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  1. This is promising, nVidia RTX Technology

    But how will this solve the number one problem in the game right now? Lack of submarines.
  2. Remove CVs

    Well, if you used an invite code for your alt your main would get some free port slots and a flag bundle. I guess you could also use dubloons on the alt account to buy and send yourself premium ships as gifts. Since you already have a Tier 10 CV on your main, you've probably got time to kill between events to grind your alt. I sorta get it.
  3. I play because I enjoy the game. If this was a career, or if winning resulted in some monetary reward I could understand the salt, but it's not. It's a game. The only stats that matter to me are my KPIs at work which result in bonuses and promotion opportunities. People who believe their win rate should influence the enjoyment of their game need to take a step back and re-evaluate their priorities. Some of my most enjoyable moments have been on losing teams.
  4. So far the Vive la France event has allowed me to unlock Bretagne, Normandie and Lyon. I'm playing Lyon quite heavily at the moment since it's the only French ship I have to play the current Gold of France campaign, but it only allows me to play the 1 and 2 star missions. I'm still playing the Aigle Marathon, 6 missions short of earning it, which will then let me play the 3 star campaign missions. With the complete collection unlocked I've probably opened 12-15 containers since I received my last unlock personal mission but I haven't received the Richelieu mission. Richelieu would allow me to play the 4 star missions in the campaign. Does anyone know the chances of getting the Richelieu mission?
  5. Depends. I like my Ruskie gunboats. Being uptiered can mean the secondaries on the BB I'm aiming at have a longer range than my guns.
  6. I don't use mods. I don't bother. The only mod I've seen that I'd be interested in is the crosshair mod that includes diagonal lines, I figure it'd help hitting ships at angles, but I'm so used to the dynamic crosshair that zooms out when I zoom in that I'd have trouble leading the targets. The problem with Aslains is that it contains so many mods with so little information about how they look that I'd spend more time activating and unactivating mods than I would enjoying the game. I have no interest in pony captains, and don't see the point in changing flags and cammo that only I can see.
  7. 3 minutes is longer than a DD can sit in smoke, and 6kts gives you the ability and maneuverability to stay concealed while trying to get out of a situation. It's more maneuverable than a DD in it's smoke. Besides, because you're not in a fast DD it's unlikely that you're so far ahead of your team that you'd be steamrolled in that amount of time. Then again, I find CVs fun to play, so maybe I'm a glutton for punishment. Or maybe I like to be challenged.
  8. I think subs could work. Imagine them as larger, slower DDs that submerge instead of smoke. Speed and maneuverability dramatically reduced while underwater, and ability to remain underwater lasts... dunno.. 3 minutes max before sub has to surface or starts taking damage. Visibility of submerged sub is 5km to DD (inherent asdic), 1 km to other ships (spotted periscope). Spotter planes can also spot subs, as can CV planes. Subs on the surface are fair game for primary and secondary fire, torps and bombs. Submerged subs are vulnerable to torps. Give subs a "pressure hull" module, because if a sub tries to submerge with unrepaired damage to the pressure hull it starts to take flooding damage over time, which can sink the sub before the damage control party can repair the damage. Tier III subs start around 15k surface speed, increasing as the tier increases. Sub playstyle is sneakier than a DD, and less agressive. Early game it's role is to hold chokepoints and help hold flanks. Late game it can advance and try to cap in high risk/high reward gameplay. I'd call subs a glass cannon, but that would be incorrect. They have weakest armor, very weak guns (if any) and slow speed (outrun by dds, cruisers and maybe battlecruisers) but better concealment against bbs and cruisers. Depending on the sub (and tier) you can fire single torps individually or a single spread. Subs have less potential firepower than an DD.
  9. Times When SALT is Justified?

    When I get torped by a friendly... in a BB
  10. I'm in the game client. I select random battle and connect. I get the spinny anchor icon, then dumped back to the login page when the match starts. I'm trying to log back into the game client to resurrect the game when this happens. Apologies to my teammates. There goes my Karma, since everyone loves to report an AFK.
  11. What did this guy do...

    CaptGodzilla went quiet pretty quickly.
  12. That's a bit elitist. People in this thread are making comments about CVs with 0 CV battles under their belt. That doesn't stop their opinions from being heard. Welcome. Despite the salt, the Yanks are a pretty relaxed bunch. And for the most part they understand when you talk English in the game. I'm still trying to work out if Taichugger is NA servers best troll or worst debater. It's 50/50 atm.
  13. I had a similar situation as OP did in a match this evening. Ranger V Ranger. My ranger was fully upgraded, but captain is still retraining. Red Ranger is fully upgraded WITH the trained captain and the air supremacy captain skill. In essence, 1 on 1 his fighters were stronger, better armed and he had one more than me. For most of the match he dominated our engagements. I was sacrificing my planes to hold his up while my strike squads hit his team, and more often than not I wasn't able to mount any deterrent to his strikes. Anyway, first few minutes of the match a DD on our left flank spots a lone red BB. I send all my strike squads over and, one at a time, hit him with torps, caused flooding which he repaired, then hit him with both DB squads with 3 fires started I think. Red BB turns tail and tries to run away. DD caps. Red BB is so far out of position that I'm able to rearm and hit him with the torp squad again, finishing him off. Later in the match the dead BB captain starts calling out to both teams to report the red CV driver because he wasn't protecting his fleet. This Red CV driver ended up with twice the air kills than I did, and scored top of his team including one sunk. Dead BB is salty, but is also ignorant. Since the changes to US CVs there isn't enough fighter protection for a whole team anymore. Dead guy asks what red CVs fighters are for, if not to defend team. Advised to defend himself from me. Dead guy then rants that I was attacking him, not red CV. Pointed out that Dead guy yolo'd to death. Much salt ensured. I may have encouraged it. Lesson of the day. Don't argue with idiots. It gets you nowhere, and you won't change their opinion. Best to just let them marinate in their own salt. Karma is irrelevant to the game afterall. Replay included below for your entertainment. 20180301_231824_PASA010-Ranger-1944_19_OC_prey.wowsreplay
  14. UsN vs IJN CV question

    I think both Neo and I disagree. The USN CV is easier to play, but harder to master. The initial skill ceiling is low, few squadrons to manage, stronger squadrons in 1 on 1. When you get good, the IJN CVs start to shine. The extra squads give you greater flexibility across the map, and you can stack you torp bombers or cross drop for pretty much guaranteed hits. A Level 10 captain gives you an extra plane in your fighter and dive bomber squadron. Your fighters and bombers pretty much outrun anything. This is where most people sit. When you get very good, the pendulum swings back towards the US CV, but to make them work your skill ceiling needs to be much higher. IJN squads have much faster reload times, so you need to be better at manual drops and strafing to keep up. You have to balance striking the enemy and targeting planes, using superior squad size to whittle down the IJN squads over time to counter their rearm time, more numerous squadrons, and speed. During lulls you need to make your strikes count because you have fewer strike sqads in the air and they take much longer to reload. We're saying US CVs are easier to start with, but much harder to master. IJN CVs sit in the middle of the skill spectrum.