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  1. MagicMikeV

    Leone is Garbage

    I agree. I bought it and it’s a real POS. Guns take too long to reload. Turns like a truck and no SAP. Don’t forget horrible AA. Torps are such crap too. The 2 per spread. Just nothing going for it. Not even a cool looking Italian Camo. F’ing rip off. WG did nothing to make this ship appealing. Lazy marketing. Should we be surprised by these morons by now?
  2. MagicMikeV

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.2

    Anyone know how Marco Polo will be offered?
  3. Massachusetts doesn’t feel the same. Thanks for F’ing up one of the most fun ships to play in the game! Cant stand this company anymore!
  4. MagicMikeV

    Here's why this rework sufferin sucks

    Thanks for this crappy skill rework. I’m going out more now and saving my money. Joke is on you WG.
  5. MagicMikeV

    How many have soured on the santa crates?

    Hell no. No Santa Crates from me this year or ever again. I’ve bought Santa Crates every year but after the royal a$$ [edited] I received from Black Friday containers I will never buy another crate anything from this crooked company. Keep messing with drop rates and screwing over your loyal paying players and watch your game slowly go away like what’s happening with WOT. I am so turned off by what they did with Black Friday that I hardly even go on that much anymore. Lessons learned here.
  6. MagicMikeV

    Arpeggio: "Fleet of Fog" Flagships

    Congrats WG on yet another uncreative cash grab.
  7. MagicMikeV

    Armada: Florida

    Because they don’t want you to know it’s there so you can spend doubloons buying useless bundles.
  8. MagicMikeV

    Armada: Florida

    I would purchase the Florida bundle but I’m not buying unnecessary bundles to get it. Pass. And I can’t believe WG is trying to squeeze us this way.
  9. MagicMikeV

    Issues with port GPU usage

    Amazing that after 5 years they haven’t learned how to code better. But don’t fret Transformer skins next month.
  10. MagicMikeV

    Nelson - Worth it?

    Nelson is great! And it’s refreshing to play after frustrating Tier X games that take forever and don’t go anywhere. I put my Bad Captain in it and have a blast spamming HE and giving myself the luls. This ship can easily do 100K+ damage everytime you take it out.
  11. MagicMikeV

    Where's this Azur Lane Nelson I won?

    13,000 battles and you still haven’t learned WG doesn’t give anything away for free?
  12. Yah...you would have thought for nostalgia they used Starscream instead of Rumble. Never even heard of Rumble as a kid.
  13. MagicMikeV

    Arzur lane

  14. MagicMikeV

    Wg server or ISP?

    The increased number of pink players, from leaving the game (logouts), alone says that there is something going on.
  15. MagicMikeV

    Arzur lane

    I’m too busy staring at her chest to have noticed the spelling error.