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  1. HyperFish

    Any Reason to Come Back

    Remember that everyone who replies that there is no reason to come back is still hitting the "Battle" button themselves, so take their opinons with a grain of salt.
  2. HyperFish

    USS Illinois and the Great Secondary Oppression

    ABSOLUTELY NOT. For my TED talk I'm going to explain how Illlinois could've been converted into a fully fledged CV while retaining it's guns.
  3. HyperFish

    Next Dockyard

    Is there going to be another mid-grind premium like Renown '44?
  4. Keep your Karma at zero. You'll never notice the downvotes after that, since it never goes negative.
  5. You're not alone in feeling that this patch is a bit "meh".
  6. HyperFish

    Playing better, Losing more

    https://na.wows-numbers.com Look yourself up.
  7. The complaining was from people being penalised with unsporting conduct due to circumstances outside their control, such as client crashes or load in issues. Don't get me wrong, I've had my share of real life events that have forced me to abandon a game. But it's not the same thing. You abandoned the match partway through. Whether that's for a real life issue, or because you think your team stinks and ran off to a corner of the map, it's the same result for your team. I don't think many people would have a problem with you being penalised for that. In the end, it's just xp and credits, and your real life event is more important than those.
  8. HyperFish

    Whose reviews do you trust with LWM gone?

    Yes I absolutely do. The wiki is invaluable, and you and your team do good work.
  9. HyperFish

    Best Research Bureau Ship?

    Vampire II. If you don't have it, you need to get it.
  10. HyperFish

    Is this a WG problem or a me problem?

    Multiple people have told you to try turning your graphics level down and see if the problem persists. You admitted you had an older card, and the art department has gone all out in the last 12 months to polish the game which is causing greater drain on your aging system. Definitely try this before you start bothering your ISP.
  11. HyperFish

    Is this a WG problem or a me problem?

    There have been a number of graphically heavy updates over the last 12 months, so it's possible that your aging tech plus the increasing demands of the game are starting to cause issues. What happens when you drop the game to medium settings? If that solves the issue, you've solved the problem.
  12. HyperFish

    Coal you say?

    With the current energy crisis the value of the coal is probably worth more than anything you'd win in the lottery. Buy shares in a coal mine.
  13. HyperFish

    If True This Is Concerning

    No, Weegee keeps these cards very close. If the problem is widespread Weegee won't want to admit it If the problem is minimal Weegee won't want to discuss it to avoid making it bigger. If there's a mass ban or punishment Weegee may announce it as a warning to others, and to show they're doing something positive. It's possible that cheating is common across all servers.