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  1. Aegis270

    Sweeeet (North) Carolineeee

    The NC is a good ship, but with severe limitations in my experience. For a start, she's crazy vulnerable when not angled. She may not take many cits anymore, but the wrong move can result in half a dozen penetrating hits right into the belt armor, which will quickly take her out of the fight. The second is the shell velocity. It's all well and good that she has the best range of any tier 8 BB, but good luck actually hitting anything at that range. Enemy ships have enough time to go off and make a cup of tea before your shells land at extreme range. Of course, most of her other attributes are positive. She's quick, has solid guns, solid AA, and decent turret placement (Although the rear turret can be a seriously risky to expose). She doesn't really have any particular gimmicks other than quite good concealment and great AA. This makes her comfortable to play, although I worry how well she'll do once the RU BBs enter the field, considering their magical accuracy and bow armor will easily beat her at her own game.
  2. The Baltimore's one is a nice bonus for an otherwise miserable ship in tier 10 games. It allows you to at least bring something to the table before you get demolished by everything at tier 10. As for Edinburgh, you're forced to pick between radar and smoke. However, without that smoke, Edinburgh is almost as squishy as the destroyer. Assuming the DD has some backup, a Edinburgh in open water firing at a DD (Especially at near 10 km) could be sunk before the DD is.
  3. Playing notoriously AA heavy ships has backfired in my experience, since most CV players know to avoid them like the plague. Instead, my North Carolina has been my go to for these missions. CV players consider you a softer target than most cruisers, but with some AA mods you can down most of the squadron if they linger.
  4. Aegis270

    Soviet Tier 5 BB Armor profile video

    There's a good reason that other nations didn't do that. It basically didn't improve the protection of the ship significantly, and it added a ton of weight. How fortunate then, that this IRL terrible design decision just so happens to be the best possible armor scheme in game.
  5. Aegis270

    Are the DD Mains' Whining Days Now Over?

    So you're complaining that you couldn't kill two tier 10 DDs that were rushing you? A position you share with just about every tier 10 BB, as well as some DDs? You're in a carrier. You have the ability to be on the other side of the map from whatever you are striking, so how did you end up in a position where you could be rushed down by two ships with no support? Either you put yourself out of position right at the start, or you were too slow to react to a gap in your front lines or a flank collapsing. Either scenario could have been avoided by better positioning.
  6. Aegis270

    Fix carriers broken autopilot

    To add to this, I've had instances where both CV players choose the same smallish island to hide behind, and set their waypoints behind it. One gets there first, and the other, in an attempt to reach it's waypoint, will ram the first one and try to push it's way through, doing scratching damage along the way. I haven't seen it yet, but it does seem possible that this could result in one of them turning pink because the autopilot isn't bright enough to realize that the ship it's ramming isn't going to become incorporeal any time soon.
  7. Even a 5 km spotting window would be problematic for DDs. As others have said, it isn't about the CV attacking them so much as it is everyone in gun range attacking them. Delaying the spotting like with the new radar might be a good idea, but frankly, I think not rendering the DD for the rest of the team might be an ever better compromise. Think about it. So long as that DD's position is shown in real time on the minimap, his element of surprise is completely gone. Anyone with a brain turned on should be taking evasive action or attempting to run him down. And the DD player still has to contend with the CV's planes as well as having his cover blown. He just won't be at the mercy of every cruiser within 15 km because a CV happened to fly some planes near him. The CV player will be happy, because without the oppressive spotting they can have their rocket planes rebuffed to be able to hit DDs more consistently. Their influence on the game regarding DDs will be to harass them with minor chip damage, force them to reposition or abandon an ambush, and to burn consumables before an engagement. DDs will be happy because while CVs are annoying to deal with, they won't have to worry about being blown out of the water via incidental spotting with no error on their part. And other ships will be happy because knowing where a DD is before he wants you to know is half the battle. If CVs need a way to light DDs for their team, I'd suggest a spotter plane consumable, like the fighter squadron. A spotter plane would fly in and patrol an area similar in size to the current fighter squadron. However, it would come in with some warning, allowing good DD players to evacuate the area while only being spotted for a short while. The spotter plane would fly at high altitude, allowing it to spot all targets in a medium range of itself while it patrolled. This would also give it an artificially lower range before AA started firing on it, say >1 km. DDs (or stealthy cruisers) could attempt to sail right under it and destroy it with AA fire before they took too much damage, as a high risk/high reward counter. Otherwise, it forces DDs to cede areas of the map temporarily.
  8. Aegis270

    FLY STRIKE WIN Question

    According to the screenshot, you've already completed the campaign. You don't need to complete every single mission in order to do so, only a set number each time. All you're missing out on from not completing that one mission is the reward it gives, which IIRC is not that useful. So definitely not worth buying a premium for it, unless you were already planning on it.
  9. Aegis270

    Ways Hakuryu could be fixed

    WG have put themselves in a very tricky position here. CVs are already a touchy subject, and 8.0 skewed the balance heavily in their favor, particularly with the Hakuryu. WoWs has already been suffering quite badly from player retention, and I'm certain that little stunt put a fair dent in the population, at least in the short term. To be very cynical about it, when CVs are broken overpowered, they negatively affect 20-22 players per game, but when they're uselessly underpowered, they only affect 2 or 4 players. I'm sure that's probably about as far as WG bothered to look once before they started rolling out the hotfixes. I'd bet the balance department is under strict orders to not buff any CVs if it risks returning them to near the power they had when the rework was first launched. So even though some CVs clearly need help, they can't risk buffing them until the controversy dies down.
  10. Aegis270

    Swordfish and Albacore roles

    Oh absolutely, I didn't mean to imply differently. Taboo game is another great example of when greed completely ruins an otherwise promising game.
  11. I don't see how we're supposed to control it. It might have worked under the old system, where you could just right click an enemy ship and have the autopilot take over while you use the main guns, but I don't see how you can do the same with this. All I'm imagining is a CV with a crazy powerful secondary complement and limited ability to launch aircraft due to being set on fire constantly.
  12. Aegis270

    Swordfish and Albacore roles

    It's kinda baffling to me that these mistakes get made. I suppose no-one there is a WW2 era aircraft enthusiast, probably because UNNAMED COMPETITOR FLYING GAME is taboo and none of the devs want to play World of Warplanes either.
  13. Aegis270

    Firing Torpedoes

    It's a national trait of Britain. Just like the American national trait of tying little parachutes to all their shells to make sure they come in vertically at range, and the German national trait of getting all their battleship gunners completely sloshed on beer before setting sail. Simply put, it's a way to more easily distinguish different lines of ships with little to no effort on WG's part. I don't think it's likely to change any time soon.
  14. Aegis270

    Backwards Carriers

    It's relying on the autopilot system, which has never been intelligent in any way. I recently set it in my Kaiser to navigate me through a channel while I chatted with a friend. It then immediately started switching from full port to full starboard and back again, completely killing my speed all while attempting to navigate something that required a slight turn to the left, then a slight turn on the right a few seconds later. Yeah, the autopilot system in general needs work.
  15. This would need to take into account flak burst as well as area damage. For instance, the Lion's closerange firepower would likely be higher than the Musashi's medium/long range in terms of damage numbers, but lacks any flak clouds. This means that approaching from the Lion's side would avoid any flak bursts while lining up on the Musashi, which would make things much easier for the CV player. I'd make it so that flak bursts from the ship with the strongest/most numerous flak bursts in range are still applied even if they are within the short range aura of a ship with stronger AA. You also need to consider what happens when multiple AA ships group up together. Obviously, it's not ideal for that to happen, but it's something that does occur in game for a number of reasons. Say an AA specced DM is also part of that group. Under this system, they would get almost no rewards from engaging aircraft as the Mino's AA is slightly higher, and therefore overrides their AA. In this instance, I'd split the reward for shooting down aircraft between all ships who are currently in AA range of the aircraft when it is shot down, proportional to the AA strength of each ship. The Mino would still get the credited AA kill, and the lions share of the xp/creidts, but the DM would still get a moderate damage xp reward despite his unfortunate positioning. The Lion and Musashi would also get a little bonus, as their reward for grouping up.