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  1. KiyoSenkan

    A sad morning

    No. It's nothing like changing the flavor of the bread. And even if it was, someone saying "I don't like New Coke" is not bombarded with hate from those who do, because giving someone grief for expressing that feedback is rightfully seen as a pretty trashy thing to do.
  2. KiyoSenkan

    A sad morning

    Less armor = More Overpens. Reducing the armor is not going to fuze shells more often. Which is why the armor "buffs" are actually nerfs, by the way. More armor = Fewer overpens = More pens/citadel hits.
  3. If that change benefits battleships, Lesta's history indicates they will go through with it.
  4. KiyoSenkan

    World of Warship Ship Opinions 11: Leander

    I used Leander a lot in the Tier 6 Operations, was pretty effective in everything except Defense of Newport. It's got good punch for a cruiser, but lacks staying power.
  5. KiyoSenkan

    My plans after 9.2

    Legit forgot about the armor "buff". Guess folks just haven't figured out the magic angle yet. Still pretty sure that's actually a BB buff once they re-learn the soft spots, since thicker armor should fuze AP more often. IE: Fewer overpens.
  6. KiyoSenkan

    Signature help

    It's not in your profile. Signature goes under Account Settings > Edit Signature
  7. KiyoSenkan

    Signature help

    Warships.today still works? I hadn't been able to get to it in ages. The Signature editing page should actually have shortcut buttons for links. I believe you want to use the Image/Banner insert one.
  8. Last time I rammed a destroyer using a battleship it was a Farragut, vs my Fuso. He got stuck crossways in the channel on the right side of...I think it was North. Swerved through his torpedos and bowled right through him while shouting "OM NOM NOM" in all-chat. I think he got stuck trying to turn around, but why would you do that in there
  9. KiyoSenkan

    My plans after 9.2

    Yeah the IFHE nerf didn't negatively affect battleships so it's fine. Obviously. Cruiser and destroyer players just need to adapt again. Like they have the last 200 times whining BB mains got them nerfed.
  10. KiyoSenkan

    If you could change you InGame name what would you choose?

    Spaceballs_the_Destroyer Spaceballs_the_Cruiser Spaceballs_the_Battleship Spaceballs_the_Carrier or maybe just Spaceballs_the_Warship
  11. I maintain that the best form SAP could have taken in this game would have been "HE with higher penetration but no fire chance". Below-average HE damage could also accommodate an ability to get citadels by making those citadel hits smaller. Probably about on par with CA AP in pen and damage (if not lower in damage). That's how I would do it on a battleship like Roma. Cruisers, I don't know if I would even have given them SAP.
  12. The differences should be through the design, build quality, and traits of the weapons systems. Not an arbitrarily tacked-on consumable or "special dispersion" that breaks suspension of disbelief, or other such poorly thought-out decisions. Nobody is going to claim that Kongo and New York play the same, for instance.
  13. It worked at the beginning because the differences were both A) Subtle and B) Sensible. Like everyone who looks into it even a little would realize the Japanese 25mm triple autocannon was not a great AA weapon while the 40mm quad BOFORs is, so it's natural that the USN would have better AA than the IJN. The German armor scheme lending itself to better close-range brawling also made sense due to their turtleback and weaker deck armor, but that's also where we started to see arbitrary flavor additions (Secondary range increases, in this case). It's just spiraled out of control since.
  14. KiyoSenkan

    WG: just for your information

    Only if they're already immunocompromised. The very young, the very old, and people who are already sick (IE: HIV is a risk factor). Which is the same group that was at-risk during the Bird Flu and Swine Flu outbreaks. Seriously people blow Covrid-19's lethality way out of proportion. Which is, hilariously, the exact same thing that happened with H1N1 and H1N1/A. Take care of the folks who are at risk, and at-risk folks should take extra precautions. Deaths are terrible, naturally try to avoid it. But for the most part it's the same song and dance as the last 2 outbreaks China gave us and crying APOCALYPSE is just fearmongering.
  15. KiyoSenkan

    WG: just for your information

    It's literally just another Bird Flu/Swine Flu, and we obviously remember how those devastated the world population over the past 2 decades. It's even only risky for the same groups of people.