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  1. epojokke

    When you teamkill

    When you teamkill And something unexpected happens in chat.
  2. epojokke


    Get the Cossack!! It's worth it (if you like DDs).
  3. Well yes, but you will meet a lot of DDs with the same or better concealment than you, so you will get into gun fights and that isn't going to end well for you. You need to be really careful in that ship.
  4. I have had the Loyang for some time, but since I didn't have a 10 point captain I never took it into PvP. However, to complete the 4M credits mission I decided to use it. My impression is that it doesn't uptier very well. The torps only have 9.2 km and that is well within a lot of radar ships' range. At the same time, you cannot go toe to toe in a gunfight against any higher tier DD (maybe some IJN DDs). For those reasons, I feel like the Cossack is an overall better ship. The only downside being that it only has one torpedo launcher.
  5. It depends a bit on you which one you should get. If you already play DDs well, it matters a bit less. However, if this is the first time you step onto a DD, I would go with one of the lower tiers. The T-61 is a great ship and you won't see as many radars as with some of the others. It does everything pretty well so you can practice both gun-play and torpedoes. Also, if you are a new DD player, it won't cost you a lot in case you don't like it. At tier VIII, I would go for the Cossack. It is currently one of my favorite ships.
  6. epojokke

    Remove Torps from DD gun botes.

    I say we remove everything (guns, torps, secondaries) from all ships and turn the game into one big ramming contest.
  7. I feel for you since I have almost the same problem. I normally start in co-op and then move to PVP if the connection is ok. When I start to have problems in stop playing.
  8. epojokke

    The hardest two ship grind?

    I love the Phoenix. I still have it and take it out sometimes. My only Witherer achievement was in that ship.
  9. epojokke


    The guy does have a point. It is kind of stupid to shoot at a ship that is about to eat a bunch of torpedoes, unless there is nothing else to shoot at. If there is nothing else, go for it. If I see a target about to get hit by torps or even shells, I normally find a different target so I don't waste my shells/torps.
  10. epojokke

    Which torps do you use for the Gearing?

    I use the Fletcher torps. I haven't even tried the other ones yet.
  11. epojokke

    What makes a unicom a unicom?

    When playing solo, there is also a bit of luck involved. U can play like a king, but if your team wants to lose there isn't much you can do about it. My best game to date is a 178K, 7 kills game in the Kamikaze R, and it still wasn't enough to win. I almost got more base XP than the rest of the team combined.
  12. epojokke

    Which destroyer line to play with?

    On paper you aren't wrong, but it all comes down to the captain. I almost get more kills with my guns than torpedoes when I play my IJN DDs. I sometimes feel there are too many DD captains that think they aren't supposed to use their guns.
  13. epojokke

    Thanks Santa

    I just about love every single IJN DD and do fairly well in them, including lot of dmg with their guns, but I just can't find something the Anshan is good at. Everything about her seems MEH.
  14. epojokke

    Thanks Santa

    Grats but it is a pretty bad ship. The guns turn like BB guns.
  15. epojokke

    A couple of questions

    I only have about 350K free XP, since I got the Missouri before it went away.