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  1. WackyMan157

    Yukikaze Preview - WiP Currently lacking bigly

    Slap on a Soviet DD heal (not the Neustrashimy’s type), buff the gun traverse speed, they already have slow reload due to massive alpha strike, and increase the torp range to 12km (and decrease damage by a couple thousand)
  2. WackyMan157

    WG why do you hate the Italians so much?

    Along with what has been said above with the archives being difficult to access (which is why 3/4 Italian ships we have were transferred to the USSR, WG had their specifications from the Soviet archives), an ex-WG employee leaked the plans for 2019, and so far the plan has been spot on with the CV rework, British CVs, radar changes, and now the Soviet BBs. The leak specified that Italian cruisers would be coming around September 2019, so that is likely to be correct as well.
  3. WackyMan157

    Scharnhorst, Its a real predator....

    The camo is based on a picture of Scharnhorst with that looks to be a destroyer camoflague painted on her (like in game) but it is actually the destroyer Z-15. Many people actually don't recognize it's a separate destroyer and proceed to believe the whole picture is just a camo on Scharnhorst.
  4. WackyMan157

    Scharnhorst, Its a real predator....

    Nope, totally serious. I love rocking my Z-15 camo on Scharnhorst when I play her.
  5. WackyMan157

    Scharnhorst, Its a real predator....

    Ah finally, another man of culture!
  6. I’ve seen this topic pop up before, both the Hood and the De Grasse had split long range auras due to the nature of their AA gun sizes. Recently they were merged into a single aura in as one of the miscellaneous unannounced changes. Whether this is intentional or not cannot really be determined but it should be noted that the CV (and thus AA) rework is very much in progress and thus such changes like these should be expected; heck, LittleWhiteMouse even says in her reviews to absolutely not buy a premium based solely on its AA values due to the transformative nature of the CV rework in its current state.
  7. For real? You gotta be kidding me man, I was finally excited to see a premium Russian cruiser...
  8. WackyMan157

    Azuma is not the Azuma i wanted before

    From what I've gathered, these are the known differences: - Will have "modernized AA", likely the pre-0.8.2 AA set up with the 40mm AA guns - Will have torpedoes, unknown if it will be a small amount like the Kii or a large amount along the lines of Zao - Armor will be good, 30mm plating is the official standard for supercruisers at T10, so the Yoshino (T10 Azuma) will have her old armor scheme before she was gut punched into T9 - Possibly have the old T10 Azuma dispersion instead of the T9 Azuma's dispersion - Likely some miscellaneous model changes such as just visuals and possibly a reworked AA layout Speculation from my part (just theory crafting/wishful thinking): - Catapult moved aft, akin to Zao/Yamato - Hopefully good torpedo angles akin to Tirpitz with them being center-lined on deck - Wishful torpedo placement opens up possibility for new secondary placement
  9. Posted to the r/WorldofWarships subreddit a couple of months ago, user that posted it has only ever posted this, no other comment or activity on the account.
  10. It would be a great addition to the game, as a 12 gun light cruiser with actual armor would offer something unique and be a great German cruiser trainer (due to not needing IFHE from 1/4 pen HE). She’d probably be an instantly for me along with the leaked Tallinn (Soviet Lutzow).
  11. WackyMan157

    Need help finding this wallpaper

    Alrighty then, thank you for the fast reply!
  12. WackyMan157

    Need help finding this wallpaper

    Most recent stream on the WoWs channel had the attached image as their background for the stream thumbnail. I've searched Google Images and directly searching for the image, and the NA and EU websites but to no avail, anyone have the full wallpaper to share? Sorry for low quality screencap, ship is the Irian. @Femennenly @TheURLGuy Sorry for tagging you two but I hope you two, as the streamers, may have it to share as well
  13. WackyMan157

    Premium Ship Review #121: Exeter

    That one hit me right in the feels
  14. WackyMan157

    Make me a: Meme - 25th to 4th

    Damn, one can only dream for Resource Container SCs to only give coal and steel, mine only give flags...
  15. WackyMan157

    Farming 7 Achievements for Exeter Mission

    My go-to boat will be the Guilio Cesare, should take about two or three matches. I'm sorry poor seals, but it needs to be done.