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  1. 0.6.13 Bug Reporting

    I Loaded the game, and the cursor was still my desktop cursor, not the WoWs one. The port and UI didn't act correctly, and when i entered a battle no keyboard commands registered. Mouse still worked, and it wasn't my keyboard acting up, Alt+Tab still worked fine. Checking file integrity and re-opening the game doesn't help.
  2. WoWs will not register keyboard inputs

    Reinstall worked for the first day, then the error happened again, deleting Preferences.xml didn't help either. Test Server acts fine, the issue is only on NA Live. Seriously pissing be off now, since Fire v. Water event started as this cropped up.
  3. WoWs will not register keyboard inputs

    Update: After closing the game and going to sleep, the bug happened again when I opened the game up again... Previous fix isn't working either. Going to reinstall to try and solve this.
  4. WoWs will not register keyboard inputs

    Fixed. Opened Launcher >Settings>Check Game Integrity. Solved the issue, this time at least.
  5. WoWs will not register keyboard inputs

    First happened after starting a battle in my Amagi, my ship would not move. WASD did nothing, couldn't chat or use consumables. My mouse still worked, I could fire the guns, but nothing else. I ALT-Tabed and I could type and use everything normally, so it's definitely the game not registering it anymore. And this happened after many hours of playing the game fine right till the Amagi game. I closed the game and restarted to try and fix it, but then it wouldn't even let me enter my password.
  6. Patch Bugs and Issues Thread

    My ARP Ashigara Has been stuck in battle for over 24 hours. Restarting the game does nothing, and switching away from Yokosuka port does nothing either. It Says the ship is "In Battle" like normal but is refusing to exit battle. This has happened to my other ships before, but they've come out after a game restart.
  7. Scharnhorst possibility?

    Scharn's up in the premium shop today, but Will she ever be added to the tech tree for gold, like Tirpitz, or will she only be a shop item? I bought a bunvh of gold in anticipation for her release, so I need to know if or when she'll arrive in the tree.
  8. 15 point Russian CO

    The Russian DDs are incredible, so put him there. Sit Awareness, Last Stand, Sup. Int., AFT, and Concealment. The 5 points C.E. costs isn't really great anywhere else for Rus. DDs, so may as well make the Khaba less of a strobe.
  9. Izumo might be under-gunned...

    Maybe... 2nd IJN BB line tier 10 then? :p Still If they used this but with the 16.1s, It'd be pretty nice. And let's just be honest here, Izumo's about 80% a Wg fantasy ship anyhow.
  10. Izumo might be under-gunned...

    As many people from CBT days and now OBT know all too well, Izumo's crap. Mediocre-at-best guns, no armor to speak of, and god-awful AA starting out. However, today I found these while browsing the Interwebs: I don't know for sure if this is fan made or what, but these look very similar to the in-game Izumo battleship, but with quad turrets like the French Richelieu-class BBs. With the x3 quad 410mm/50s Izumo would be a much more enjoyable ship, maybe even enough to deal with the rest of the ship being either second-rate or down right bad. (Such as it's size which just shouts "Torpedo bomb me!") On a side note the placement of some secondaries is hilarious, and this "Izzy" has 3 Seaplane catapaults.
  11. Tomoko is best waifu, everyone knows this to be true :3

  12. Time to uninstall WoT, the replacement has arrived

  13. Happy Forever Alone Day everyone, gonna go cry in the corner and eat chocolates now.

  14. Wg, Gaijin just made the blunder of the century, release the game. DO IT!!!

  15. ... Still alive... sadly.... I hate everything ;_;