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  1. Aslain. So you may not realize this but in the "Flags of the 19th century" The flag that replaces the flag or the United Stated is the battle flag of the Confederate States of America. The southern states of the american civil war. It is a flag that many US citizens of color find offensive. Not being from the USA you might not realize this.
  2. Snowfalcon13

    Ranked out once more. Concluding thoughts.

    Well Taylor when you have more T10 games than you have forum posts you can throw stones. Maybe you should spend more time in game than on the forum. Because those 3 battles in this season of ranked that you have make you really qualified to talk smack. Or maybe you can explain the difference in playing the Montana vs Kurfurst in Clan Battles but then you don't have either of those ships do you? How about running the Henri against the Moskva with and without legendary or should you put the legendary on the Shima. Oh right you don't have those ships either. Maybe you should actually play the game before you start popping off.
  3. Snowfalcon13

    Ranked out once more. Concluding thoughts.

    The addition of [Rental] ships into ranked has ruined it. Players in ships they have no idea how to play. Games where MM put 4 rental ships on one side and 1 on the other. In a straight T10 match you at least know that everyone had to grind and gain experience to get to T10. Now you load in and there are players that Jumped into a 10 with a lowbie captain. Right when you need one win to rank up watching both of your teams BBs vanish in the first 3 min sucks. Moving into a Cap in a DD then seeing the rental cruiser run away leaving you exposed is getting old. Its the gaming equivalent of giving a chimpanzee a fully automatic weapon.
  4. When I try to install the Hakabase V3 with Icons I get a download error during install. The basic V1 and V2 install fine. Hope this helps. _Aslains_Installer.log _Aslains_Installer_CompList.log
  5. Snowfalcon13

    allow clan rental ships in CO-OP battles

    This is a great reason to play on the Public Test Server.
  6. Snowfalcon13

    British Destroyer Missions

    That's kind of [edited]. I got the T5 in one of may early containers. Haven't seen a mission since. They create a mission that you can only complete with a ship you may or may not be able to get. Some got the T7 or 8 from container drops early. Only sure way is to spend $37 on a premium Cossack. NOT FAIR Wargaming
  7. I'm guessing that 5.10 wiped out everything again...