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  1. My comment about the post above was referring to one further up the page from the one I quoted. Sorry that was unclear. This one:
  2. Smoke doesn't always render at long range, which is a long-known glitch.
  3. I wasn't referring to his post.
  4. The frustrating part is that there are a lot of little quality-of-life things that can be done to improve the game, not even as intensive as a tutorial, which WG insists on not doing. It feels like so much wasted potential.
  5. I feel that matchmaker improvements would enhance the PVP experience. Whether it's changing to +1/-1 or undoing the protected matchmaking for tier 3 and 4, however, is up for debate. Whatever changes are made, I feel like all tiers should be treated the same. Otherwise, one tier is always going to be stomped on by seal clubbers. I agree with the giant post further up-- +2/-2 really doesn't have a lot of upsides going for it. Especially on the front of "Making money for WG".
  6. There is so much wrong with this post I don't even know where to begin. Assumptions. Insults. A lot of comments tailored in a way as to make yourself seem superior to someone else entirely due to their opinion differing from yours. Holy smokes, and you have the nerve to critique the way I say things? You wanna say I can't handle a "hard" game, go play Castlevania on the NES and get back to me. I played that thing every day and adore it, when most of the millennials you're leaning on the stereotype of couldn't get past the first level without quitting. Don't sit there and spout opinions as fact, and especially don't make assumptions about what kind of game people are looking for. Warships has a lot of obtuse and frustrating mechanics and design decisions that don't have to be obtuse of frustrating. They just are. And people defend their right to be obtuse and frustrating for no reason other than because they can.
  7. I think you missed the part where the mod you're whining about only shows you the state of consumables on your team. I don't use it but for Christ's sake at least get the facts straight before you pull out the torch and pitchfork.
  8. Well, no. I wasn't arguing with it. I was just stating the fact of the matter.
  9. They're being released purely to appeal to Chinese players. That's why, despite most of the ships being ROC or Korean, they're all flying the PROC flag. Only like 2 of the ships in the line are even new. All the rest are recolors of existing ships.
  10. Yeah I'll value the opinion of the unicum posting against mods in here when he rescinds his statement that it's OK to teamkill people you don't like.
  11. On question: If team killing is so rare, why are there threads about it multiple times a day from completely different people? It wasn't even this bad a year ago, but it seems like the complaints are piling up faster now.
  12. I got NP5 Nobunaga last week. 1.3m points right now and will clear that tonight. I also already cleared out most of the event shop. Maybe my status on Marie will change when I get her third skill. She can't do that just yet-- but I was actively trolling Gilles in the 40AP Casters run with Marie/Medusa/Jeanne. Oh, your Phantasm is ready? Charm. That wasn't nice? I'm sorry. Mystic Eyes. You really wanna do it? Divine Judgement. Aww, I suppose I'll let you cast your Phantasm now. Luminosite Eternelle~~... It wasn't the most time-efficient way of farming them, but it was certainly the funniest.
  13. That's what I was saying but apparently I have delusions of grandeur (Which isn't even a phrase that applies to this)
  14. Yup. Tighter matchmaking is terrible for IJN destroyers. I suppose that's why Shimakaze is the go-to destroyer for Clan battles in high ranked clans?
  15. It's another "throw it and see if it makes Ara stop" style argument with no basis in logic or reality. Truth of the matter is it wouldn't hurt destroyers at all. It would affect all ship types relatively equally with the largest benefactor being carriers. Maybe he's trying to say more carriers is bad for destroyers? That's a different thread and a simple fix besides. At this point I've accepted that Talon will oppose anything I say simply because I said it, without bothering to evaluate what I'm actually saying.