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  1. Ralph_Vargr

    Public Test / Test Server ... Issues

    The PTS needs new hamsters. Order up from AWS...
  2. Ralph_Vargr

    PSA: New Prime Loot

    I pulled this: My first T9 ship. Unique, to say the least. It's the T9 matchmaking that worries me...and only two barrels per turret. Radar sonar, and heal. Must find island to hide behind.
  3. I am a failteam all by myself...
  4. Ralph_Vargr

    Omaha — American Tier V cruiser.

    Give her a heal...if she has time to use it.
  5. Ralph_Vargr

    Premiums that are so bad that is funny?

    But, a great gravel truck...
  6. Ralph_Vargr

    What's with the BBs firing HE

    It's not that we don't use AP. It's AP that uses *us*....
  7. Interesting. Thank you.
  8. Ralph_Vargr

    Incentivize Veteran Players to Play Mid & Low Tiers

    T1 is very refreshing, after having my face smashed in. Yes, I am a horrible player, particularly at DD's. I am a failteam in my own right. My stats are *not* hidden. But it's just fun to go back to a simple arcade experience. And, T2-4 have a lot of fun ships.
  9. Ralph_Vargr

    TIE Fighter

    This 50's kid did. :)
  10. Ralph_Vargr

    Match Maker rigged.

    You have been playing your heart out in a CV. You have even been forced to cap, since no one else even tried. "You Are Our Last Hope!" Anybody besides me get that kind of endgame result?
  11. Thank you for that information.
  12. This will make T6-T7 better. At T8, I am deleted by SuperDuper types.
  13. Here is my very modest collection, after conversion:
  14. I want the Rustbucket permacamo.
  15. Ralph_Vargr

    Why is the Neptune so bad?

    This is true for Tier 1 as well...