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    I shot a friendly

    You should always be aware of what's going on around you, don't stay scoped in for longer than a few seconds at a time or you tunnel vision and things like that will happen. Take the time that you aren't shooting to look at what your nearby teammates are doing, what's happening on the map, ect.
  2. Delusional_Trainwreck

    So How Do You Defend VS CV's?

    I'd agree with just about all of those corrections he made, your post was pretty bad advice to be honest.
  3. Delusional_Trainwreck

    Radar Yueyang in Ranked

    I've also been running radar YY with legend mod this season so far and I'm at rank 6 at the moment over 30 games, it's pretty strong but CE RPF Kleber is probably a bit better if you wanna carry. Radar YY is definitely the way to go for wins however, just means you'll save your star less than you would with Kleber.