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  1. Seem like each time I'm trying to grind through Tier VI I'm up against Tier VIII ships. How does everyone else deal with this?
  2. HyperFish

    CV's ruin the game

    Okay, so yeah. Next season of ranked should JUST be CVs. Can you imagine how awesome a 7 on 7 CV battle would be? Like the battle of Midway. I wonder if we can get a petition going...
  3. HyperFish

    Explain This Please

    It's been said before, but your sample size is two small. You've lost 3 of 4 battles in Alberto. Sometimes for me that's just having a bad night. I'd say you need at least 50-100 games in a ship before wr becomes meaningful, and another 100 or so after that before you can be comfortable that you're playing the ship properly to it's strengths and weaknesses.
  4. HyperFish

    got the Carrier back

    CVs don't have any alpha strike potential anymore. You need to focus on floodings, fires and low health targets to actually have any impact on the game these days. Unfortunately this means finding the less defended, isolated targets and hitting them again and again to whittle them down between repair parties. Death by a thousand cuts.
  5. HyperFish

    How to Improve CV Balance

    If anything, spotting ranges for planes should be increased. Logically, the higher in the air, the further away you can see the enemy. What I'd like to see implemented is that you can only see ships when you are within their spotting distance. You can see them on the minimap if someone else has spotted them, kinda like a plotted radio location, but until YOU can see them you can't shoot at them. This will get rid of the idea that you can be spotted from across the map by carrier planes, but you won't be deleted by that BB. Balance this by decreasing spotting distances when the planes dive in to attack. When they're high up they can spot, and be invulnerable to AA but vulnerable to fighters, but when they dive they can't spot distances and they're able to be hit by AA. This will also get rid of the radar behind islands rubbish, since you can't target what you can't see, and gets rid of the stupid idea that you can shoot people while hiding invisibly in smoke because someone else on your side has them spotted.
  6. HyperFish


    And larger cruisers.
  7. HyperFish


    I'd love cyclones more it the impacts were better. Not just graphical, though that would be amazing. A cyclone passing through the map for 5 minutes to reduce visibility, apply DOT to DDs, smaller cruisers and CV plane squadrons. Loving the idea that you can run into a squall to escape a pursuing ship, but that there's a real risk the squall will sink you.
  8. HyperFish

    Wind over the deck

    On one hand I agree with you. I also think that fires should be a thing again, and you can't launch while on fire. On the other hand, it's a game and none of the ships in any way act realistically. Shell dispersion isn't impacted by the roll of the ships on the waves, guns are much more accurate than their real life counterparts. Ships had limited ammo, the whole spotting distance thing is way messed up, and obviously radar through islands isn't in any way based in reality. It's a game, not a simulation.
  9. HyperFish

    Question About Flak

    Not enough CV threads on the front page of the forum for your liking, so you resurrect a thread from Jan 2019?
  10. Boat peasants are jealous of the CV Master Race.
  11. I would gladly go back to the good old RTS days, where cross dropping on a DD guaranteed a kill and a perfectly executed strafe from behind would wipe out an entire flight of red planes. That feeling you got when you let loose a spread of torpedoes on a bb from a 45 degree rear angle and he happily sails forward in a straight line to eat one after another after another in a symphony of twisting steel and rushing water was indescribable joy. That moment of dread when you realise you haven't seen the red planes in a while, and then you catch them and strafe them because the enemy CV tried to snipe you around the corners of the map. I don't mind the current gameplay that much, but I so miss the carnage I could reap in the RTS days.
  12. HyperFish

    2 CV's per team needs to stop.

    I see lots of complaints about radar spamming through islands. Can I have an additional game play mode that excludes radar? My DD can cap in peace then.
  13. Yea sorry this was a double post. It timed out and threw up an error message so I created a new thread. Only realised later when someone else brought it up that the original actually posted.
  14. HyperFish

    No submarines on the public test server?

    I thought that might be the case, but I can't see another additional instance to download. I have NA, EU, ASIA, CIS and Public Test. (Edit) Anyone know why TST wouldn't be showing up as an additional instance I can download?
  15. HyperFish

    No submarines on the public test server?

    Sorry, that was a double posting in error.