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  1. A lot of us want to help, you mentioned arthritic paws, I don't have those fortunately but I'm a senior citizen so I understand the challenges we older fellows face.  I always want people to succeed. I started the game like you, in it just for sinking a few ships, a win was a bonus. I didn't want to get out of co-op for a long time. Randoms were weird.

    The playstyle for co-op is almost the opposite needed for randoms. Co-op you have to be hyper aggressive. Randoms require semi aggressive to passive depending on your ship, the map and the reds. To up your win rate and damage let someone else become the first target. Start the game at 1/2 speed instead of full.  That will bump you up 5% without knowing any tactics. That wont make you good but it will help you make more of an impact because you last longer.

    This guys youtubes will help, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-CVV_QxU4CesZL5pvdJw4A/videos,  he mostly plays destroyers but he talks tactics of his ship in relation to the other ships and the different style of tactics based on the ship and opposition.   That applies to all ships, some more than others. You can pick up a lot from him on flanking, kiting and when to run.   After I watched a few I noticed what he does after he's in position, when he shifts his rudder and changes speed a lot to throw off the aim of other ships.

    I find him entertaining probably because he has two very young kids, probably 1 and 3 that interrupt his video. They are well behaved and for that age and he has the patience of a saint.

    I understand better ways to play now but my execution is still off but its better.

    Good luck


    1. Ralph_Vargr




      I appreciate the guidance.


      Ralph, MAJ, USAF, 429th TFS