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  1. Scottsds


    My issue has gotten better and I have a 980TI turned all the way up. I also just got a VPN...virtual personal network so I am screwing around with that.
  2. Scottsds

    Tired of being pink

    weird part is I had ZERO issues until 0.9.2. Now nothing but but I guess it could also be a coincidence.
  3. Scottsds

    Tired of being pink

    Yea, not on wifi...direct wire. ...and I know I share with people. VPN? Do tell.....
  4. Scottsds

    Tired of being pink

    I try to log back in but that isn't always a possibility. I know I had this issue and you tried to help me...oddly I scrapped NORTON and went to Malwarebytes and all was glorious for a few weeks. NOW back into the same crap again. Just puzzles the crap out of me. As for connection, I have a high speed cable connection.
  5. Thanks guys...ended up being by Norton anti virus.
  6. Sure will and thx. Its driving me nuts. No worries on the wait...everybody has a life my friend. Ticket sent.
  7. In the past few months I have been getting kicked a lot and its worse now. I almost get kicked every game. Thought it was graphics set too high...nope set them as low as possible and still happens. It happens on other games so I know it is on my end....I have Xfinity xFi Gateway. My son loaded the app and he showed me 150 unauthorized access attempts. So I was astonished and then it clicked as my other devices do not have that many issues that were blocked...only the computer I game on. Here is a screen shot of the warnings. I have no idea what caused it...any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to those that tried to help before I had this information. Thx Scott
  8. Scottsds


    Still happening to me also so bad that the game is unplayable. I get kicked sometimes 3-4 times in a row and does not matter what the graphics are set at. Got so pissed off I just uninstalled the game. Like above no issues on other games.
  9. Scottsds


    I have had this issue also...drop all your graphics to as low as they can be. Then see if you get kicked. I didn't anymore and it maybe time to upgrade ur stuff. Ever since update 9 its been terrible but now I know what it is.
  10. just got kicked again...this time it would not let me log back in...said server unavailable.
  11. done...so far so good so we will see. Thx for the help.
  12. Ok will give it a shot.
  13. I open the Nvidia experience window, click on Drivers, and click download for the most updated driver.
  14. hmmm lemme go see if I can get ya that.