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  1. Playing random games in my Hipper (T8 Heavy Cruiser) a few days ago when the matchmaker assigned me to a game of three on three! Both teams had a Midway (T10 Carrier) and a Des Moines (T10 Heavy Cruiser). My opposite, however, was the USS Alabama, a premium T8 Battleship. The enemy carrier beat us by taking out our carrier in a couple of strikes. The Des Moines and I sank both their gunships (although the Alabama went down to a last ditch ramming). Leaving me with scant health, the enemy Midway easily took me out. Is this ridiculous matchmaking, or what? Was an intense game which really emphasizes one of the key realities of the game: the opening moves can have an enormous impact on the overall game. My Hipper was configured as a AAA ship, and in retrospect I should have steamed straight for our CV to cover him from any initial air strike. But instead, I linked up with our Des Moines and headed south to engage enemy gunboats. Sorry I don't have a replay to show, only a screenshot of the results screen.