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  1. KiyoSenkan

    Population Decline? Data shows otherwise...

    You can kinda tell how healthy World of Warships is by their monetization habits. While the population has plateau'd and has been for a while, WG's been getting more needy and desperate about paid content-- More overpowered premium ships, more focus on lootboxes with less chances of good rewards, more premiums that use special currencies that are rare drops from lootboxes (IE: Coal in the French boxes), blatant cash grabs like the Research Bureau that's meant to incentivize more gold sales for FXP conversion with overpowered premiums as the bait, high powered high tier premiums that cost more to sell, low tier premiums IF they're ever offered are sold as part of a bloated bundle deal (IE: Dreadnought was $100. A tier 3.) The game's population is not growing at an appreciable rate, per that site's measurements. What the monetization habits tell us is that the number of sales is also declining. WoWS' financials are not meeting their projections, so they're scrambling to try and squeeze more money out of fewer people willing to give them any. The RU population's gradual and obvious decline also plays into this. MAYBE IF YOU TOOK A PAGE FROM RETAILERS AND RESPECTED YOUR CUSTOMERS INSTEAD OF TREATING THEM LIKE SHEEP TO BE FLEECED. Almost like a short-sighted business model is doomed to burn itself out as it runs out of customers or something. But what do I know, I'm just a vocal detractor who used to be a major promoter of this game. What would I know about watching something I love kill itself.
  2. KiyoSenkan

    Enough tier 9 and 10 premiums!

    I'm not, I'm just pointing out why someone would feel motivated to buy it. You don't seem to understand the point I was making. Corporate shills and white knights eager to defend WG's shady business model never do.
  3. KiyoSenkan

    Why should we participate in the sub beta??

    That's called the Electoral College.
  4. KiyoSenkan

    Enough tier 9 and 10 premiums!

    Some of us have jobs. WG structures its events to be near-impossible to complete for people who have other obligations in life, in order to incentivize purchases. It's creating a problem and then selling a solution.
  5. KiyoSenkan

    Enough tier 9 and 10 premiums!

    But it's harder to justify charging as much for tier 8 or lower premiums and they're financially treading water. Their children might have to go to private school in a bus that is merely solid gold, rather than the private gold limo with the diamond headlights. WoN't You ThiNk oF ThE chiLDreN? Realtalk: World of Warships' financial decisions the past several months betray their situation. The game is no longer hitting its expected profit margins. This is why they're getting so needy about their monetization-- A heavier focus on lootboxes while said lootboxes have lower chances of worthwhile rewards. More tier 9 and 10 premiums. All the sub-9 premiums lately have only been available in obscenely bloated bundles (IE Dreadnought was $100 with its stupid bundle, a tier 3 battleship) Lootboxes contain other currencies like Steel and Coal. Conveniently they're also releasing tier 9 and 10 Steel/Coal ships you can "buy" with lootboxes The Research Bureau was nakedly created with the purpose of sucking up FXP, and getting people to buy gold to convert XP to FXP Events are extremely intensive, to inspire people to buy loot boxes to lessen the grind on collections or the like Speaking of currencies: Multiple different currencies are in use, to obscure the real money cost as much as possible. Creating disconnects like this are important for tricking dolphins into becoming whales.
  6. KiyoSenkan

    Why should we participate in the sub beta??

    Frankly the problem is the deadline they set. It was rushed out, untested and unbalanced, to meet an arbitrary deadline that reasonably could have been changed. But instead of consider the health and well-being of their game, they were motivated by their brainless stockholders and blinded by greed over pushing reworked premiums they then proceeded to nerf. No, the issues with the CV rework launch are entirely a problem WG themselves created, and are trying to shift the blame to players. And they're poised to do the same damn thing with submarines.
  7. KiyoSenkan

    DD concealment needs a nerf

    Honestly if that's all it is, it sounds like a terrible experience.
  8. KiyoSenkan

    DD concealment needs a nerf

    Ultra Realism mode proposal: Special game mode, not a replacement for Random Only map is Ocean. Only 2 capital ships permitted (2 BB, 2 CV, or 1 CV/1BB). Hard limit. All ships start the battle at 1/2 speed. Speed changes can take up to 20 minutes to take effect, especially for larger ships. All main battery accuracy characteristics reduced to realistic levels, the expected hit ratio is between 1 and 3 percent. Realistic spotting characteristics, all ships lit out to an assumed horizon line of 22km. No reloads on most destroyer torpedo launchers. IJN have 1 reload, because they actually did do this using a cable pulley system. No HE. AP can cause fires though. Fires can only be repaired one at a time per DCP press. (USN can get 2) Engines cannot be repaired at all. Must wait out the repair timer. Loss of rudder is permanent. Aircraft carriers spawn outside the map and cannot be targeted. Realism!
  9. KiyoSenkan

    Why should we participate in the sub beta??

    It doesn't matter. WG will just vomit out "Not enough people tested it!" and throw it on live virtually untested like they did with carriers, regardless of how many people actually participate. "wE NeeD moRE dATa!"
  10. KiyoSenkan

    Hosho-Unlimited Torps! (iChase gameplay video)

    The only way a destroyer can threaten a battleship with no risk to itself is with a weapon that has a 6% hit ratio and is so easy to avoid you usually dodge it by accident I am not in the "carriers are OP!" camp but I strongly dislike this kind of idiotic hyperbole regardless of when it comes up. FYI: A unicum in a battleship will never lose to an equally skilled unicum in a destroyer. Torpedoes are literally a weapon that only works if you make mistakes. Someone who doesn't make mistakes, never gets hit by torpedoes.
  11. KiyoSenkan

    smolensk is a shame of this game

    British light cruisers with HE and Smoke at the same time: "Overpowered! No, no, no! Can't do that! We made one but will never sell it again!" Russian light cruisers with HE and Smoke at the same time: "Fair and Balanced."
  12. Smolensk was obtained with coal. Sub Octavian has gone on record saying that coal ships are not "real premiums" and are fair game for balance. So better spend everything you can getting gambling lootboxes with chances to get coal in them, so you can get that OP Smolensk and enjoy it before they nerf it!
  13. KiyoSenkan

    Open letter/request fpr the Devs to consider

    Rapid-fire 127mm guns from battleship secondaries: Good! Rapid-fire 127mm guns from a cruiser with paper for armor: Nerf it! Nerf it now!
  14. Shimakaze is the worst-performing tier 10 destroyer, but the most-played tier 10 destroyer. He has a point, most played is not always best. There is a correlation though. It's just not a constant.
  15. Missouri is the only contender, honestly. Musashi was a mistake. They had no business putting a tier 10 hull in a tier 9 slot.