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  1. CV_3_Sister_Sara

    Opinions about the Gulio Cesare

    If they do nerf Gulio Cesare, it should be on March 15. No sooner, no later. Though, why nerf it at all? why not just take it off the market like every other OP premium? What is so special about GC? I have one, and she is fantastic to play and I admit is OP, but no more than the likes of Belfast and Nikolai.
  2. CV_3_Sister_Sara

    Playerbase thinks AA means Aircraft Immunity, change my mind

    Here is my take as someone who has spent the entire update playing CVs: A Freddy or Izumo should not be able to just shred planes like nothing, and a Des Moines or Atlanta with DFAA activated should be able to shred those planes. The people calling for buffs to AA and nerfs to it are both correct. Ships which are not "AA" ships should definitely receive a nerf to their anti air capabilities. Those that are AA ships, such as most of the mid to high tier US line and French BBs? Sure, buff them.
  3. CV_3_Sister_Sara

    POLL: Have you actually played less post 0.8.0?

    Im playing as many games as I can in a CV. All the Unicum CV players were forced to relearn quite a bit with the update. I am taking advantage of this to ensure I stay ahead of the pack and become my clan's CV captain; or at least so that I don't get left in the dust. I've made it from tier 6 Ranger to Midway since the update, though with the help of free XP.
  4. CV_3_Sister_Sara

    Midway is weak

    Comrade, Midway's torps are so slow you can cross drop with them and smash the poor frantic DDs.
  5. I haven't seen these issues since the last update: I start the match, and am presented with this: Sometimes I can see my ship, sometimes I cant. When I can see the ship, the camera is frozen in place and while I can move the ship, I cannot see where it is going. If I restart the game and load back into the match, I may find it works normally, though briefly, as the screen freezes after 30 seconds or so(chat still works). If I restart again, I have the same issue of the camera not moving with the ship I had earlier. Any known causes for this? Its happened multiple times in several days.