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  1. Since this update, I cannot transfer my captains from any other ship. The captains are there in reserve and other ships but when you go their to perform the transfer, the captain boxes are blank. Not blank like there are gone, just graphically blank and because of that you cannot hit the button to transfer the captain. So now I am stuck not being able to transfer captains and wasting my 1 or 2x everyday on my premium ships.
  2. This company has really bad communication skills. How things are written and prepared are really bad. Even the way missions are stated and length of time seem to not be presented in a way that you can understand how long they are lasting and what are the benefits. They need to address their front end skills.
  3. I thought the OP meant this ship was so awesome that he couldn't get rid of
  4. Please bring back Steven Seagal for some of us that were not playing at the time.
  5. I played her last night. for the OPS and got a 135K damage with 445K silver game with her. She takes some getting used to but once you know how to play her (somewhat like an Atlanta) she will never disappoint.
  6. You people can make all the excuses you want. NA has always been getting screwed over. They hate us but they love our money.
  7. Because this company caterers to EU. Always has and always will. Has been going on WOT since the start.
  8. Why would anyone want to purchase a ship with 0 torpedo bombers. This is not balancing. This is stupidity.
  9. Anyone know if the Scharnhorst has ever been onsale discounted on NA? Maybe during a BB weekend? I've see it discounted on EU but so far nothing on NA.
  10. One reason why and it's the only reason...always $$$. Nothing else. Yes, it dilutes the game with sub average players but when revenue is needed, what better way than to introduce another premium ship and tier 8s always make the most. My opinion is that Langley should of started at tier 2. On WOT arty starts at tier 2. At least you make your mistakes at a lower tier first. And there should be an in-game training tutorial. Also, there should be only 1 CV allowed per game. And this mix of tier 5 and 6 CVs is [edited]. I love it when I'm playing my tier 5 and I get straffed by a tier 6 CV. How is that fair? But that's another topic.
  11. This sucks that it's not available in NA
  12. I don't understand the whole quitting the game over ranked concept. It's your choice to play it or not. The same boneheads are in Co-Op, so the rant should be "Quitting over playing with incompetent players".
  13. EU is getting daily Summer sales on ships. Each day is a different item on sale. Friday was 50% off on Belfast. Today is 50% off on Blyslaski. I'm sure I spelled that wrong. Anyway, it's summer for us too in NA so why are we discriminated against?
  14. Why wouldn't they have also offered them as a bundle for those who will get both besides the fact that they are trying to nickel and dime the people.
  15. This Game Center is still causing Lag issues. It is polling for updates every 10 secs. Run a continuous ping with it on and you will see. Then shut it off and retry your ping test. I've reported it to support and nothing is being done about it. I instantly shut it down now before I play WOW or WOT due to the Lag it creates in these games. I wish they just fixed this thing already. It should only poll for updates upon launch and stop. I've waited and hoped they had fixed this 2 updates ago and still the same issue. Do the programmers even know what is going on?