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  1. To diversify the number of what can be called "viable" builds in the current state the game is in, I would like to see the base accuracy of all cruiser secondary battery greatly improved! Also, I would like to see the base accuracy of all non-german battleships Improved as well by lets say 15% to 25%. Even if these builds are not overly popular, they would increase quality of life for those (like myself) who want to play these builds and add something new and fun to the game. On top of this, ships like Agir and Siegfried would regain a way to play them that was "lost" with the implementation of the commander skill rework (IE secondary build) creating a new wave of interest in the game and ways to play it. Yours truly, A dude on the internet who wants nothing but success for WoWs. Please like and share this post around and we just might be able to get this done! I look forward to any responses.