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  1. I have enough coal and steel to buy one, but only one. I'm thinking that I'd have more use for a US Premium, but according to LWM reviews Jean Bart is the better ship. I don't think I'm any better with a BB than with a CL. I think I'd enjoy the Salems gunnery (God knows I love my Russkie gunboats) but am concerned about the economic prospects of a premium Tier X. Most of my current premmies are Tier V to Tier VII. Looking for recommendations.
  2. I thought the same. I seem to recall one ship being removed as it was being overplayed and was omnipresent in that tiers matches, but I thought it was going to be replaced by another one. I'm worried free xp purchases are being replaced by the arsenal purchases.
  3. Have they removed the ability to purchase selected premium ships via free xp?
  4. HyperFish

    Duplicate patches

    I've loaded a ticket with WG, they confirmed that the duplicate patches occur, and you get $15k silver for them. I hope they understood I meant patches and not collection items though.
  5. I have one 19 point captain for my Russian DDs. Now I'm grinding other lines, playing ranked, doing missions... I find I'm not using him enough to get the free xp needed to quickly promote my other captains. Can anyone give me any hints on how to get my other captains to rank 19 faster?
  6. My query is will the armoured flight decks be more fire resistant than the wooden US counterparts...
  7. HyperFish

    Aircraft Carriers

    How in gods name did you find this post from 2012 and drag it kicking and screaming back to life. There are three other CV posts on the first page of the forum as I type this, but you somehow went all the way back to page 15 gazillion and replied to this thread. I can't even...
  8. HyperFish

    Duplicate patches

    That's annoying. I'd rather have a different patch than the silver.
  9. HyperFish

    Duplicate patches

    I've started to get duplicate patches in my crates. Kinda like duplicate collection items. I've also just noticed that I'm missing my Aviation Pilot pin up patch. The page shows I've chosen it, but it's not showing up in my collection. I've only noticed it recently. Is this happening to anyone else? Not a major issue, but it's annoying when things don't work like they should.
  10. HyperFish

    I'm calling ********

    I just opened my two free santa containers. The first one had 50 of the flags that offer 50% more commander XP. The second was 10,000 free xp. I don't begrudge either prize, but if I'd have paid actual money for these results I wouldn't have been happy.
  11. HyperFish

    I'm calling ********

    To an extent I absolutely agree with you. In all cases the dubloon value of the prize is higher than the cost to purchase the box equivalent to dubloon purchase. In all cases you would be worse off buying the dubloons then buying the flags/ship/cammo than buying the box and winning it. The issue is that you have no control over the prize available. It's completely random. If I'm at a casino I know I'm trying to win money/chips. If I'm in the meat raffle at my pub I'm trying to win the steak tray. This is less gambling and more of a lucky dip. You pay your entry and hope to win something you want or need, with a chance you'll win something else. But in all cases it's not a gift. WG isn't gifting me the boxes. I have to buy them. Ergo, they are not gifts.
  12. HyperFish

    I'm calling ********

    Where do I get the two free boxes? I've got nothing appearing in my Port.
  13. HyperFish

    I'm calling ********

    The word "gift". I do not think it means what you think it means. A gift or a present is an item given to someone without the expectation of payment or anything in return. An item is not a gift if that item is already owned by the one to whom it is given. Although gift-giving might involve an expectation of reciprocity, a gift is meant to be free. From Wikipedia for expedience. Emphasis is my own. This isn't a gift. This is a lucky dip. I definitely wouldn't say that it's gambling, since the value in the crates is less than the value of the contents, but since you have no guarantee you'll get what you want it's just random. This community is pretty switched on. We don't need this.
  14. HyperFish

    Dynamic Crosshair

    What are the chances of a Type 7 Dynamic Crosshair being introduced?
  15. HyperFish

    CV Rework Feedback

    I'm struggling with the AA to be honest. Whenever I'm in my CV my planes drop like flies. Whenever I'm in a BB or CL I'm lucky to shoot anything down. Last match in Lexington I had my butt handed to me by a Shokaku. Midway wiped my plans out of the sky like a whiteboard eraser. I thought we were able to dodge AA, but I can't work out how that works.