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    Hatred of CVs and why it is silly

    i used to love cv at one time but there rework they thought would fix them all it did was break cv and honestly make them the most hated thing in the game i still see them in matches all the time usually the first words i see in a match usually are oh look sky cancer followed by most the team huddled together in the back of the map away from any caps barely moving i agree if a cv player knows what there doing no matter what cv they can and will find a way to sink you quick no matter what class your in i feel if wg wanted to get more players playing ships again it would be to look at how badly did we break the CV and how can we try to fix them once and for all i have a feeling the rework is the main reason many stopped playing if i take a cv out i tend to get 5 or 6 player played poorly no matter the tier just for being in a match with the dang thing i wish they would bring the old way back just change the fighter to a consumable and i bet it would bring back some of the cv players who left the game all together just my two thoughts

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    i think this idea will just upset more and more of the player base i can not think of many players that would want to research the same ships again due to the time it takes worse idea ever
  3. rarely do you see that let alone in ranked at times
  4. now before the rework the cv was good yes you had your skill difference that controlled games it still happens but my view is to keep every one happy they should add a new random mode to the game with two versions one with CV and one with out it would make everyone happy in the end i used to play the classic cv way all the time the new way i play once a month if that in random anymore due to up tiering

    This is why CV's are hated

    i agree cv are bad when they can take out a good chunk of the team quick and people wonder why people complain wg wanted to fix both sides make a separate game mode to play cv in and then users can choose to being in a game mode with or with out cv

    Non-CV players are toxic.

    the game is gonna keep declining as wow listens to all the whiners about everything if the game would have stayed how it was before the rework the game would be fine but wow listened to the non cv players who cried now all it is extremely toxic players and players who will tk the cv on both teams just for being on there i have seen this happen at least 5 times in the past 7 days my view with rework is maybe come out with another mode for cv play and a different random mode where cv are not allowed

    What are your professions?

    i am a warehouse worker so i resupply stuff in a large warehouse
  8. none of the premium ships are OP unless the user knows how to use it other wise it is just another ship in the hands of a inexperienced player with its up and downs or flaws no matter i do think changing the premium ships is gonna create a massive outcry from it

    CV's suck so bad now

    barely doing damage with 20 torp hits only doing a total damage of 30k this is gonna make most cv players stop playing the cv line i am sure they are seeing a lot of people selling there tech tree cv for the credits and xp to spend else where this patch is super broken

    CV's suck so bad now

    i agree they broke the CV play so badly with AA and the controls of the aircraft make it so easy to take out a cv hope they realize how broken they made cv play and one can hope they realize it and roll it back to the old way

    Yet one more cv thread

    i feel with the rework they were trying to do something but i feel they failed so badly with the cv rework when your getting 8k dmg if that in a match from trying to hit ships but getting up against tier 10 ships its pointless i think wg should roll back the cv change except leaving the fighters as they are but other wise bring back the better way of cv

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    i think you broke the game client likes to freeze up after this update and cv play is broke as ever it was better the old way now its almost impossible to play