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  1. Remind us what an "anchor division" is.
  2. The only explanation I can think of is if that DM had taken so much HE damage that he had lost most or all of his AA mounts.
  3. If a Des Moines is taken out by aircraft with all of that going, that's an LTP issue.
  4. Need community help

    US Standards don't go 21 knots due to an engineering deficiency. They were designed to go 21 knots for easier seakeeping while maintaining a battle line.
  5. Well this didn't take long to attract the usual suspects.
  6. Question for Shima captains

    As I said, the guns are situational, and for many players that situation doesn't always appear in a fashion they can act on it.
  7. Actually reading the rest of this thread has brightened my day. Thank you, people who get upset over a brief flash of embroidery. I'll bookmark this thread and reference it next time one of you post that someone else needs a "thicker skin" or needs to "grow up".
  8. Question for Shima captains

    This comes from the fact that in every tier, IJN destroyer guns are 100% inferior to the guns on other same-tier destroyers in reload, traverse, and in some cases even shell damage. On top of this, with few exceptions IJN destroyers are slower and less agile than their counterparts, which makes escaping and kiting a less attractive option. The only advantage these guns tend to have is their muzzle velocity and shell weight, which means they can shoot more accurately at longer ranges... which in a destroyer matchup, means you'll only sink a USN destroyer if both A) You are running away and therefore have already been driven out of the objective, and B) He continues to shoot and expose himself outside of his effective gun range. Akatsuki through Shimakaze can make it work, but only in certain situations that play into their limited strengths, or if they're somehow ignored by the target and the target's team. The only real IJN gunboat is Akizuki and her upcoming cousins. These are exceptions. In most cases-- Assuming equal skill, any IJN destroyer will lose a gunfight to any other destroyer in the same tier. It's just math-- faster reloads means more shells fired and more hits, faster traverse means evasive maneuvers don't throw guns off target and therefore better to leverage the faster reloads. One should also recall that in most cases the IJN destroyers have the lowest health, so they can't really afford to slug out these kinds of trades either. It isn't that you should "never" use the guns, but the average player does recognize that these guns are "situational" and that situation isn't always presented. If you can make it work, good on you, but it's not very fair to others to expect the same success. Chances are they've already tried and it didn't work for them.
  9. Question for Shima captains

    My 14 point skill was Radio Location. It's invaluable for determining if there's an enemy destroyer nearby, whether you know it's a gunboat you need to avoid or an IJN destroyer that you can chase down and bully.
  10. Sleep WIth Fishes Advert

    Did you know "Sleep with the fishes" is a famous movie reference?
  11. End Situational Awareness

    As a note I'm not advocating for removing SA. I think there might be some confusion on this.
  12. End Situational Awareness

    And how does this argument not apply to current captain skills that "everyone" takes, like Priority Target?
  13. End Situational Awareness

    Making it default to everyone also removed depth from the game.
  14. End Situational Awareness

    For those arguing that it's okay to make it a baked-in skill because it was taken by the majority of players when it was a captain skill... Why doesn't this logic also apply to Concealment Expert and Priority Target, which are also taken in the majority of builds?
  15. I've never used Cleveland in Operations. It's always been Leander and Molotov when it comes to cruisers. Otherwise, I'm in Ryujo.