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  1. Megatron1984

    Armory Steel ships (re-poll)

    Really? Sounds neat. Though I’ll probably be saving my coal for other ships.
  2. The armory changed a lot since my last poll, and I never did get enough steel to get any of the higher tier steel ships (Flint and Black will be missed). But now there are some new steel ships on the block, so let’s take a look. somers- this DD is still around from earlier. It has 8 127mm guns and 12 torps, a +38 knot speed, and great concealment, as well as the US DD smoke. However, Somers is a bit of a glass cannon. It can’t take the damage it can dish, Even when compared to other DDs. stalingrad- the wisened veteran of the steel ships, Stalingrad has been around the longest. It features armor that is solid at long distance, and guns that are accurate at long range and feature good penetration. It also helps that Stalingrad is very tanky for a cruiser, being a mini battleship of sorts. However, getting into close range fights will mean death. bourgogne- another of the older steel ships, Bourgogne is similar to jean Bart in that it’s a speedy BB with low caliber guns, but a quick reload and MBRB. Bourgogne is a very flexible BB because of its speed and Consumables. Shikishima- basically, a Yamato with the nine 460mm guns swapped for six 510 mm guns. This gives Shikishima unparalleled danage per shell and penetration. Shiki is perfect for hunting BBs and heavy cruisers, but will struggle to not over penetrate light cruisers and especially DDs at close distance. Because of the size and number of shikishima’s guns, it is not a brawler, and should be in the back for long-range attacks. Franklin D Roosevelt- this aircraft carrier may just be the “new cancer ship” on the block, but that’s up to personal preference. This ship has TANKY plane squadrons that can dish some serious damage. The planes are slow and cannot repair, plus they have a very long time before you can come back and execute another strike. Also, no fighter consumable, so you are pretty much a dedicated attacker, and enemy fighters will rip your squadrons apart. But good lord, if you catch a cruiser or BB alone, this ship will be their absolute worst nightmare.
  3. Megatron1984

    Chapayev help

    I really need advice playing the Chalayev, because I find it to be a VERY crap ship at the moment. I have played this ship a lot, and I got a lot of feel for how it handles, fires, all that. BUT all those points are mute when you are sunk in the first minute of a match. so, the Chapayev does have some strengths: Its soviet 12 km radar is the bane of destroyers and nicotine addicted cruisers. Its guns pump out shells very fast with a very low trajectory, great for hitting destroyers at medium ranges that other light cruisers can’t do, due to their high shell arcs. it has decent AA, which can be improved. And it has 4 km torps, which are good in close-quarters. So, what is the big problem with this ship? It really boils down to 3 things, that are not too bad individually, but combined, they are a NIGHTMARE to deal with. first, durability: the chapayev has piss poor armor. Which for a light cruiser is nothing new. Its on the Cleveland, it’s on the Edinburgh, it’s a trope of light cruisers, so I’m not going to rip on this too much. Low durability isn’t all that bad... unless... ...you have no mobility to save your [edited]. and the chapayev turns like a DRUNKEN BRICK. It has piss poor handling for a cruiser, feeling more like a battleship than anything. Both the Cleveland and Edinburgh are far superior in mobility. The chapayev is speedy, but it has a piss poor turn circle and rudder shift, making it even more painful to aim your guns or maneuver, because it’s a longer time to aim, or a longer tune that your broadside is exposed to spanking from all too eager BBs. Plus, evading torps in this is a NIGHTMARE. And finally, concealment. Maybe the chapayev has a good concealment to help it? NOPE. The chapayev’s detection radius is 10.3 KM WITH CE skill, camo, and concealment mod 1. the Baltimore has better concealment with 9.9 km, and it’s a heavy cruiser. and the chappy doesn’t have a smoke screen to hide in, like the Edinburgh, so its exposed much worse. Any advice on how to overcome these shortcomings and do well? It’s really infuriating to be sunk so easily in EVEN Co-op battles...
  4. Megatron1984

    Gamecenter will not update World of Warships

    I checked those settings. same as the pic you have. Where do I find the firewall exceptions? do I right-click and go to properties? that could be the problem. Whenever I uninstall at college, the game cannot download again (because it can't download updates). I can't download the game without using the failcenter, either. every time i'm told that the gamecenter needs to be installed to play the game.
  5. While I am at college (and on the college wifi), the Gamecenter will not update my game for some odd reason. This is really frustrating, considering I enjoy World of Warships and I wish to be able to take part in the new awesome Halloween event. Thing is, my World of Tanks client and WoWs public test client do not have any problems updating on the college wifi, nor do I experience any problems playing the game on the wifi. It is only when the gamecenter needs to update something that I run into a massive wall. Does anybody have any advice regarding this issue? I have Windows 10, in case anybody is wondering. (if this issue was already asked/solved, please link me to the answer. Thank you)