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  1. Can confirm that wasn't a supercontainer. Here's mine from a few weeks back. Way larger, and not wooden.
  2. Possible Solution to Radar

    While we're throwing ideas around, what about having it spot in pulses? Like, spotted for 3 seconds, unspotted for 3 seconds, repeat. The exact timing would obviously vary significantly depending on ship, and might make an interesting balancing factor. Like, the US currently has the best radar because it has the best range, but what if it had a long downtime between pulses? This would make it marginally easier for DDs who get radar'd to dodge shells and stay alive, while still allowing veteran captains to hit shots on them at close to mid range. Plus, it adds an extra element of skill. DDs would have to time their maneuvers to coincide with when they go dark for the best chance to fool the enemy, and cruisers are going to require that much more skill to land their shots on a well captained DD. Though, keep in mind, I'm a complete noob when it comes to radar. I've only ever used in in Co-op battles on my Cleveland, and my other exposure to it is Youtube. So I might be completely off-base here.
  3. There are two sides to the argument going on here. Firstly, is the Pensacola good compared to other tier 6 cruisers? Jury is still out, but right now I'd say it's mediocre to weak. The combination of paper armor and super slow turret traverse really hurts it against targets that can abuse your broadside, and while the alpha strike is nice I'm unconvinced that it's enough to make up for it's limitations. Secondly, does the Pensacola do well when bottom tiered? This is an important question to ask when dealing with tier 6 ships, as due to the MM spreads they will be bottom tiered a lot of the time. The answer is emphatically no. All it's weaknesses become infinitely worse when put up against higher tiered ships. And it's one redeeming feature in it's alpha strike potential becomes somewhat mundane even at tier 7. Other tier 6 cruisers can use concealment and maneuverability to kite dangerous ships while still farming damage, but due to the poor concealment and slow turret rotation speed, these options are not available to the Pensacola. You have to play incredibly passively, because once you starting being the center of attention, you die in a big hurry, and you can't keep your guns on target without making yourself an even bigger target.
  4. The problem isn't HE, it's British BB HE. The ships normally responsible for HE fire share one common trait. They are all very squishy. This means they need to position properly in order to not be blown out of the water by the target they are shooting. It also means they can't be firing at all times due to range limitations and needing to stay in concealment in order to not get blatted by a dozen BB AP shells. This cumulatively cuts down on their HE fire chance. Now consider the Conqueror. All she needs to do in order to maximize her fire chance and therefore do the most damage over the course of a game is manage one shot every 30 seconds. With the advantages of super long range and armor sufficient to deal with return fire without too much worry. Not only that, but her 419mm version has 12 guns, each with that 48% chance of fire unbuffed. That means that in one salvo, you average 6 fires. Now obviously, you aren't going to hit all shots in a salvo, but still that's a ridiculous amount of fires caused per minute. Plus, British BB HE is straight better than most other HE in the game. They have much higher penetration, meaning few if any shatters. On top of that, firing HE means that angling against a British BB is somewhat ineffective. Just aim for the superstructure and do a chunk of damage regardless.
  5. "Manage" fires? What, you mean shift your fire left and right a few inches to ensure the entire ship is burning stem to stern? That counts as difficult gameplay now, does it? Plus, with BB dispersion, you don't even have to do that. Just aim center of mass and watch the shells hit the entire length of the ship on a good RNG roll. Compare that to AP, where you have to consider so much more. Who's the best target, is he too angled, should I aim for the superstructure, can I overmatch any part of him, can I penetrate his belt armor at this distance, or should I am for the bow or stern to get the guaranteed pen damage? Also, against a BB firing AP, you can at least try to defend yourself by angling in and not giving him a good target to penetrate. A RN BB just laughs and does a solid chunk of damage to your superstructure while setting a couple fires. And then repeating that half a minute later once damage repair is on cooldown. It's way too simple to do well like that.
  6. Bit of a odd pick, but I quite like the Colorado for this. With all the CLs and DDs spamming HE around, you need something with plenty of meat to it to take the brunt of the damage. The Colorado's deck armor is sufficient to ignore most HE shells thrown at it, and it's improved Damage Repair Party means it's much better at absorbing fire damage than other BBs. You've also got shells punchy enough to citadel most enemy ships right through the bows, and obliterate those pesky Pensacolas and Clevelands if they ever give you a broadside. Just keep in mind, you're quite slow, and you cannot afford to stray too far from the base. I usually head SSE on spawn, taking advantage of the broadsides the enemy BBs give you down there to wound most of them before they start seriously hurting your cruisers. Once they're dealt with, head back to near the repair base and try to intercept the enemy CL spawns that head up that way. Once you get sufficiently low, the enemy will drop whatever they are doing to try and finish you off if you are spotted, so it can be a good idea to camp out in the repair zone if you are taking too much fire. You're eating shells that would otherwise be killing your team, and you last a lot longer in there. It is very team comp dependent. Poorly armored ships like the Fiji and Shchors tend to die off before doing much serious damage to the enemy. DDs are mostly a waste of time, gunboats get outspammed by the endless CL/DD fire from the enemy and torpedoes haven't been effective since the enemy AI became omniscient a while back. In my experience, you want a good mix of fast battleships and heavy cruisers that know what they're doing to get 5 stars.
  7. I finally get it!

    It is and it isn't. On the plus side, you start getting properly fast torpedoes that don't take over a minute to reach their max range, and give enemies even less of a chance to juke them. On the down side, you also (more or less) lose the rookie players who don't yet realize that it's pretty important to change up their speed and bearing often, especially when there's a destroyer lurking around. In other words, you get better torps, but your enemies become far harder to hit.
  8. Time to review fleet-wide AAA

    Personally, I'd buff close range AA significantly against TBs. If you're going to drop a spread of torpedoes so close they might as well be on top of me, I should at least get s few of the planes who dropped them. This means CV players would be incentivised for longer ranged drops, and would have to get tactical. It wouldn't be about finding a low AA ship in the middle of nowhere and ganging up on it. Putting torps in the water in areas where the captains can't turn without showing their broadside, or in tight channels, or combining with DD spreads to ensure hits would make it more skill based. I'd also look at AA skills. It's hard to justify speccing into AA when CV population is so low, and a notoriously high AA ship just means that CV aircraft will go bother someone else, meaning the player doesn't really get anything out of it. AA skills should also affect other parts of the ship, meaning that if (or, more accurately, when) they get into a no CV game, they don't have a bunch of wasted skill points.
  9. Jingles?!

    One of their community contributors for WoT (Sir Foch) released a video, full of profanity, going after WG for releasing a new incredibly OP premium tank. Not only is it OP, but because of it's combination of a low pen gun and a complete lack of weak areas on the front of the tank, it means that player firing from it and against it are both going to have to use premium ammo, which costs more money, which forces players to buy premium time/premium tanks to keep making money. Sir Foch implicated this in a long line of OP, practically pay-2-win premium tanks that WG have released recently. WG then completely overreacted and threatened to take it down with an unlawful DMCA strike, which has sparked an outrage, and many community contributors are voicing their support of Foch.
  10. I'd like to see a source for that claim. According to this website, over 3/4 computers are running some version of Windows on them. > 6% of computers currently running are on IOS, and only 2.14% run Linux. That said, this is probably not counting servers, but even so, it's clear Windows makes up a massive majority of computers. Of course you're going to see Linux in lines of work that actually need secure, powerful PCs, and have staff trained to use them properly. But for anything else, especially government jobs, it's just going to be versions of XP, Vista, or even Windows 7 if the IT guy is feeling fancy. There are tons of jobs out there that use PCs not because they have to, but just for convenience, and Windows fits those people requirements easily.
  11. I've always hated that, every time a new hack wave goes around, it will inevitably be followed by a bunch of overly paranoid, self-proclaimed IT experts who will swear up and down that Windows is a terribly insecure OS, and IOS/Linux/Bizarre proprietary OS that like 5 people use is so much better than it because you never see them getting hacked. The reason Windows is the most targeted is because it's the best target for hackers. The vast majority of businesses run Windows, and because they rely on it working forever without spending more than they have to on IT, they'll be running outdated and vulnerable versions of it. It's also the most common household OS as well, which gets them another bunch of potential victims with poor IT skills to work with. IOS is rarely targeted because they wouldn't gain nearly as much from targetting it. Barely any businesses run IOS because of incompatibility issues, and what few household computers they get would not nearly be worth it. Linux isn't targeted for two reasons. Firstly, it's quite rare to see it run on anything but servers and the PCs of enthusiasts. This means a very low pool to pull from if the hack does get into circulation. Secondly, because it's very complex, odds are whoever the server/PC belongs to knows what they're doing, and they're not likely to leave a vulnerability open. So, in all likeliness, it probably won't get on a lot of the already small pool they're pulling from. Don't think I'm being elitist here. All OS's have their problems, and if you want to use whatever, feel free. I just don't much like disinformation being spread.
  12. I still don't know why everyone was up in arms over her AA anyhow. At best, it means she can ignore 2 ships on the enemy team. That leaves 10 ships that probably outclass her in combat stats, especially if the Hood specs into AA. And that's assuming that there are CVs in every game, which as I can tell you from my Cleveland grind, is no sure thing. Plus, her DFAA only affects her 1.5km range guns. Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't that mean that outside 1.5km the pilots of enemy aircraft won't have reduced accuracy? She's a bloody long ship, and she's not near as manueverable as her compatriot the Warspite. Enemy torp bombers can just drop from outside that 1.5km sweetspot and ruin her day that way.
  13. It's fairly reliable for me. If I'm in anything but my Cleveland, 2 CVs a side, and they take a vested interest in my well being. If I am in my Cleveland, there are none and every BB on the enemy team can hit my citadel. It's infuriating.
  14. Demo, because without the DF active AA kinda isn't worth specing into unless you've got some seriously good AA (USN BBs, RN CLs and that's about it), plus it's going to be better for later cruisers too if you're bringing your captain.
  15. AA Shooting Through Land Masses

    Ok, but what would be worse? A squadron of planes being attacked by something they should either attack or run away from, or that same squadron popping in over terrain with immunity to get a super close range drop on a target who's AA range has now been negated completely by a bit of terrain. I'll take the magic AA aura any day over easily abusable mechanics.