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  1. I'll just throw my two cents out there, not that anyone will care. In regards to the Radar: I thought the whole point of an American Cruiser having long lasting radar was to make destroyer's lives miserable and be offensively used. The 6 seconds is good, yes, but at the same token, that doesn't give us too much time to react. That's 2 Harugumo salvos, 1.5 DM salvos. By the time you realized you've been radar'd, you're already in the crap, because most ships (save the british CL's or Dm with Legendary mod) don't accelerate that quickly. This is fine, you can give us all the delays you want, but don't think that you can buff Radar on nearly every ship that has it, and call a six second window that basically just alerts the DD captain that they're about to eat crapfrom cruisers a good tradeoff. Don't even get me started on Salem's Radar, that's a can of worms for another one. In regards to the flooding: I'll put aside my inherent annoyance that you're going to give Kronshtadt and Stalingrad the BB penalty, and give Graf Spee a different modifier, but not touch the Scharnhorst (because honestly, she needs some love at this point). Here is my solution. Keep as many floods as you want, I don't particularly care, torpedo beats gonna happen regardless. Except flooding is now more penalizing unless you're being stalked by a destroyer because of the speed penalty. Here is my proposed solution: Make the flooding Damage equivalent to your speed. This opens up so many tactical options for some ships. On the one token, you can haul [edited]behind a rock, stop and wait it out, or if you can't, pop DCP. If you're being stalked, then you either pop DCP and risk getting another one shoved up your [edited], or stop and risk getting many more shoved up your [edited]. I realize that flooding over time is a huge problem, on the same level as fires. But you have to admit, a ship going full speed is going to force a lot more water through a hole than a ship that is stopped. And a ship that is stopped is either making themselves a sitting duck for anyone with LOS to him, or taking his guns out of the fight while he tries to mitigate the damage. Everybody wins. The destroyers still scare off the battleships, the battleship's have to either fight and die or disengage and live. But you know, you do you. We're just the lifeblood of the game.
  2. NAAC_Northstar_CVB_282

    The new 8.0 CV !

    Look guys, I totally feel your pain with the CV rework. Believe me, I've been on the giving and receiving end of a lot of grief today but listen. Everybody at WG, @Pigeon_of_War, Fem, all of them have poured their heart and soul, blood sweat and tears into this rework hoping that it will make the game better for us all. Was it a out-of-the-park homerun of an update? No, not by any means. The numbers are too out of whack and there's still a lot of balancing to be done. But what you all have to realize is that there are variables that you will see on a Live Server that you won't get on PTS. You have a much larger sample size to look at and compare to on the Live Server, where everyone is playing to win and not playing to purposely break everything. There are those of us who want to see the rework succeed and there are those of us that don't, you're entitled to your own opinion. And as much as I hate to seem like the WG White Knight here, I've seen so much hate and anger directed towards them that they really don't deserve. This is not even the 12th hour of the rework being live, there will be a lot of things that have to be tweaked, a lot of hotfixes. Relax and enjoy the game as best you can. If you truly hate the state things are in right now, come back in a week when everyone has settled down and people are used to things. expecting all the flak (hah) so bring it on. I live for this.
  3. NAAC_Northstar_CVB_282

    The Coo of Boom Flag

    Ah they're so much fun now that everyone's had their fill of Tier 10 AA boner stroking and are starting to play other things.
  4. NAAC_Northstar_CVB_282

    Job Well Done.

    Look I won't be the first to say that I "loved" the CV rework from the get-go. It showed promise and the deliver is sort of hit-or-miss with me right now. I sold my CVs down to Ranger (My favorite) and kept my Saipan and Enterprise. I've played about 10 battles in each over the course of the day and I'll list my likes and dislikes about each Enterprise: Saipan: Ranger: Now Again, i will fully admit that I was mediocre pre-rework, and I'm downright bad now. I'm hoping that most of my frustration is wanting to play Enterprise and Saipan and constantly going up against AA powerhouses trying their best to F*ck over carriers, and I'm also hoping that when the free captain respec goes away, people will revert to their usual cruiser and BB builds instead of drinking the tears of the poor Tier 8 CVs. Then all that's left is the battleballing and slow paced gameplay. My Suggestions (Take these with salt) I want the CV rework to do well, I want to play my CVs. Now all I need to do is get Midway and get into CBs with her.
  5. NAAC_Northstar_CVB_282

    Community Contributor Container Co-Op Code Contest (July 2018)

    Being the only Derzki on my team with nothing but a whole bunch of Battleships has its perks
  6. NAAC_Northstar_CVB_282

    Community Contributor Container Co-Op Code Contest (July 2018)

    I've been dethroned......Alright, Kodomo, I'll see your 31 hits
  7. NAAC_Northstar_CVB_282

    Noacuracy's Shipgirl Icons

    Hey noAccuracy, not really a request more of a question; Where'd you get the Asset for Kurfurst? She is beautiful. Is she a custom sprite or is she from something like Azur Lane?
  8. NAAC_Northstar_CVB_282

    Community Contributor Container Co-Op Code Contest (July 2018)

    29 hits. Congrats to everyone who's come close thus far.
  9. NAAC_Northstar_CVB_282

    Community Contributor Container Co-Op Code Contest (July 2018)

    Sounds like a job for the Derzki. Luckily I'm starting strong with 29 Torpedo hits already.
  10. NAAC_Northstar_CVB_282

    Premium Ship Review: Atlanta 3.0

    Atlanta is a very difficult ship to play, and even more difficult to master. As the Tiny Light-Colored Rodent (I'm sorry mouse don't hate me) said, she is incredibly fragile, and gets punished for mistakes. If you want something close to Atlanta, try Cleveland. Sure you won't have Radar and the RoF, but you will have the same shell ballistics, and you'll live longer. Much harder to cit a Cleveland. I however, have a BLAST in the Atlanta. She's so much fun and incredibly derpy and trollish to play.