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  1. I don't have the Neustra but I do have the French and I like it. I think the Neustra costs too much coal and the French will give you an extra Super Container come Christmas.
  2. epojokke

    Can't carry harder than this :(

    How about close to 180K dmg and 7 kills in the Kamikaze R (tier 5)? I also got 1600+ base xp. I have gotten less base xp for a well-played victory. https://youtu.be/JxhW8zZ6XUM
  3. epojokke

    I still enjoy World of Warships

    I still enjoy the game if I have to be honest. However, when a CV decides I am going to die, my enjoyment drops to about 0.
  4. I grinded hard yesterday and today and finally got the Strasbourg. Now, I only need to worry about the dockyard.
  5. epojokke

    Smalland when is it leaving ?

    It is very possible you are right, and I guess I will have to try and play it differently in the future.
  6. epojokke

    Thunderer -or- Marceau ???

    I have and enjoy both, but I would say Thunderer since it will be gone soon.
  7. epojokke

    PLEASE let me block clan invites.

    This is the way to do it.
  8. epojokke

    Smalland when is it leaving ?

    I had a ranked game last week where I killed the DD but ate some Thunderer HE before I could go dark. So yes, you can take on most DDs in a gun fight but you tend to pay the price for it. For those reasons, I rather play the Halland from outside radar range and just torp away until there are very few ships left (they only tend to be on low health at that point). I won't say I regret getting the Småland, but those 2M free XP might be better spent on something else.
  9. epojokke

    Smalland when is it leaving ?

    I don't disagree with this, but playing it this way tends to cost a lot of HP because you will take fire from the red DD and often every battleship and cruiser in range on the other team. If you play it as a torp boat the first half of the game and maybe more of a gun boat the second half, you may get the best out of her.
  10. epojokke

    Smalland when is it leaving ?

    Yes, the two ships do have some things going in their favor, but I haven't had much luck playing them like that because it tends to cost too much HP. I rather stay at around 12-14 km and sling torps until at least late game when there is less radar, etc. to worry about.
  11. epojokke

    Smalland when is it leaving ?

    The Småland doesn't seem like a gun boat to me since it only has 4 guns and only fires a little bit faster than the Halland. To me, it seems a bit trapped in between the two because it has worse torps but slightly better guns. Also, playing it as a gun boat when you are pretty slow and don't have smoke seems like a bad idea to me.
  12. epojokke

    Smalland when is it leaving ?

    I got it a month ago, and if I have to be honest, I like the Halland more because it has longer range torps.
  13. Any missions/dockyard/etc. that happen to be in the game between now and then.
  14. epojokke

    Your Ranked Progress So Far

    I got to silver, rank 3 with 1 star but then lost my last 15 or so games. I stopped playing after that.
  15. epojokke

    Santa's big gift

    I may have gotten the Ark Royal. I say because I opened 15 containers in one go and there was a super container in the mix.