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  1. epojokke

    Planes shot down

    I got 107 shot down in a clan battle.
  2. epojokke

    Ungreateful players?

    I double checked and the stats I have mentioned so far are his random battle stats. He has a bit more than 3.5K battles in COOP and an average dmg of 13.7K. He has ships up to tier 8. His winrate is around 96% in coop but based on his other stats I think that has more to do with his teammates. When you say you charge in in coop I completely agree. That is the way to play that game mode. I did that in the game I played with him and managed 3 kills and 90K dmg. He was sitting in the back with a Mogami player who also scored really low.
  3. epojokke

    Ungreateful players?

    True, but it is part of the same problem, I think. First, you need to be open to asking that question. Second, you need to be ready to get all kinds of "crap" thrown back at you for being a noob. It shouldn't be wrong to ask for or offer help if done so in the right way. The key is how we all talk to each other.
  4. epojokke

    Ungreateful players?

    If he doesn't want help, he can just say "thanks, but I am good". And you are making up things to support your view. I think that says more about you than me.
  5. epojokke

    Ungreateful players?

    Sadly, you are probably correct, but that doesn't mean we can't try to do better as a community and humans. Maybe if enough people do it, the rest will follow. Realistically speaking, this is the internet and it will never happen.
  6. epojokke

    Ungreateful players?

    I never directly said he was bad. Also, you may want to look for a different job if it makes you so miserable.
  7. epojokke

    Ungreateful players?

    Well, ungrateful because he laughed at me. Or maybe "rude" is a better word.
  8. epojokke

    Ungreateful players?

    I feel sorry for you if that is how you feel about people trying to help others.
  9. epojokke

    Ungreateful players?

    He was in the US tier 6 battleship and just sat in the back until the very end of the battle. That probably also explains why he has an average of 3K dmg done per battle.
  10. epojokke

    Ungreateful players?

    I guess you are right, but what a sad world to live in.
  11. Yesterday, I played a coop game and was killed by a teammate. It wasn't a big deal since I would have died seconds later anyway but I did write something like "maybe shoot the reds next time?" in chat. The guy said sorry and that was really the end of it. However, I noticed he was way out of position and I offered to give him some pointers. He never said anything and the round ended shortly thereafter. On the result screen, I saw that guy (based on the name) got 47 base xp, so I found him and sent him a private message. Again, I offered to help the guy, especially when I noticed he had more than 1,000 battles and a win rate of 42.44. Sadly, his reaction was to just laugh at me. Has anyone else experienced this? I really don't understand his reaction.
  12. epojokke

    How to Neptune?

    I am also working on the Neptune and I try not to get closer than 11 km if at all possible. Your smoke means nothing if people can radar you in it. I know Russian radar can find you at 12 km, so depending on enemy ships, you may want to stay even longer away from the reds. I played one game in mine yesterday and ended up with 161K dmg. Sadly we lost, but I finished first on my team.
  13. epojokke

    Atago or Alaska? What do YOU think?

    I have both and I would say Alaska. It is a bit easier to make a mistake in the Alaska and get away with it.