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  1. Cpt_MacDein

    ST 7.9: London port, RN arc, new currency

    I also think that all these boxes are WAY TO Expensive and there for I also do not buy them, especially when most of the things you get are the same basic thinks you can get from normal game play. After all how many versions of the same Camo does a ship really need?
  2. Cpt_MacDein

    Update 7.9

    7.9 is one of the better updates Warships has come up with.
  3. I have not participated in this type of W.O.W. event, so I must ask. If you are not chosen as a pirate crewmember, does this mean that you cannot participate in the event?
  4. nuqneH, Playing the devil's advocate again, I ask you, If Balance had been considered during WW2, We would still be fighting it. Just Saying. Now with that said. Silly Human, Fords are for Klingons.



  5. Cpt_MacDein

    How to Control your Win Rate

    This CARRY theory is Bunk. Out pf 294 battles I have 282 victories. How By working with the other players and doing one of three simple things 1: If there is a carrier, protect it, If you have a smoke screen, use to cover your team mates as well as your self, and if you are in a Battle ship, play smart and stand off and hit from mid to long range for your guns as getting closer will get you killed FAST! with very few positive results