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  1. Not sure where Wargaming is going with this latest iteration of "improvements" but given the overwhelmingly negative feedback in the forums and on YouTube the devs really need to rethink this whole concept. It might work for competitive players but not so much for casual players like me. I have no interest in regrinding a line of ships now or in the future. I don't think that Wargaming was prepared for the massive backlash on this proposed "upgrade" to the game.
  2. halo1322

    0.7.10 Public Test report

    I've had no issues with video quality, but server access has been a completely different kettle of fish... you can't claim login rewards if the server remains non-functional for extended periods of time. At this point I'm about to delete the public test interface since there is no support and if you don't play on the EU server, any way of letting the developers know how good or BAD anything is, let alone any issues with playability or port animations, like airplanes flying by in the London port that have their props locked in the vertical position rather than spinning. I know it's only aesthetics, but with the degree of complexity WarGaming put into just the port animation QC should have caught this issue relatively quickly. Additionally, for all of those armchair Admirals out there, I fully realize that with less than a thousand battles fought, I am by no means an expert regarding normal gameplay, but that doesn't mean I am not learning and is one of the reasons I joined a clan shortly after starting out so that I could obtain guidance from others that have been playing for far longer than I have.