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  1. NC & NY Campaign Done

    Usually after you finish something you didn’t enjoy, you say “Well...it wasn’t that bad...I would do it again”. Not this campaign. I’m done with it and I’m glad and I would never do it again. It was miserable to do and it condoned selfish game play. 0 team play involved with the campaign running. People had their own objectives in mind. So why wouldn’t WG make the objectives more team oriented? Yah..yah...to frustrate you into buying the Duke. I know the answer, but they can’t think past that for a second? It wasn’t fun and isn’t that would this should be all about? Miserable Campaign and I shut the game off immediately after completing it and that’s something a game designer should hear. Yah WG, thanks for sucking the fun out of your game. And yah I could of chose not to do it but that would not have changed how people are currently playing.....Now onto better things and apologizing to my wife for ignoring her during all of this.
  2. Small Buff to HMS Gallant?

    I find the Gallant a very frustrating ship to play. Her torp teload rate is terrible. The guns are terrible. The way I played this ship throughout the campaign is to go seek out B.B. prey that were basically out on their own and hope my torps hit because I can tell you it’s torp speeds are terrible and can easily be outmaneuverd. After this campaign is over I never want to see another Gallant or play it. Oh I forgot to mention how it steers like an 18 wheeler. It just looks cool. That’s about it.
  3. North Cape Collectables

    Cool. Thanks everyone. I bid you all good luck on this campaign.
  4. North Cape Collectables

    Yes. I have done them all up to campaign 5. I just don’t have enough duplicates to finish the collection. Don’t ask me how this works out but I got shafted in the RNG department. I haven’t earned the DOY yet as I have not finished the 5th part but looking at the New Years Ops, they only reward you with Santa Crates. But I might be mistaken.
  5. North Cape Collectables

    I am on part 5 of the North Cape Campaign. As I can tell there is no way to earn anymore of those frosty crates and I am missing 2 of those collectables to finish the collection. In addition I only have 4 duplicates so I can only purchase one. So am I screwed? This whole Campaign has been the worst one as of yet. F this whole North Cape [edited]. Best Regards, SOL
  6. I'm trying to do the missions with the Gallant and I can tell you it's so dam frustrating. It's not a great DD. The torps are slow and take awhile to reload and it steers like an 18 wheeler but I'm going to keep grinding it out. I figure I have enough in me to get 1 star a night before I want to smash the screen. Do they realize that what they created is not even fun to some of us? Why should a game be frustrating? Ah yah..when something free is involved. Forget these free ships. I want to go back to having some fun in this game. Can't wait to be done with this crappy campaign.
  7. I will say while I appreciate the opportunity of a free ship, I don’t find these Ops enjoyable. They force me to play selfishly knowing I have an objective in mind. Makes me do stupid things I would not normally do just to farm out things. So I agree with you. I don’t have all night to do these things. I have a job to go to and a family life. If they want to make these Ops so ridiculous then they should give us more time to complete them. I’m not home all day in flip flops taking hits from the bong and playing ships.
  8. ship horns

    The horns are great. I wish you can hear other’s horns better. They sound so faint. And they are so not used, im not sure why you would complain. More horns please.
  9. Warships 20 Mega Santa Crates 30 Frosty Fir Tree Camos 30 Hydra Flags 30 Frosty Fir Tree Camos 2K Gold 2K Gold Nikolai I + 10point Commander 30 Hydra Flags 30 Frosty Fir Tree Camos 30 Ouroboros Flags 30 Hydra Flags 30 Dragon Flags 15 Type 59 Flags 2K Gold 30 Hydra Flags 30 Hydra Flags 30 Ouroboros Flags Gallant + 10point Commander 30 Dragon Flags 2K Gold 30 Ouroboros Flags
  10. The only thing I don’t understand and they have done this different in the past. Usually the ship you bought helped accelerate your way through the campaign but with a different final prize. Like when they did it with the Hood to ultimately win the Bismarck. This one..buy the Duke to ultimately earn the Duke? I was expecting the Sharnhorst to have helped this one.
  11. I ended up getting it and I am ok with it. Does it do a lot of damage, No. Is it fun, yes I would say so. You are a support ship, so play it like that. Sneak up on DDs, pop your gimmicky smoke and have fun pounding them. It's a Perth but with better AA. It shreds planes, which I really like.
  12. Yah..this is exactly what I thought except I had read on Reddit that there will be no duplicates given out what so ever. This rerolling is not what I was expecting. I think I'm going to pass on these crates, I don't see spending $75 so I can get some flags, that I can earn from Ops.
  13. So here is my only question, because I'm reading many different conflicting reports on this. If I already own EVERY premium ship but NOT the Nikolai, do I have any chance of getting it from the Mega Presents? I do not want a duplicate premium ship and I do not want the doubloon equivalent for any duplicate, if such is the case.
  14. I want to get this ship but everything says Nooooo don’t do it. But she does look like a good looking ship. Dam you WG!
  15. Ashitaka is OP.

    I have almost every premium but i agree, this one and Huanghe are wayyyyyy overpriced and are not great ships. Im out of this one. I will save my money for Christmas.