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  1. I have a poem for @LittleWhiteMouse also. Ahem. ... Roses are red. Violets are blue. The Vampire rocks, Like she wrote in review.
  2. free redeem code

    Thanks for that OP, and thanks WG.
  3. Chat Ban and still Reported...

    Perhaps a chat and forum ban would be appropriate.
  4. Chat Ban and still Reported...

    Oh geez.... You were chat banned because you had a self entitled meltdown and started abusing you in chat. At least 3 different people decided that they didn't like your behavior and voted you off the island. Like you said in your original thread, it's not the first time you've been chat banned. Obviously you know how it works, so stop acting like you're some sort of victim. You're repeatedly being a wanker. And now some turkey has reported you 3 times because you didn't play the way they wanted you too. So? Happens to everyone. And it doesn't matter because your karma is irrelevant. Lets face it, if you cared about your karma you wouldn't be getting chat banned in the first place. In summary. One person reports you 3 times... nothing happens. WG understands some people are wankers. You may lost karma, but nothing else. 3 people report you one time? You crossed the line for a significant portion of the other people in the match, became toxic and got banned. The system works!
  5. Or you could just ignore them.
  6. It'd better be better than the boxing day package...
  7. I've submitted my first two matched in HMAS Vampire. I hope I haven't embarrassed myself.
  8. They show up as premiums when you use the port filter, and you can swap the captains without retraining. They're also not available in the tech tree. If WG calls them premiums, so do I.
  9. Got her about 3 hrs ago. I never really had a plan. I had to grind 6m credits to buy a Ranger, and wanted to get my Langley and Bogue captains up to lvl 10, so most of it was done in Random mid tier CV games. After I bought Ranger and moved my Indy captain in I finished off in Co-op retraining my captain in the Ranger with the occasional BB match thrown in to break the inevitable losing streaks.
  10. Counting ships in my port I've been able to obtain 18 premium ships. I've only ever paid for one of them, Texas, because it was for a good cause. Nikolai I won in a forum contest. The rest of them were earned in various in game challenges and contests. I have DDs: Tachibana and Vampire. Cruisers: Emden, Katori, ARP Ashigara, Nachi, Myoko, Haguro, Takao and Southern Dragon. Battleships: Mikasa, Nikolai I, ARP Kongo, Haruna, Kirishima, Okt. Rev. and Texas WG has never given me an opportunity to earn a premium CV. Don't get me wrong, I love my free stuff and I'm grateful. I've been a good boy all year, trying to keep salt of a mimimum in forum and game chat, helping my team and those on the other with advice or a friendly "well done", and It's been MONTHS since I teamkilled anyone, so whaddya say WG? Can we get a premium CV challenge in 2018?
  11. Last nights Bogue V Bogue. Game starts, and I make a point of launching my fighters first. Always launch fighters first, unless you have the captain points in torp rearmament, which will let you launch a tb sqad without interrupting your fighter launch. Send fighters out to around the nominated cap point to spot for enemy dds, making sure to keep far enough away from your own dds not to get them lit up if the red cv tries to engage. Anyway, since my fighters are up first I'm hoping that he's just selected all his squads and f-launched, meaning he'll have tb and db sqads up before fighters. Maybe I can take out a squad early. Might be lucky. By now my tb and db squads are up. Set them to guard a BB that's heading in the right direction. This keeps them advancing with the fleet, but far enough behind the front line to be protected from red fighters. DD spotted by my fighters, approaching the other side of cap. Park my fighters over the top. Wait. Nothing. Then someone on my team requests priority target on a bb on the other side of the map. wth? No-one is firing at this DD. My teams DDs have decided now is a good time to run away. Now the red fighters come in at my fighter squad. RNG gives us 50/50 but I'm the AA of the spotted DD so that might swing it against me. The cap is lost. I withdraw my fighters. He pursues, but pulls back before I can engage him over my teams AA. Knowing his fighters are on this side, I send my tb and db sqads diagonally across the other side of the map, following up with my fighters for defense. Large chunks of the red team are spotted, they're heading towards the lost cap. Time for me to move my CV. I send my CV via waypoints first north and then east, behind the new main thrust since most of the team ignored the original plan. Red CL is in trouble, german, juicy. He's run aground trying to get away from Cap A which we're now contesting, but behind an island. I pop him with my TB squad. Red fighters inbound, I pull DB squad back and try to tease fighters into battle over 2 friendly cruisers. Red fighters too smart. We take cap. Struck with a thought. Haven't seen enemy TB/DB squads. Oh crap, he's trying to snipe. Pull Fighters back to CV, send depleted TB squad south and armed DB squad north. Nothing. Then see red squads appear mid map and double strike a friendly BB. BB has overextended, and slowly burns out. Salty BB captain blames me for not protecting him in all chat. Oh well, gotta protect myself first. TB squad reloads, DB squad back to front line. Sending fighters down south now, since NOW I'm being asked to spot the DD that my team ignored earlier. Presumably it's stalking us from the rear, and a trailing BB has been spotted and is wetting himself. Red BB suddenly lights up. Half health. Watch as he takes a round of HE and catches fire. Uses DC to put it out. Perfect. Send my TB squad into action, lining up. 3 hits, 2 fires. My damage racks up until he's finished off with an AP broadside from a friendly BB. TB squad launch. Send south to spot DD. DD spotted. I move my TB squad in, DD pops smoke. No manual drop available, and without 2 tb squads can't x drop, so chances of hitting a dd on an auto drop are minimal. Park TB squad over smoke, send fighters out hunting. I come across the enemy fighter squad. He's lost a/c, 2 planes fewer than me, and he's not paying attention, probably lining up a strike or repositioning. The odds are in my favor. I engage. I lose two planes to his four, and his fighter squad is gone, but he has enough left to launch 3 more. 1 plane advantage isn't enough. I send my fighters back to rearm, a full squad against his half and strike squads will be enough. Smoke dissipates to the south. DD lights up. Nothing happens. No-one on my team is doing anything. They're all busy fighting their own battles, and losing. We've lost more ships, and only have 1 of 3 caps. Our cruisers have pushed into cap b, then been obliterated by red BBs heading south along the eastern side of the map. I have fully loaded torp planes circling a target I have next to no hope of hitting. The odds are not in my favor. I send my torp bombers east and put two into a BB that's coming west along the southern edge of the map. DBs launch. Fighters launch. Send fighters deep into south east of the map, TBs land and reload, launch. Send DBs and TBs to the remains of my allied fleet. We're recontesting B with a BB, with cap being reset from a red CL. Red team are swinging around through cap C, mostly spotted by my team pushing through cap A is too far away to do anything. The red team have position with their spotting DD, and they're chewing up the tail end of our lemming train one at a time. I send all 3 squads through B, and spot the red CV behind an island. He's failed to follow his team. I send in the TBs first, 3 hits, 1 flooding. Down to 50% health. He uses DC. I followup with my DB squad. Perfect drop... 1 hit, no fires. OH FFS. That should have been a guaranteed kill. I keep my fighters over the CV, now my team seem interested and sink it, but not before the Red CV was able to drop a DB squad on our BB in B to finish it off. B and C are in red hands, we hold A but are outnumbered by BBs to the east and that pesky DD and a cruiser to the south. I launch and try to hold the southern flank. I get one hit and fire on the DD from by DB squad and no torp hits on the CL with the loss of 3 planes due to autodrop. I'm spotted. HE rains down and I'm burning. Use DC and launch TBs, now burning again. Send TBs to DD and fighters to north of DD/CL to keep them spotted. I'm sunk. No hits on the DD. All planes succumb to CL AA. Chat blames me for the loss. Dead guys with opinions about how I should have played. How I didn't spot. How bad my drops were. Game times out on points, defeat. I'm top of the class. Enemy CV is about middle of his team. IMHO that gives me some sort of victory. Had RNG been with me? A fire on the red CV would have seen him burn out, possibly before he was able to preset the strike on our BB in cap B. One DB hit on that DD would have sunk him, but the CL was still there and so that probably wouldn't have changed much. In the end, it was XP for my captain, cash in the bank, and damage towards my Vampire challenge. tl:dr? It's easy for you to judge me once your dead, or while you're camping at the back. I'm expected to spot for you, sink ships for you, and cover your [edited] from their CV at the same time AND try to keep alive in the process. It's fine for you to tunnel vision and ignore the bombers coming at you, but it's my fault I couldn't save you? I can spot that dd for you, but if you can't be bothered to try to engage it how is that on me? I have more things going on at once in my head than you could possibly imagine, and I believe that I cope with that fairly well under the circumstances. I have good and bad games like you do. I don't start a game intending to screw up but sometimes it happens, and sometimes you can do everything right but still end up with a team of monkeys that throw the game away, and sometimes RNGesus is against you. /rant. Edit: Ragespelling.
  12. Vampire IFHE

    Both Vampire and Perth are Commonwealth branch, not British.
  13. Vampire IFHE

    HERESY! ON THIS FORUM THERE MUST ALWAYS BE SOMEONE WRONG, and it's usually the one with the lowest WR%
  14. Vampire

    Can I ask why you chose LS instead of EM?
  15. Not my thing, but to each their own. TBH I only have the ARP collection because you could earn them, not pay for them. If this leads to more... um... productive relationships with 3rd parties, like the Texas donations etc, then I'm all for it.