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  1. Aegis270

    ASW is no counter to Subs

    In the announcement post, they mentioned a consumable that could be equipped to subs that would allow them to dive deeper temporarily, allowing them to dive under depth charges. This is bonkers. It allows them to totally ignore their counter for as many charges of that consumable they have. No other class in the game gets the ability to just overrule someone countering their ship.
  2. Aegis270

    "Bring the CVs in line with other classes"

    The salient point is that there is nothing to stop CVs from spending the handful of seconds it requires spotting the DD to have your team send it scuttling away. Their only recourse is to smoke up, something which leaves them very vulnerable to torpedoes, hydro and RADAR and unable to perform their role of spotting and warding off enemy DDs. All that costs the carrier practically nothing. Unless you're attacking one of the very few DDs that actually has significant AA, you're unlikely to lose a single plane doing it. Then, once his smoke is popped you're free to head out and strike your intended target, then cycle back in with your next sqaudron once his smoke is on cooldown and he's completely at your mercy. The CV rework isn't good because the previous system was worse. It's merely a step down from infuriating to annoying. And at least under the previous system there was some counterplay. DF scattering drops was a godsend, and gave cruisers a appreciable edge. CV fighters would shred planes that overextended, meaning they couldn't just pick their target if your CV was awake. AA range was long enough that a DM island humping behind you may have been enough to ward off enemy planes. Both systems have serious problems, and given WG's track record I seriously doubt they're going to be able to solve the problem of asymmetrical gameplay that's haunted WoT for it's entire life. As long as players can reliably do damage to ships without recourse, there will be plenty of people upset with the interaction.
  3. Aegis270

    Proposal: New Achievements

    I'll do it myself: Sink an enemy ship that has received no damage from teammates. Reward: Premium main battery reload booster. Exactly as planned: Have an enemy torpedo hit your ship before it arms or run out of steam within 10 meters of your ship. Reward: Premium damage control. Nowhere to run: Kill an enemy ship moving at above 38 knots at a distance greater than 15 km. Reward: Premium speed boost. Nowhere to hide: Kill an unspotted enemy ship inside a smokescreen. Reward: Premium smokescreen. No fun allowed: Set a fire on an enemy ship that has used its damage control consumable within the last 15 seconds. Reward: Fire chance increase flags. Last stand: Do 50% of your health as damage while below 10% health (But not dead). Reward: Premium repair party. Slayer of the lemming train: Win a battle in which you were targeted by at least 7 enemy ships at once. Reward: Hydra flag.
  4. Aegis270

    If you think CV are OP check this BB out

    There's work in progress, and then there is so laughably poorly balanced that it's mind-boggling how it ever saw the light of day in the first place. Anyone with a cursory understanding of the mechanics of WoWs could have told them that this combination of stats is A) Hilariously OP and B) Encourages frustrating play. Besides, work in progress is no guarantee that it will be rebalanced properly before hitting the live server. See also Guilo Cesare, Belfast, etc.
  5. Aegis270

    If you think CV are OP check this BB out

    Very confused by all this talk about the fact he's shooting easy targets. This ship has cruiser level dispersion, cruiser like turret rotation speed and railgun ballistics. If you are in range of the ship, especially in another BB, you cannot risk giving him your broadside without eating a ton of damage. Are we seriously saying that the ship isn't OP as long as you don't maneuver at any point? You cannot avoid giving broadside to every ship on the enemy team. That's absolutely impossible to do without sitting at the back of the map all game. This is a ship that you literally cannot afford to give broadside to at any point, regardless of long range, or if he was preaimed at you, or how good your acceleration/rudder shift is. Speaking of sitting at the back of the map, let's talk about the type of gameplay this ship encourages. It has absurdly comfortable gunnery at range, and it's biggest downsides are a vulnerable citadel and a large turning circle. Why would you even bother pushing in with this ship? If this ship hits the live server, games will be flooded by ships that spend the entire game sailing around their own spawn, deleting any ship that dares show a hint of broadside.
  6. Aegis270

    "Bring the CVs in line with other classes"

    No other ship can contest a cap point as easily or as risk free as a CV can (Barring some radar cruisers, temporarily). The whole reason that DDs are the ones contesting caps is that the other classes are too vulnerable to push in that close to the enemy. A cruiser or battleship cannot prevent a DD from capping a base without exposing their ship to what is hopefully enough friendly ships to discourage that. Only two types of ships get to ignore this rule. Radar cruisers can contest a cap from behind an island, but they can only do so temporarily, and once that radar is on cooldown they can do nothing. They're also forced into very aggressive positions that are quite hard to get out of while enemy ships are in range. DDs are the other exception, and this DD vs DD conflict over caps was one of the cornerstones of DD play. This is what people liked about the game, and is largely what certain DD branches (Notably the British) were balanced around. CVs break this interaction entirely. They can loiter their aircraft around cap points all day long at no risk to themselves or their aircraft, all while actively preventing the DD from performing its role. Unless the DD's support is in AA range, something that is near suicide for the reasons stated above, the DD is nothing but food for the carrier player. This is one of the key points against the CV rework. They didn't just change their own gameplay, but also the gameplay of other classes. Losing out on the tense and exciting fights around cap circles it quite a serious loss for DD players.
  7. Realistically, once countries started learning how to use CVs properly, every other class of ship on the ocean was rendered entirely obsolete in surface combat. Why send destroyers, cruisers or battleships to engage an enemy fleet when an aircraft carrier or two can sink multiple ships each with no direct risk to the carrier? The reason there was still surface action left in the war is that there simply weren't enough carriers to go around, and surface ships were still adequate for basic raiding, patrolling or escorting duties. However, capital ship V capital ship fights mostly came down to carriers. DDs belong in this game because it's not an accurate depiction of fleet warfare. And if any class is shoehorned in in flagrant disregard to standard doctrine, it's the CVs for parking up within range of the enemy fleet.
  8. Honestly curious as to why your heart was set on the Shimakaze from the start anyhow. You mentioned that you're not good at destroyers and you didn't enjoy grinding the IJN DD line. What, did you think the Shima was going to completely change the entire game? You've got the experience to know that's not how it works. Multiple tier 10s in WoT. You should know that the way WG balances lines is that they are usually all natural progressions all the way up. There are exceptions (British HT line, German E100, American BBs, etc) but those are not the rule. The first clue that you're grinding the right line is when you enjoy the ships along the way. A Yamato plays like most of the IJN battleships up until that point. A Zao plays like most of the IJN CAs. So why did you expect to love the Shimakaze when you didn't even like the previous IJN DDs?
  9. Aegis270

    why wg like destroy cvs?

    I admit, I can't understand this strong anti-DD sentiment coming from other players. Anti-CV is perfectly understandable, asymmetric gameplay has always pissed players off and it's easy to see why. But destroyers? There are so many tools in the game to counter them that I cannot fathom how players still have a hard time. Radar, hydro, RPF, even situational awareness render a knowledgeable player nearly immune from enemy destroyers. Even on a more fundamental layer, a small amount of map knowledge and the occasional use of the A and D keys with make torpedoes a near non-issue unless the DD outplays you. So what is it? The smokescreens? Well, all you need to do it not sail around aimlessly in front of one. Either get outside the rather mediocre range of most DDs, or charge them down if they don't have support. Or use radar/hydro and completely negate their advantage. Or flush them out with torpedoes. Basically anything other than ignoring them makes them a near non-issue. Their abilities to charge down BBs? If you put yourself into a situation where a DD can charge you down and survive the attempt, it's because you made a misplay. Same as if a BB can charge down an enemy cruiser. Or a cruiser can charge down an enemy destroyer. If you let the class that counters you sneak up on you, you only died because you messed up, not because the other class is OP. So what is it? What am I missing here? DDs are a powerful class, but they pay for it with a very high skill floor. You need to be pretty great at the game to do well in a DD. If you make a mistake, it can often cost you your ship. If the enemy predicts and counters you, you'll do no damage and might also lose your ship. So I don't get the comparison between them and CVs.
  10. I'll save a bit of time and not bother establishing that something needs to give regarding carriers. I'm certainly not saying that what I'm proposing is going to solve everything, but it might help alleviate some of the problems people are having with CVs at the moment. My suggestion is this. CVs should not be able to spot ships for other surface ships period. They'd still show up on the minimap with a real time position, like ships out of range or in a cyclone, they just wouldn't render for players to shoot at. Hear me out on this. CV spotting is oppressive because of how uncounterable it is. If a CV wants to spot a target, unless they're in a DD in the middle of a deathcluster of AA ships, that CV will spot it. This is what is causing so many problems for DD captains. However, if we remove this spotting entirely, how fair would it be for all concerned? Pretty fair, to be honest. BB players largely won't care either way, since for most of them they're spotted every time they fire their guns regardless of what else is in play. It is a nice boon to the stealthier ones, allowing them to reposition a bit easier, but hardly gamebreaking. Cruiser players again largely won't care. It only benefits those in open water not shooting, which is not the ideal way to play cruisers. Island campers may also benefit, but carrier aircraft have other ways to flush them out of concealment. However, it will have a quite positive impact for DD/CV interactions, on both sides. The CV player will still be able to launch attacks on DDs just as they can now, and since the spotting is no longer super oppressive DDs can have their detectability nerfed a bit to allow CVs to find them a bit easier. The DD player can now come under attack from aircraft without getting blown out of the water by every cruiser in gun range, and thus will be free to start pushing the flanks and contesting the caps as they are used to. For everyone else, it's still a pretty good deal. Knowing where a DD is is almost as good as spotting him in terms of counterplay. You know what angle the torpedoes are likely to be coming from, and radar cruisers can use the minimap spotting to get into position for spot them properly. You still have plenty of options, you just won't be able to blow him out of the water without thinking about it. If CVs absolutely require the ability to spot ships, give them a spotting plane consumable. Like with the fighter one, after a short delay a spotting plane would come out and patrol an area, spotting all targets within its view range for everyone. Like the fighter consumable, it would be fairly fragile, but to compensate, it would fly at a high altitude, making it immune to all but the long range auras of ship. This makes it invincible to many destroyers that lack significant long range AA, but fairly weak against cruisers, BBs and some gimmick DDs. This means that instead of an omnipresent threat, CV spotting would be limited and predictable, allowing DDs to avoid the area or work with teammates to shoot down the aircraft. It's a quick and dirty suggestion, but while WG is busying humming and hawing over every possible nerf and consequence, this felt like a quick and easy change that would largely be positive for everyone.
  11. Aegis270

    Thought of a way to ease the CV tension a little

    Sticking DDs in an escort role is probably the best way I can think of to kill off any remaining interest in the DD class. What made DDs fun was the high skill, high risk and high reward gameplay. It was about finding and exploiting gaps in the enemy formation to launch devastating torpedo strikes, or keep a high value target spotted so that your team can keep hitting them. Playing within AA range of other ships basically prevents DDs from exploiting any of the advantages of their class. They won't be able to use their speed to keep the enemy guessing where the next spread of torpedoes is coming from. They won't be able to get close enough to actually fight a vision war with the enemy DDs. They'll be relegated to keeping enemy DDs away and spotting torpedoes, effectively turning them into hydro barges. I can think of better things to do with my time than to hand hold some BB players while achieving practically nothing.
  12. Not sure this would solve the problem. If anything, it might drive players to play even more selfishly. If you just care about scoring high on the team rather than helping your team win, are you going to support friendlies when they push? Scout out a DD giving your BBs a problem? Play a delaying action on a losing flank rather than joining the zerg rush? WR is a stat that, at the very least, has no negative impact on the game when farmed (Excluding the salt of players who have bad teams, which is never going away). It forces player to play for the win rather than just for their own score. Other metrics like average damage, kills, etc can result in self-destructively selfish play, which is only going to make things worse.
  13. If a ship is forced to smoke up to avoid attacks by your aircraft, you have already won. He's now forced to sit in smoke in a non-ideal position while you have your aircraft nearby to spot/strike him if he leaves. That's a solid win for you. Hell, you can even blind drop torps into the smokescreen, something that is particularly effective against British CLs. It may not seem like it, but the AA is there for your benefit as well. It encourages to the player to go and find a better target, rather than circling above a smokescreen for 90 seconds waiting for one ship in particular to reappear. Remember, if he is firing out of the smoke at you, it's because someone else is in spotting range, so maybe you should break off and attack them instead of just waiting to murder one ship in particular.
  14. The limited damage control thing seems like a red herring. SI is already an obvious pickup on most BBs due to the repair, so you get 5. Now, even in brawling ships, how many times on average do you get set on fire? Unless you put yourself into the firing line of some serious flamethrowers (Which is a misplay regardless of limited damage control), you probably aren't going to see more than 5 cases in a game where you get more than two fires on you. So since the limited number isn't a problem, what we have is a DC that can be used far more frequently, letting you absolutely neuter any cruisers in the late game. As long as the BB player doesn't mess up and burn too many early on, he'll have so many chances to just completely ignore fires set by cruisers or gunboat DDs, which is for many their primary source of damage against BBs. Add on to their their crazy strong armor scheme letting them shatter most HE thrown at them, and you have a line practically built to destroy cruisers.
  15. Aegis270


    On top of that, I just don't see how it would work from a gameplay perspective. Pre-rework, maybe, since you could theoretically jump out to the map view and launch autopiloted strikes on ships, but how is it supposed to work now? Even then, how would they be balanced? Using their ship and their planes would mostly be mutually exclusive, especially for CAs that cannot afford to not be maneuvering while under fire. So they'd have to be weak at both, to make up for their versatility. The only version that makes sense is launching scout planes to a map point, where they can patrol and spot targets for the CA. Basically a very specific, bootleg Japanese radar.