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  1. Ralph_Vargr

    New Stream Code

  2. Ralph_Vargr

    WoWs Promo codes

    Got some flags, and some credits. Thanks!
  3. Ralph_Vargr

    PSA: Bonus Code

    Still working.
  4. Ralph_Vargr

    The Christmas Tree Event isn't Co-Op Friendly

    I'm not in a fuss. It simply won't happen for me, so I've dismissed it. Offering a "challenge" of this kind simply encourages me to buy lottery tickets. No, Mr. Angry Bear Drummer, I'm not sharing.
  5. Ralph_Vargr

    This anti-CV stuff is getting old

    Does this mean my Langley is going to get nerfed, again?
  6. Ralph_Vargr

    Bonus Codes

    Worked. Thanks!
  7. Ralph_Vargr

    Welcome our new Community Manager, Ahskance

    They offered cookies?
  8. Ralph_Vargr

    Tier 11 what do you all think?

    How about a nice game of Harpoon?
  9. Ralph_Vargr

    Check your EMAIL! (Bonus Codes)

    Still working.
  10. I actually *like* the Hawkins...
  11. They are going to nerf my Eerie..
  12. Ralph_Vargr

    Karl von Schönberg in the Premium Shop

    You used the New York port, for a German captain....
  13. Ralph_Vargr

    I Want a New Button

    How about a "Make A Streamer/CC Play Out This Match For ME" button?