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  1. Kirk Cousins is an elite QB. You can't dispute that. 

  2. Any tips for fightng a yamato

    It's very difficult to fight a yammy 1v1 in those two, especially due to the secondaries that will have you on fire 24/7
  3. You're playing in windowed mode.
  4. Why not the USS enterprise from star-trek? If you're into that kind of thing.
  5. Hillarious Colorado match.

    I never played the Colorado, saved all my hard earned free Xp to get through her. That was years ago when she was the worst ship in the game. She any good now?
  6. Welcome to the USA. What are you looking for in a profile picture? I can make a few recommendations if you give me a guideline.
  7. To all Carrier haters ...

    Clearly I walked into the wrong room...
  8. I got 50 of that blue zebra camo which gives you 100% XP. That's pretty good for me.
  9. Nerf Torpedo Damage

    You've never played madden, have you. Or any EA game.
  10. Nerf Torpedo Damage

    DDs, especially the IJN but to an extent the later American/German DDs, rely on torps to do the majority of their damage. As a battleship player, you fire your guns every 30-ish seconds, have a relatively easy time giving appropriate lead, the shots arrive in 10-15 seconds, and can deal enough damage to one-shot a cruiser. Even if they do not, they cause a large amount of damage to any class of ship provided they hit the appropriate area and you get a little bit lucky. DDs however, must give extensive lead and adjust for each ship they own and the torpedo speed, as well as the fact that a perfect spread of torpedoes can be avoided at any time by a simple change in speed and direction at any point between the minute that they are fired and they arrive on target. DDs are already much harder to play, and much harder to deal damage with. They must avoid radar and detection, lead perfectly, and pray their opponent does not know how to change speed and course. They're also expected to cap at some point, as well as lay smoke for their team. Now, you are suggesting that we make a DDs job even HARDER, by giving them less damage for an already improbable torpedo hit? C'mon, man!
  11. Are RN BB getting Radar?

    Oh dear. RIP Fletcher. I will never forget you.
  12. Hey everyone Really quick question here. I've been looking at the stats, layout, size, ETC. of the German destroyers. It's been awhile since I've played, and I'm just trying to see what makes them special... Americans have better smoke screens/AA/Guns, it would seem, Japanese have better torpedoes/concealment, and Russians have the better guns. I'm just wondering what the place of the German DD's are, if they are worth it, and how they are played.
  13. Aim for the magazine
  14. Frustrating cruiser experience

    TBH AP on Cruisers is one of the most underused aspects of this entire game. Try using AP a little more often, you might be surprised.
  15. Are the Germans worth it?