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  1. *glances at single match in Bogue & Ranger in port* You mean it wasn't so immediately godawful terrible that most people didn't just FXP past it?
  2. yeah but AS Independence or even stock 1-1-1 Independence or AS Ryujo will do the job far better. Speaking from experience.
  3. Agreed on many, especially Texas with her AA vs the usually plane-heavy Operations. Kongo was the best choice on Killer Whale, being the fastest tech tree battleship in the tier range (Dunkerque is also good but is a premium). Agreed on carriers, but Nicholas serves the same purpose as Farragut. Same with Gremyaschy/Russian tech tree destroyers. Not sure about Germans. The IJN destroyers aren't very good in any Operation though.
  4. Because this thread is about paper garbage that was never built and people tend to be drawn towards actual things. Also nobody cares about cruisers when they can fawn over battleships.
  5. What's that? A tier 7 battleship has less armor and secondaries than Scharnhorst and Gneisnau? And no torpedoes? Better bump Colorado and Nagato down to tier 6 then. Seriously dude this argument is meaningless. Germans always have the best armor and secondaries. Saying another ship in tier doesn't have better armor/secondaries than the Germans excludes every other ship in the tier.
  6. The only tier 5s that don't belong in Scenarios are the Dunkirk-specific destroyers Anthony/Cyclone and the carriers Bogue and Zuiho. That's literally it. The others are plenty competitive. Kind of a baffling change. I ground Emerald to Leander through Operations with no problem.
  7. There's already a tier 7 USN Graf Spee. it's called Alaska. And it'll be a battleship. So I guess it's a USN Scharnhorst. "But its armor isn't as good as Scharnhorst's! And no torpedoes! And worse secondaries!" Same could be said for Nagato.
  8. No other ship type would be incapable of attacking other ships near the border if this wasn't the case. You have a serious lack of perspective. I suggest you stop drinking the BB Main Kool Aid and actually play the ships you whine about. You might learn something.
  9. Are you trying to piss off the volcano?
  10. Yeah I expected as much expertise and knowledge from people who've never looked at the line, much less played it.
  11. I have almost 1000 combined games in Kongo. I think I know what it's capable of and what it can withstand in multiple situations. I never said a citadel wasn't possible. But a Kongo is much more likely to survive this maneuver than any tier 10 that isn't Kurfurst with loltastic German armor. Speaking of: Armor is why German battleships are so popular. Because it lessens how punished they can be.
  12. I can do a 180 turn in a Kongo and reliably survive doing so. I can't do a 180 in Yamato without taking severe damage or not making it through the turn. Not unless I break LOS, time it perfectly so that no battleship on the enemy team has shells in their guns when I do so/aren't pointed in the right direction.
  13. You don't plainly see how guns improve much more than armor as tiers increase?
  14. Much, much more significant punishment for any and every mistake. Which often affects the team as well as the individual.
  15. As usual the thread about how to fix battleships devolves into "nerf destroyers! They're totally to blame for bad battleship play!" When it takes a destroyer 2 minutes to reload their weapon that does 20k per hit and takes 60-90 seconds to get where it's going, and 30 seconds for a battleship to reload his weapon that does 15k per hit and takes 10-15 seconds to get where it's going, you choose to blame the destroyer for the problems with the game. Yes, blame the player whose primary weapon requires them to LITERALLY SEE INTO THE FUTURE to even be good with, which has a historical hit rate in the game. The issue can't possibly be traced to the 900% increased accuracy on battleship guns.