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  1. You are correct, I got a rental with no commander. This is interesting seeing that they no longer give the commander. And without the commander, I didn't see any changes in the number of commanders slots. I'm not sure why the loss of my captain isn't bothering me more. Possibly I see my days numbered in game and it's just not worth the frustration.
  2. I researched the next ship and sold the old one in the hopes to purchase the next ship which I did not have enough credits to purchase. I put the commander in reserves, seeing that my captain slots were full of crap sub captains the commander got set to be dismissed. Do we actually get a free slot for the rental captain? I will check that when I get another rental.
  3. Heads up! The commanders given to players for the sub rentals do not get removed when the rental period ends. Once a new rental period starts the same commander is duplicated and added. This causes the commander slots to fill up rapidly. I lost a 20 point commander because there was no space available and I did not realize that in time to dismiss unwanted captains and cancel the dismissal of my 20 point captain. Thanks PanikFire.
  4. Even Artillery can be countered in WOT seeing that you've played CV's a bit is that True for CV on CV?
  5. Sorry what you explain has not been my experience. And please don't go the route of git gud. Which you haven't but the are always trolls that immediately go there!, thank you for not doing that. I find CV game play boring. High reward little to no risk. Why force me to play one? I didn't even touch upon the spotting done by carriers. Perhaps a delay similar to radar would help. I've gotten pretty good avoiding planes at the beginning but once spotted it becomes difficult.
  6. Background: I play all ships fairly equally (except CV's) but really prefer DD game play. I've played off and on for a number of years and consider myself a slightly above average player. I play mostly random with a small run of clan battles a year or two ago. CV's What's working. Torpedoes and Bombs seem to be working alright as you can mitigate some of the damage by maneuvering. CV's What needs work: Rockets are a little too effective, especially against low starting health ships (DD's). A possible fix for this would be to make the dispersion worse for them. As far as dodging them goes, you can dodge them if the CV player is a below average player or you get lucky vs. an average player. What's broken: I know it's in testing but the FDR is totally breaking the game, the damage output is way too high. Couple that with the increased plane health and they are unstoppable. One pet peeve of mine is that carriers are at near no risk for 90% of the game. Not sure what can be done about that.