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  1. MagicMikeV

    How to Get 30% Coupon?

    The coupons are junk. It won’t work on anything already discounted. Meanwhile nothing is discounted. They bundle things to make you believe you are saving. And you have 3 days to use it. Good luck.
  2. MagicMikeV

    Submarines First Impressions?

    5 star on the first game but I didn’t contribute much trying to figure out maneuverability and my torp angles. Thanks to my team for carrying me! Won a new sub...how many subs are there and how can you unlock them? Also...what are you people using for captain skills?
  3. MagicMikeV

    Le Terrible: Short Review

    I was anticipating the release of these ship as I enjoy the Aigle but highly disappointed how they released this. Speed seems to be its only forte. But what good is a DD without smoke? All you need is to be constantly radared or a good enemy CV keeping their planes on you and you have no chance at all in this thing. No heal...no smoke..bad AA. So what do we have here? Just a fast ship that turns like a truck? What was WG thinking? Especially when all your CCs were saying it should not be released this way.
  4. MagicMikeV

    The Great Eight Collection

    True. I forgot about checking that. Yes, mine is set to collecting. Thanks.
  5. After submitting a ticket WG fixed these missions for me and I completed all 5 stages yesterday. So my question is....How do I complete the whole collection? The 5 stages give you 5 crates which is not enough. So basically now you have to spend to finish this?
  6. MagicMikeV

    Kamikaze R / Fujin

    Don’t be so negative people. When there is money to be made, they WILL re-release them both. It’s inevitable. Just like Nikolai I was to never return, yet I received one from a Santa crate.
  7. MagicMikeV

    Kamikaze R / Fujin

    WG, Now that the T-61 is finally out and is taking the spotlight off of the Kamikaze R / Fujin as a “considered OP seal clubber”, can you please re-release them both to the premium shop for those of us that missed out on them? Thanks.
  8. MagicMikeV

    Waiting till Monday, Sharks?

    Sharks till the end.
  9. MagicMikeV

    Where's my T-61 ?

    Just received at 10:52 EST. Thank you! And sorry to the Monarch that I sent to the bottom with my torps!
  10. MagicMikeV

    Where's my T-61 ?

    Patience has nothing to do with it. I’m asking for communication. This is exactly why I don’t come to these forums anymore.
  11. MagicMikeV

    Where's my T-61 ?

    So what's the status with this T-61 being put into our ports on Aug. 10th? WG...you people have a horrible way of tracking and communicating with your customers. For all I know, it could not have even registered me spending those 25K doubloons. But I have screen shots. Give me a break and update your communications and informational logging with customers. Some of us spend a lot on this game and it't not a lot to ask for. Next time you do something like this, have a means of recording the transaction....and not just the little notification in-game pop-up. And email should of been sent. It's 2018 for Christ sake.