe pop a heal) and try it again.
  12. ReddWolfz

    Help me out here - Chung Mu vs YueYang

    From my view point post nerf... there is no real reason to push beyond the ChungMu to the YY if your primary focus is randoms. As I've indicated on other YY threads, it can still be effective in day to day randoms post nerf (and I still enjoy playing it) BUT there is nothing it does better than the Chung right now. Having the extra range on the torps is nice in some situations but for the most part I find the faster reload of the torps on the Chung makes it more usable. The Chung also has equal or better DMP over time given the same build on each capt/ship (I have not done the math but that is my perception from running both ships) If very coordinated team play is your focus then the YY running radar can be very powerful when working in coordination with another dd and supporting cruisers. working with a gearing, z-52, or daring in particular I've found.
  13. ReddWolfz

    Moskva Concealment should be buffed

    Thank you for the correction I messed up the numbers in my head there. with legendary it 19.44*1.08== 20.99 or simply 21KM again thank you
  14. ReddWolfz

    Should WG Buff the RN DD line?

    For myself I'm finding the Daring very effective (when I don't screw up). Its play style is very different and what I can only term as 'bursty'. When contesting caps or hunting DDs.. I'll move in to find a target (with ifhe loaded to start) or better let them find me.. get off 5-6 salvos (switching to AP if they are showing some side) then drop smoke and break the engagement. then circle back around and do it again (depending on the presence of opfor radar) . When the team is pushing I'll get out in front hydro (almost 4min with extender mod) and screen for incoming tops. Yes the torps on the boat are sub optimal (at least I can't seem to make them work consistantly for me) but they are nice for general area denial and to shoot at incoming CA/BBs and force them to turn and show some side. I also look for CA/BB in range that are showing some side.. drop smoke and get off 10-15ish full salvos of AP into the superstructure getting 1.5-3k dmg per salvo then going quite while setting up to do something else. Bottom line for me is, IMO, they have to be played with a lot more forethought (they are slow getting to the right position) and patience.
  15. ReddWolfz

    Yue Yang Build After nerf

    I went 'all in' on the guns.. dropping TTM3 for MBR in slot 6+AR+BFT I choose RDF over IFHE simply because I prefer the additional intel it provides to me (and thus the team) over the extra damage IFHE can bring. I'm finding the YY still very competitive though my approach to playing is having to change to fit the new performance envelope.