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  1. Radar if you would please consider adding a day of clan battles to the end of the season. There were a lot of clans who couldn't play last night because of this issue.
  2. The end of ranked battles is in sight and the next season of clan battles is on the horizon. OPG scrimmages are about to be in full swing. Now is a great time to come on board and get ready.
  3. Best game yet in the Lolotov

    I've had a couple of games like that but they tend to be few and far between. The Molotov requires lots of patience and situational awareness. It's the ultimate support ship that works best near its max range. I've had a lot of matches where my aggressive play puts me out near the front where I shouldn't be and I find myself deleted in short order. Fun ship but very fragile.
  4. Another Belfast Review

    Thanks for the review. I'm really on the fence on whether to buy this ship so the more reviews I can read the better. Every time I get ready to buy it I stop and remind myself I already have the Atlanta and Molotov which seem to have the same play style of support ship, fragile in the open, and draws all enemy fire when spotted. Personally I love that style of play and have been able to make it work but as the owner of the above vessels will I be able to get my money's worth out of the Belfast? That's the question I haven't been able to answer yet.
  5. How exactly do all of you make it through the day in real life?. Everyone needs to relax and everything will work out fine. It's been a great event with some pretty awesome prizes. Even better it's been great buzz for Wargaming so don't count on them throwing it all away by making a bad decision at the end.
  6. I like them the way they are. I was in a battle last night and myself and two other Soviet DDs burned down a Kongo with ease. The torpedoes are useful when you charge or ambush. Fun ship line.
  7. Being rolled by the Phantom is no fun. I was in a match and watched him solo our entire team the other night. That being said I don't think rushing off to the forums like this was the best idea. If it's any consolation just remember that the players on the winning team won't be getting their rewards anyway so it's all good.
  8. Phantom Fortress Event Rewards?

    I got the box with the flags in it but it did not credit the "confederate" reward flags. I had just got it in game a couple of hours before so I wonder if it denied them because of the 24 hour rule?
  9. I am looking forward to the Pensacola, I found it fun during CBT. I have the Cleveland now and just don't find it as fun as I did in CBT. I can't hit as reliably as I could it seems like the shells hang in the air forever. Was this a change they made with the wipe?