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  1. KiyoSenkan

    Montana should get a speed nerf

    If you want historical than we wouldn't even have Montana. Or Grosser Kurfurst, Republique, or Conqueror. Or Zao, Moskva, Khabarovsk, and all the other paper ships that crowd tier 10 and are constantly demanded to be better than ships like Shimakaze, Gearing, Des Moines, and Yamato that actually existed.
  2. I disagree. 10% makes it equivalent to overpens. It's not unintuitive at all once one understands that a destroyer just doesn't have enough mass to catch a shell that large and heavy and fast long enough for it to explode inside the hull. Hell, a lot of times it didn't even activate the fuse. I fully expect to overpen destroyers and many cruisers in my Yamato. The unreasonable babbies just want to oneshot everything because they don't understand what an overpen is or the mechanics behind it. I agree that the Radar/LOS thing was bull but specifically WG stated they didn't like the risk that cruisers had to take to use it under LOS conditions. Not that it was undoable. They just hate destroyers and don't want cruisers to take any risks whatsoever in countering them. Obvious bias, but at least they were honest about it this time.
  3. So many bad players trying to justify their badness by blaming the least threatening ship type in the game. Be a man in your battleships and destroyers are nothing to fear, even with the AP change which was absolutely warranted.
  4. KiyoSenkan

    How hard to impliment Tier=Tier MM Opt In

    After some research, I found out that the average acceptable churn for F2P games is around 20%. F2P games also generally measure churn weekly. Some publishers like PopCap measure churn daily. Major businesses like the one I work for track churn monthly and yearly. And 5% is unacceptably high.
  5. KiyoSenkan

    How hard to impliment Tier=Tier MM Opt In

    And it just being one part of the problem is no reason to avoid fixing it. Considering most F2P games rely on abusing addiction behaviors? Not as high as you'd think.
  6. It couldn't possibly be that your entire position is built on a mountain of hyperbole?
  7. KiyoSenkan

    How hard to impliment Tier=Tier MM Opt In

    Yeah, and when everyone who isn't hardcore enough by your standards moves on to play games that are more worth their time and money, and you're the only one left, and WG shuts down the server, are you gonna blame the "self-entitled wusses" for that?
  8. KiyoSenkan

    How hard to impliment Tier=Tier MM Opt In

    50% churn rates say otherwise.
  9. KiyoSenkan

    How hard to impliment Tier=Tier MM Opt In

    I can't fault anyone for wanting to play a good game instead of wasting their time and money on a bad one. I for one don't play games with the intent of being frustrated while things beyond my control dictate my game experience. That's called a bad game.
  10. KiyoSenkan

    How hard to impliment Tier=Tier MM Opt In

    That's only part of it. A large number of players who are interested in the niche game appeal hit tier 5 and quit after repeated games against Nagatos and Scharnhorsts in their stock Omahas and Emeralds strangle the interest right out of them. No, the game will never reach League of Legends or Overwatch appeal, but it should be pulling more than 10k in prime time. The game has a 45-50% churn rate, dude. Most companies lose their minds over a 5% churn. If you don't know what churn is, you probably have no business discussing this subject, because it's pretty integral to costumer growth.
  11. KiyoSenkan

    HMS Exeter!!! Dev Blog Post

    Does any of this matter when you have smoke and hydro?
  12. KiyoSenkan

    How hard to impliment Tier=Tier MM Opt In

    You ever stop to think that the MM is one of the reasons behind the server population, via player attrition at tier 5? OP's idea isn't great, but +1/-1 was mentioned further down and that would solve several problems and very likely help with playerbase growth.
  13. KiyoSenkan

    Montana should get a speed nerf

    Yeah, sure. You should go tell all those vets how easy they had it.
  14. Tell me again how I've never played battleships. Tell me more about how rushing a battleship is an unbeatable strategy in any destroyer. I am so very ignorant to anything and everything in this game, you see.
  15. Remind me again how changing a mechanic to force a group of players to think more about their ammo selection dumbs down the game. Did the term "dumbing down" become slang for "more complex" when I wasn't paying attention?