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  1. We are currently recruiting Veterans & First Responders for the new Clan Wars Season. We are in need of additional Captains for the Clan Wars. Please join us on TeamSpeak at saltyroguepirates.teamspeak3.com You can also submit your application on our website at https://saltyroguepirates.enjin.com/ Come join us for Battle!
  2. Just got Yorck

    I enjoyed the Yorck and I loved her 210's my personal favorite guns at T7, but my issue with her was she seemed to have a powder keg sitting amidships and would blast into space at the first shell to touch her there. I've even been detonated by dd's on the first salvo. Overall I found her to have good HE at range and excellent AP at close range and her torps are great for close range brawling and I've out played many ignorant and unwary battleship players who didn't respect her DMP under 8kms.