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  1. Kamikaze R / Fujin

    Don’t be so negative people. When there is money to be made, they WILL re-release them both. It’s inevitable. Just like Nikolai I was to never return, yet I received one from a Santa crate.
  2. Kamikaze R / Fujin

    WG, Now that the T-61 is finally out and is taking the spotlight off of the Kamikaze R / Fujin as a “considered OP seal clubber”, can you please re-release them both to the premium shop for those of us that missed out on them? Thanks.
  3. Waiting till Monday, Sharks?

    Sharks till the end.
  4. Where's my T-61 ?

    Just received at 10:52 EST. Thank you! And sorry to the Monarch that I sent to the bottom with my torps!
  5. Where's my T-61 ?

    Patience has nothing to do with it. I’m asking for communication. This is exactly why I don’t come to these forums anymore.
  6. Where's my T-61 ?

    So what's the status with this T-61 being put into our ports on Aug. 10th? WG...you people have a horrible way of tracking and communicating with your customers. For all I know, it could not have even registered me spending those 25K doubloons. But I have screen shots. Give me a break and update your communications and informational logging with customers. Some of us spend a lot on this game and it't not a lot to ask for. Next time you do something like this, have a means of recording the transaction....and not just the little notification in-game pop-up. And email should of been sent. It's 2018 for Christ sake.
  7. Was Kamikaze R ever sold?

    Was the Kamikaze R ever sold? How do you get one? I do have the regular Kamikaze but I love the watery blue camo version. Hopefully they put it in the premium shop one day.
  8. Yes. It sucks. Meanwhile they always talk about how other things are more important to work on, then they do this. There was nothing wrong with it the other way. It was small, it didn’t obstruct your view from anything and it worked! Put the old one back!
  9. Topics like these have become a snooze fest. Just play the dam game.
  10. Viva La France Collection

    Thank you
  11. Viva La France Collection

    Can someone tell me, once you cash in your duplicates for one you don’t currently have, does the next one require a higher amount of duplicates to trade in or is it always the same amount? Thanks
  12. Commander John Doe

    There is no mention of him returning. Only that his licensing must be up so his portrait and voice are gone. That doesn’t mean that there is going to be missions to earn John Doe. See news section on 0.7.2 testing.

    Did we really need this added to the game? It servers no purpose, meanwhile we could of used those graphic designers to fix that stupid looking Roma camo job that is a total FU.
  14. NC & NY Campaign Done

    Usually after you finish something you didn’t enjoy, you say “Well...it wasn’t that bad...I would do it again”. Not this campaign. I’m done with it and I’m glad and I would never do it again. It was miserable to do and it condoned selfish game play. 0 team play involved with the campaign running. People had their own objectives in mind. So why wouldn’t WG make the objectives more team oriented? Yah..yah...to frustrate you into buying the Duke. I know the answer, but they can’t think past that for a second? It wasn’t fun and isn’t that would this should be all about? Miserable Campaign and I shut the game off immediately after completing it and that’s something a game designer should hear. Yah WG, thanks for sucking the fun out of your game. And yah I could of chose not to do it but that would not have changed how people are currently playing.....Now onto better things and apologizing to my wife for ignoring her during all of this.
  15. Small Buff to HMS Gallant?

    I find the Gallant a very frustrating ship to play. Her torp teload rate is terrible. The guns are terrible. The way I played this ship throughout the campaign is to go seek out B.B. prey that were basically out on their own and hope my torps hit because I can tell you it’s torp speeds are terrible and can easily be outmaneuverd. After this campaign is over I never want to see another Gallant or play it. Oh I forgot to mention how it steers like an 18 wheeler. It just looks cool. That’s about it.