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  1. [IX] is a new clan consisting of a close-knit group of experienced players. Originally formed as a small group of friends, we made our clan battles debut last season with a 64% winrate in 25 battles, climbing to Gale league. We're seeking new members to fill out our competitive roster. Although our clan is small and new, all members are active and division regularly. Competitive experience is not required: we're looking for coachable players willing to learn and accept constructive feedback. Requirements: One viable Tier X ship for clan battles. Examples of viable ships include (but are not limited to): Gearing, Yueyang, Montana, Yamato, Republique, Worcester, Des Moines, Moskva, Zao, Hindenburg, Minotaur. Applications will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, with an emphasis on performance at high tiers (8-10). Strong applicants will have at least 52% recent winrate, and be showing signs of improvement at these tiers. Interested players should join the clan discord: https://discord.gg/9cmZaWN