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  1. Thatoldmilkcarton

    Put Up Your Dukes (Contest!)

    OFC all i have for this is the DoY... Ship is so bad.
  2. Tomoko is best waifu, everyone knows this to be true :3

  3. Time to uninstall WoT, the replacement has arrived

  4. Happy Forever Alone Day everyone, gonna go cry in the corner and eat chocolates now.

  5. Wg, Gaijin just made the blunder of the century, release the game. DO IT!!!

  6. ... Still alive... sadly.... I hate everything ;_;

  7. If you are reading this, I have most likely killed myself. Don't bother leaving comments, replying to my old posts, ect. See you all in oblivion, Captains

  8. Anyone bothering to read this: stop reading this, go on Youtube, and watch the 12 episode anime "Another" You WON'T regret it... if you have a strong stomach. ;3

  9. 1:45 in the morning... must, type.. must.... forum..! *dies*

  10. Just finished V for Vendetta for the 1,346,072,057,200,971th time... still greatest movie ever! ;D