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  1. Why? So chat can ridicule the guy even more?
  2. MagicMikeV

    Holidays really show WoWs at its absolutely worst.

    Weekends like these always guarantees me a chat ban.
  3. MagicMikeV

    How many crates did it take you?

    12 premium crates to get all 4 from 2019
  4. MagicMikeV

    Top 3 Best "looking" camo in the game

    I love all the ARP camos, unfortunately I missed out on all of these. Maybe one day...but I doubt it, they will bring them back for an exclusive time.
  5. Everything still looks expensive to me. And I do support this game since the beginning but lately I’m feeling like they are trying to scalp me with these ridiculously priced tier 9 bundles. For what I can purchase a console for.
  6. MagicMikeV

    Mogador Get

    How are you getting this in 3. I thought you have to go through 5 bundles? And can you purchase these French Tokens?
  7. MagicMikeV

    Naval Legends: K-21 – Trailer

    Submarines coming...SOON
  8. MagicMikeV

    GZ special camo

    This is a request for WG to sell the Graf Zeppelin’s unique awesome looking Led Zeppelin looking camo. I know it was given to everyone who bought the GZ before they pulled it and I can only blame myself for not getting it before they pulled it but this camo is one of the top 5 camos I’ve seen WG put out.
  9. It's a tier 5! Leave the thing alone and move onto fixing the issues they created with all these 0.8.0 update. They are completely off on a tangent with this one. And OP....your title is offensive and just meant to stir the pot.
  10. I have one question. Why do we have to opt in to these events. Shouldn’t it be automatic for everyone? I shouldn’t have to click on anything to opt in. Why do they program this game this way. It’s mindless how they do things. Good luck with 0.8.0
  11. MagicMikeV

    How to buy the USS Black, Flint for steel

    Hello everyone...I have $1500 but I want a Porsche 911 Turbo S. The dealer won't let me. I'm sorry how it sounds, but it made me laugh.
  12. MagicMikeV

    How to Get 30% Coupon?

    The coupons are junk. It won’t work on anything already discounted. Meanwhile nothing is discounted. They bundle things to make you believe you are saving. And you have 3 days to use it. Good luck.
  13. Wow...expensive...and Black Friday / Thanksgiving / and Christmas are around the corner. They are really trying to hit us hard. Not to mention that I play World of Warplanes now too. I'm getting stomach pains.
  14. MagicMikeV

    Submarines First Impressions?

    5 star on the first game but I didn’t contribute much trying to figure out maneuverability and my torp angles. Thanks to my team for carrying me! Won a new sub...how many subs are there and how can you unlock them? Also...what are you people using for captain skills?
  15. MagicMikeV

    Le Terrible: Short Review

    I was anticipating the release of these ship as I enjoy the Aigle but highly disappointed how they released this. Speed seems to be its only forte. But what good is a DD without smoke? All you need is to be constantly radared or a good enemy CV keeping their planes on you and you have no chance at all in this thing. No heal...no smoke..bad AA. So what do we have here? Just a fast ship that turns like a truck? What was WG thinking? Especially when all your CCs were saying it should not be released this way.