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  1. HyperFish

    WHAT did you do to detonations?

    Then maybe WG are starting to push pve players into elite pvp. Or it could be that random means sometimes statistical anomalies like this happen. Personally I'm going for the conspiracy theory...
  2. HyperFish

    Are RN Destroyers worth the grind?

    You're probably right to be honest. My biggest mistake was that I started grinding different countries and ship types, and now I have a ton of ships in the Tier V-VII range and not much higher. I had to force myself to grinding all the way through the Russian DD's. Now I'm focusing on the US destroyer tree with the occasional US CV game if I get knocked out early. I know you can xp through some of the grind, but you lose actual game experience by doing that. New lines get tweaked anyway, so best to leave it until it's pretty much complete.
  3. HyperFish

    Future of the game?

    I've had WGC for ages now. Never cause me any issues, definitely wouldn't call it cancer. To be honest I find the Steam client more annoying to use. You can always shut it down once you've loaded into your game if the resources are tight.
  4. HyperFish

    WHAT did you do to detonations?

    They either didn't have their flags on, or they didn't pray hard enough to RNGesus.
  5. HyperFish

    Beta test for CVs will require WGC.

    I've never had a problem with WGC. I've had it since it came out. Makes it easier to switch servers. My problem is not getting selected for the beta test 😥
  6. We tend to remember the turkeys on our team, but quickly forget the turkeys on theirs. We also forget that we were turkeys once, before we evolved into the proud and noble condors we all are now...
  7. HyperFish

    A good time to take a break...

    I'd like to make a followup point that, for the most part, one of the enjoyable parts of the game is interacting with other players. On the forums I've found the far majority of you guys to be intelligent, good humored and rational. The same goes in the game. I believe toxicity among the players is a minority, and tends to stand out because for the most part people get on get on with each other. One of my strongest reasons for wanting to come back is the community around this game.
  8. My opinion on the state of the game at the moment is a bit bleak to be honest. It's my opinion, I respect others may have differences, and that's fine, but this is where I am at the moment. I don't like driving my mid and high tier DDs anymore. Everything has radar now. I'm a gunboat DD kinda guy, so getting radar'd to death from a range outside of my gun range is very annoying. I can't get into torp range. I can't hide behind islands and ambush. I can only hide and I can cap and I can scout, and I can only hope my team can carry me long enough to make my three remaining roles have worth. I have increasingly little impact on the game. There's no point in grinding my CV's anymore. AA has been uber nasty on increasing numbers of ships, and the touted changes to the CV gameplay make further developing skill in the current gameplay a bit useless. Regularly being 1-2 tiers down doesn't help either. Throw the OP Premium CVs into the mix, and I find it an unhealthy environment to be playing in. I'll admit that I don't have a lot of experience in cruisers, but when I play them there never seem to be any dd's to hunt, and I'm citadel fodder of the BBs on the enemy team. I have reasonable success playing BB, but I find them boring and slow. It seems to be a game that favours heavily the BB player now. I'm actually surprised that it wasn't BBs that were given access to radar rather than cruisers. What's kept me going during the last few months was the last season of ranked, and the Indianapolis mission. I hit rank 5 with pretty good success with my Russian DDs, and the Indianapolis mission encouraged me to stretch my legs in some lesser played boats. Those happy times are over for now. August has nothing to interest me. Discounts on items that I don't need, consumables that I don't use, and flags that I don't tend to use outside of Ranked. 5,000 free xp isn't a lot over the course of a month. Daily Challenges pay out in Coal which I don't find that useful to be honest. 1 day of premium time is a pittance. Even the forum staff seem to be less enthused. We haven't had a new WG run contest in the contest forum since Jan or Feb, while last year they were happening once or twice a month. I played WOWS because it was fun and because I enjoyed the challenge of achievements with tangible results. I'm not asking for free premiums, possibly I've been spoiled by the sheer amount of earnable premium ships like Indy, ARP ships, Southern Dragon etc. Still, I feel I need something more than what's currently on offer to balance out my (in my opinion only I stress) problems with the state of the game at the moment. I'm thinking of taking August off, going cold turkey, to recharge my batteries and hopefully, come September, be back with renewed enthusiasm for the game. I'd like to wish WG all the best for their 20th Anniversary. Fish.
  9. Double post, apologies
  10. Three of your cruisers were hiding around the entrance to the channel for so long than an Indy was able to overtake them and push forward? Looks like the team was headed for a loss anyway then. He can't just quit the game anymore with the new penalties. Suicide would be a quick and easy way to ragequit and start again with a new boat and a (hopefully) better team. Making assumptions naturally.
  11. Why were your teams cruisers' so far back that an Independence was able to take the lead? Even at flank, Indy is slow. ...in a world where BB's hide at the back of the map, sometimes a Carrier feels the need to carry.
  12. HyperFish

    Ships seem very slow lately?

    I totally noticed this. It happened around the time I stopped playing my Khab in ranked and went back to grinding my UK BB's. Everything seemed soooo slooooow.
  13. It'd be easier to just give CV's a miss until the changes are made. No point in getting better if the whole thing is going to be thrown out the window. Otherwise, stick to Tier IV and V, no strafing, no manual drops.
  14. Same. Have a personal assignment for Indy that I can't complete because it doesn't recognise the battle is complete. If you're grinding Indy and are trying to get your 1750 base XP game... I guess this is a giant FU.
  15. I can't complete the Indy mission because it doesn't recognise that I've played a match. My ship is stuck in battle, and restarting the game client makes the ship available but with no record of the mission being completed.