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  1. Yank59

    Rocket-equipped Airships with radar

    This would make a great April Fool's event.
  2. Yank59

    RIP George H.W. Bush

    This marks the end of an era. However, unlike what MacArthur remarked regarding old soldiers, he won't fade away.
  3. Yank59

    Threat Assessment Thursday - Torpedo in the Water!

    For me, torpedo planes are the most effective way of guaranteeing a hit, though it takes a bit more skill to position the aircraft to get the maximum accuracy. Meanwhile, surface-launched torpedoes are much easier to dodge as enemies often intentionally or inadvertently change course upon knowing of the presence of a DD or a CL. By the way, nice picture! IIRC, this was the carrier of Bush 41!
  4. Yank59

    Trophy Stahlhelm from Battle of the Bulge

    Nice! And in great condition as well!
  5. Yank59

    is the server down?

    They’re probably adding the submarine event.
  6. Yank59

    100 Years - Coming up on the Centenary of the Armistice.

    Though war is extremely costly and a lousy way method of diplomacy, I think it’s safe to say that without the two world wars, this game would not exist in its current state.
  7. Actually, its Eskimo, but close enough.
  8. Yank59

    Shooting at Torpedoes

    Were there any instances of sailors shooting at torpedoes during any war? I vaguely remember one scenario, a USN vessel (a cruiser?) shooting at a torpedo with flak during WWII .