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  1. It'd be easier to just give CV's a miss until the changes are made. No point in getting better if the whole thing is going to be thrown out the window. Otherwise, stick to Tier IV and V, no strafing, no manual drops.
  2. Same. Have a personal assignment for Indy that I can't complete because it doesn't recognise the battle is complete. If you're grinding Indy and are trying to get your 1750 base XP game... I guess this is a giant FU.
  3. I can't complete the Indy mission because it doesn't recognise that I've played a match. My ship is stuck in battle, and restarting the game client makes the ship available but with no record of the mission being completed.
  4. Are Japanese destroyers worth it?

    I found IJN DD's frustrating to play, and only hit Tier VI before becoming bored and switching to Russian gunboats. I give props to anyone who has ground out the whole line and can do well in them. BB's know they've been spotted, and at higher tiers they know how to WASD, and it's annoying to wait 60s to find your spread has missed because your target has changed direction slightly. I found myself trying to get up close and personal with targets so that I couldn't miss... then realised that the Russian boats were better at that tactic, and could also stay at range and shoot HE at cruisers and BBs, and had the speed to hunt down the sneaky IJN dds and fill em full of holes.
  5. Normally for the 1750XP mission I'd take out Ranger, but there are too many US CA/CLs in the game now, and fewer BB's to harvest. I don't have a captain in my Khab at present, he's retraining for Kiev. I had a couple of games with Kiev and with Tashkent that came close, but so far no dice. I'm not going to push this one too hard. In the end I don't think I'll NEED to complete the mission, and my play time this weekend will be limited. For the upcoming 2 cits and 2 fires I'll be relying on Nelson.
  6. Haida confirmed July 1st, Eh?

    Rumour has it that Haida's siren is Alanis Morissette singing "You Oughta Know".
  7. Getting to a 19 pt Captain

    Sorry. The 130525 is AFTER I paid the 200k silver to half retrain him. The problem is that he's seriously gimped until the retraining is finished. That being said, once the retraining is done he should be a pretty sweet credit and xp earner in Kiev.
  8. Possible Solution to Radar

    Play Russian DD's. If you're close enough to get radared you're doing it wrong. Last series of ranked taught me that nothing peeves off a des moines captain like pegging him with HE at range while he hides like a coward behind an island.
  9. Getting to a 19 pt Captain

    I messed up personally. I had my only 19 point captain sitting in Khab for the last ranked season. Once that finished, I figured I could use him but it'd be more economical to have him in Kiev, because I can actually make credits as well as free xp. So I stuck him in Kiev and now he's in retraining mode. Even after I moved him into Okhotnik he still has 130525/250000 to go before being proficient in both Ok and Kiev. Would have been smarter to stick him in Ok and rotate between Ok and Khab. Lesson learned. My next 19 pt capt should be UK BB.
  10. I spent some of my coal completing the Dunkirk collection. I figure it'll mostly just sit there and accumulate like free XP until I find something to spend it on.
  11. Just finished up the 500 flags with 4 games in Perth. I need to take her out more often. I paid good Doubloons for her, but get caught up grinding other lines. She's fun.
  12. Haida confirmed July 1st, Eh?

    I was so hoping Haida would be an earnable premium like Vampire...
  13. I normally get consistent results in my Russian DDs, but despite numerous games in Kiev and Tash I'd come top 3 in a loss or win and hit 4th place. Gave up and brought out Nelson, another consistent top performer. 3 games in, 3 early deletions. Got frustrated and took out Ranger. Brilliant game. Early kill on a DD in smoke, farmed IJN planes like a boss, and caused heavy damage to some BBs sitting in cap for defended ribbons and fire/flooding damage. Came out with the win and second place overall. Updating my game with the new patch now...
  14. NikoPower left. He seems to have been the primary driver for the contests.
  15. Remember when people rubbished the Russian DDs before release...and the UK Cruisers... and the UK Battleships... The only line that was rubbished before AND after release imho was the pan asian DDs.