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  1. Rascally_Rabbit

    Venezia needs nerf

    Think about this, 1 CV and 6 Venezia :P They can sit in rolling smoke, let CV spot, and take out any cruiser in a couple of minutes. They also have decent angling, plus good speed (with flags around 36 kts) and maneuverability. Almost forgot they also have a 40mm bulkhead so can reasonably bow on if forced to. They also consistently chunk out 5 to 10k damage per salvo consistently. I div'ed in my Venezia with 2 other Venezia's the other day in randoms (yes someone on our team called us a cancer div :) ). 1st ship we saw was a full health Des Moines. 2 full salvoes from all 3 Venezia and the Des Moines was history, next boat sighted was a Zao with the same results, the Moskava took abit longer because he saw the other 2 ships deleted and ran but by the end of the 5th min of the game we had killed 3 ships. When the battle was over we had killed 8 of the 12 boats on the other side and the lowest health Venezia was around 2/3's.
  2. Rascally_Rabbit

    Why I don't break truces (though you might)

    I never call a truce or agree to one but will only shoot at players if they shoot at me. I'm also aware that some are ignorant about secondary's so I will always ask them to turn off and if they don't will then kill them. At the beginning of the match I always call clockwise and play nice at the gate. most times it works, occasionally it doesn't. RR
  3. Rascally_Rabbit

    Clan Brawls

    We sat doing nothing for 10 min's. Oh well back to ranking out in sprints
  4. Rascally_Rabbit

    CA is best class for ranked this season.

    I hit R5 earlier today. Have used all classes but finally settled on Jean Bart and Black. Cruisers are targets flat and simple.
  5. Rascally_Rabbit

    JB is a monster!

    If my clan mates can be trusted I'm in the top 10 for the JB (I haven't looked) with best game of 226k and 4 kills, and I'm a DD prime and rarely play BB????
  6. Rascally_Rabbit

    Cheating in ranked - WG please take action

    This is a bit overboard, I know who to focus with or without MM. Besides the smart teams take out the DD 1st because a team without spotting is losing stars most of the time. Also I don't sync drop but I have TS, Discord and other apps loaded on a side screen that let me drop into teammates apps and coordinate with them when I see them on my team. Call me what ever you want for doing it, IDC. RR
  7. Rascally_Rabbit

    QoL Suggestion: Camouflage sorting

    Camo sorting would be a great fix, I hate mousing thru all the camos for specific bonuses. I'd also enjoy a reset option that would clear all flags from a ship to save time.
  8. Rascally_Rabbit

    When did you start swimming in credits?

    Dec 2016 when WG offered 1 year of premium accounts for 1/2 price and I bought a year on Tanks, Planes and Ships for grand total of 3 years (also just bought another year of each at holiday discounts before they created ships only account around mid-dec) . Also about that same time I completed all the current lines and have completed all new lines with in 2 weeks of issue since. As of last night I'm at 402,000,000.00 credits and climbing.
  9. Rascally_Rabbit

    Public Test 0.8.0 - Feedback

    1st off I'm a DD prime, so when I say this CV rework is also a DD buff I'm pretty confident I know what I'm talking about. I've now played a lot of game during this rework. Over 50% of the games I played resulted in me killing at least 1 CV because the CV now has to choose between spotting the DD or earning experience to advance.
  10. Rascally_Rabbit

    When will the supertester be recruited?

    Definitely would be interested in being a ST since I retired for the last time on 30SEP2018. I have so much free time now I'm putting in 4 to 6 hours a day gaming.
  11. Rascally_Rabbit

    So how will the premium CVs play post-rework?

    I'm interested to see what WG does with the Kaga since one of the big selling points was its unique drop pattern. If they eliminate the drop pattern then they need to come up with some other unique gimmick for the Kaga (probably for the Saipan also since it had unique selling points also that wont work well with the new modes).
  12. Rascally_Rabbit

    Tier 9 BB for Arms Race Ranked

    I plan to use the following boats depending on the boats loading in and quality of players when I'm online playing ranked. 1 - Black 2 - Kronstadt 3 - Jean Bart 4 - Missouri Obviously I'll play Black most of the time, but if the BB's on my team are a bit starchy then I'll bring one of the BB's or the Kron.
  13. Rascally_Rabbit

    Fixing the Shimakaze "Legendary Upgrade"

    The Shimi's legendary mod is: 1 - Unusable in coop where you need to be able to swing torps quickly from side to side. 2 - Unusable in brawl situations in random, but useable if you use torps for area denial or are good at anticipating where the enemy will be. 3 - They shine in competition where the good Shimi players are launching torps every time they are ready for area denial. When using this play style you can get 1 or 2 extra launches a battle and it can make a big difference. In competition torps should never sit in the tubes for more than 15 to 20 sec's MAX!!!
  14. Rascally_Rabbit

    ALL 4 super cruisers will receive 60s fire duration

    They nerfed BFT and AFT on the skill tree that impacted the Kutuzov, the they actually increased the range of the Kutuzov guns putting them back where they were with AFT (cant remember if the also improved the reload or not). So they actually didn't nerf Kutuzov. Since I am over 60 with selective senility what was the Belfast nerf?
  15. Rascally_Rabbit

    ranked sprint poll

    Pretty crappy post it required me to pick classes that I have no plan to use during sprints