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  1. HyperFish

    Bayern? Who knew?

    Yes, yes. A thousand times yes.
  2. HyperFish


    You keep your commander and your XP. You lose the credits you spent on equipment.
  3. HyperFish

    The game just became a little fun again

    I can't play ranked anymore. Instead of being on for a length of time, the sprints seem deliberately designed to be inactive when I play.
  4. HyperFish

    CV vs Submarine

    20211128_162713_PBSA108-Implacable_22_tierra_del_fuego.wowsreplay Not one of my finest battles, but I did work out how a CV can take out a sub in the end. I'm not unicum. Always happy for comments/suggestions on gameplay.
  5. Next week WG could close up shop and the servers would go dark. There's no point hoarding stuff. Spend it like you stole it.
  6. HyperFish

    I really don't think submarines are that overpowered.

    Are you blind, or have you just been ignoring the forums for the last 6 months? Half the threads created about subs have whined about how OP they are, how they are ruining the game etc etc etc.
  7. HyperFish


    Working, thanks.
  8. HyperFish

    I really don't think submarines are that overpowered.

    That's heresy. Talk like that will get you sent to gulag, comrade. Best explain that you were under control of capitalist west when you make such statements.
  9. The more things change, the more they stay the same.
  10. HyperFish

    ASW Air Strikes, AA, and Detection

    If memory serves me correctly, all targets in aa range receive 100% potential flak damage. 2 CVs can't attack the same target to reduce flak by 50% against both squadrons. Both squadrons receive the same potential damage they would do if they attacked individually.
  11. HyperFish

    BF crate code - with a surprise?

    Thankyou, both still working.
  12. The house always wins.
  13. HyperFish

    New Game Mode for Veteran Players?

    inb4 "New game mode without carriers/subs" comments.