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  1. DD XP....Seriously?

    Lazy seems to be the main motivation behind a lot of their decisions. "What requires the least amount of effort". It's like they don't even care about producing a quality product. Or, when they do, they then backslide into managing it in the sloppiest fashion possible, for the least amount of effort. World of Warships started out strong, but has backslid like crazy since launch due to lazy decisions made with no forethought beyond 'how easy is it to do this and make money from it', with no regard for its effect on the game.
  2. How to play a Battleship in 2018.

    From what I've seen, the best way to play a battleship right now is to blame destroyers for all your problems and do nothing to help them.
  3. If it was really "disabled" we wouldn't see you posting at all. So it kinda fails and becomes shoddy trolling instead, hence the downvotes.
  4. No, because it's unreadable. If it was "disabled", we wouldn't see you posting at all.
  5. DD XP....Seriously?

    It would be better if WG would just have a transparent rewards model. If they're worried about people gaming the system in its current iteration, than it should be changed to minimize abuse opportunities as much as possible. There is literally nothing to be gained by keeping stuff like this so opaque. Other games will even tell you the 5 xp you gained from picking a flower, when you have millions of XP to the next level, and give you the player the option of obscuring this info with filters.
  6. Possible Solution to Radar

    We don't have to do a mental exercise for this, and all the hyperbole you can create about it won't make it any less true. Destroyers were sunk before radar existed. In fact, destroyers have had the lowest survival rate on average since the game's official launch. So if they have no defense counter, then what exactly was killing them?
  7. DD XP....Seriously?

    Your point is wrong because you're factoring multipliers in as expected. If you don't start fires or disable any secondaries/AA which need I remind you are RNG events, than your guns aren't getting any more XP than your torpedoes, point for point.
  8. Possible Solution to Radar

    The reality is that Radar exists. However, the fact that it exists does not automatically mean it is a perfect mechanic free from feedback or adjustments for balance and fairness. Do not for one second ever attempt the history argument with radar, unless you're willing to accept: Did not penetrate landmasses and/or and disable/destruction via gunfire. You know, either of which are things that would actually balance this mechanic.
  9. DD XP....Seriously?

    Because torpedoes are 1 form of damage and maybe an engine disable. And your gunship vs Kurfurst is: Doing direct damage, doing indirect damage (fires, as stated to be a multiplier above), and destroying modules (AA/Secondaries) Torpedoes are weighted the same as guns. It's just that guns aren't only dealing damage. You get credit for all the other stuff the guns are doing, too.
  10. Possible Solution to Radar

    And now the million dollar question that has not been answered yet What about those of us who have adjusted and still don't agree with you? Because if you've paid any attention at all to posts that don't instantly agree with you: Lensar has stated multiple times that he's been very successful with Shimakaze in the current mass-radar environment. Lots of damage, lots of wins. And, he has also stated, he's not having any fun because adapting to this environment has transformed destroyer play into a miserable and dull experience. I've adapted, myself, in a different way. I benched Shimakaze entirely and just play Khabarovsk because Russians don't care about radar. And this has been fun-- but it's not the same gameplay as a concealment destroyer.
  11. I don't know, you usually do charity auctions for things that impact a lot of people, like cancer research. Or homeless children. Other charity events are better suited to more niche projects like supporting a museum or memorial.
  12. DD XP....Seriously?

    This is false. Torpedo damage is not weighted differently from gun, or bomb damage. What does hurt it is getting it from battleships, since the reward is percentage-based on the target's full health. So you're right there. What makes fire damage unfavorable is because it can be repaired, not because it is somehow rewarded less.
  13. To the contrary-- if it works for you than by all means take advantage of it. I might try this myself, just to see if the salt levels decrease. Most good players communicate through third party systems like Discord anyway.
  14. DD XP....Seriously?

    That makes sense as a reasonable theory.
  15. Amazing how short a time "Quitting forever" actually is.