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  1. We're going on nearly a year of this constant [edited]. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting it to change. They haven't eliminated CV's in the past 12 months. They haven't changed them significantly in the past 12 months. You honestly think they're going to say: "Comrade Learux doesn't like double CV-games, Let's fix that just so they're happy"? You make me laugh. Go to gulag now.
  2. Memeaboo_Desu

    Return of the Fleet of Fog: Last Chance!

    Okay so wait I have Takao already Can I just get me that Red Perma Camo?
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    [NHALE] Looking for Members!

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    [NHALE] Looking for Members!

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    Premium Ship Review #137 - Indomitable

    I love the British CVs. I had my eye on the Indomitable ever since she was announced and I have to say I'm very disappointed in her. I'm not above farming damage all game, and I'm not above sacrificing my team's victory just so I can look at pretty big numbers that make me a happy boy. I play Carriers unironically because I love them. I'm a CV Main at heart, and I always will be. But I'll be damned if Indomitable didn't make me regret getting her within the first hour. I have a full fire chance build alongside plane survivability. a whopping 34% chance of fire on target per bomb, Sky Conqueror she is. And yet, somehow I get more fires in my Ranger than I do in my Indomitable. I've come out of a game with 52 bomb hits, 68 Rocket hits, and all of 3 fires for the ENTIRE GAME. This ship is so heavily reliant on [edited] RNG that sometimes she isn't worth playing. She's an amazingly beautiful carrier, in the same way that the Implacable is. Too bad she makes me want to shove my head into a propeller whenever I press that battle button.
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    [NHALE] Looking for Members!

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    Update 0.8.11: New Year

    Game Balance Changes: Hosho Nerf (how predictable) Midway Buff (Hah, my reddit flair was right) German BB Buff (HYPE LEVELS UNLIMITED!!!!!!!) Salem Radar buff (So be it) Hydro Mod can be put on the german BBs, imagine that. Another buff. Can't help but notice a severe lack of nerfs to Smolensk, Kleber, Colbert......
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    [NHALE] Looking for Members!

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    [NHALE] Looking for Members!

  10. "You enjoy the community of another server" Prepare for literally [edited]EVERYONE transferring to the NA server because we get all the cool sh*t first.
  11. Memeaboo_Desu

    Update 0.8.10: “Resolute and Rapid”

    Good to see yall are back on the CV nerf mindset. No really, just go ahead and make the class that already makes the least amount of rewards make even less There's no way that can possibly have detrimental effects to new CV players while making it to where CVs will only get played by those who are really good to secure victory. There's no way this will continue to instill a sense of skill gap in CVs. You all don't really think these things through do you.
  12. Since the CV's currently in the game are geared towards anti-surface warfare, aimed at the enemy, I propose a line that is the exact opposite. A line geared towards Anti-Air warfare, with specialization towards Team-Based gameplay. Putting a lot of emphasis on the "Support" part of "Support Carrier" Keeping in tradition with the CVs currently in game, There will be Three Squadrons. Each one will be geared around a different support style. Some of these might have anti-surface warfare, but it isn't their primary focus. ==Squadrons== Squadron 1: Interceptors For those who remember the days of 3/0/1 Saipan, 4/2/2 Hakuryu, or 2/0/1 Bogue, these planes will seem familiar. Armed with machine guns, imagine a controllable fighter consumable. Your primary focus with these planes would be the destruction of enemy bombers, a purely team based squadron type. You'd have to chase down and lock onto the enemy squadron before firing, requiring a bit more finesse than the way fighters work now. Instead of "Aggro and commence die", it would be forcing the enemy to go evasive or abandon the attack run entirely. These fighters would only have limited ammunition, preventing them from being the only thing fielded. Squadron 2: Scout Planes I can hear the DD's crying already. Air-based Spotting has always been a big concern, but at the end of the day it helps your team achieve victory and is integral to the success of any Aircraft Carrier. They're playing around with the idea that current Carrier-based planes will only spot targets for themselves, and will light the enemy on the minimap, similar to how a Cyclone works. If that does go into effect, these planes would be all the better. Maintaining the ability to spot for anyone to see, as certain planes did have advanced radio communication equipment for relaying information back to their home Carrier. The ability to spot torpedoes from the air would also make these planes viable. They would be big and slow, but have a lot of HP, making them able to go into enemy territory to get eyes, but not stay there under the hail of AA Fire. Squadron 3: Heavy Fighters Improvised Bombers so as to let these new carriers have some form of damage potential. The ability to strafe a target with heavy MGs, not so much doing damage to the ship itself but utterly annihilating things like secondaries and AA mounts (as the crew is killed in the hail of gunfire), along with a single bomb or perhaps torpedo at the higher tiers. These weapons would not be nearly as effective as the ones found on their same tier Attack Carrier counterparts, but would be better than nothing. ==Consumables== Engine Boost - All - Tier 4 Identical to the one currently implemented Combat Air Patrol - Interceptors/Heavy Fighters - Tier 6 Identical to the one currently implemented Deploy CAP - Scout Planes - Tier 6 Functions like the one currently implemented, except only available if looking at a friendly ship. Consumable Reload Drop - Heavy Fighters - Tier 8 Drops a canister that gives the first ship to reach it a bonus charge on all consumables. Alternative: Drops a canister that creates a field in which all consumables reload faster. Air-Deployed Smoke Screen - Scout Planes - Tier 8 Able to deploy a smoke screen from the air along your current course just like a destroyer would. The action time is not long, maybe 5 seconds. Imagine British CL smoke screens before their durations were increased. Once deployed, the smoke screen shares its characteristics with one laid by a destroyer* of the same nation and tier. (*Cruiser in the case of the British) Healing Field - Interceptors - Tier 8 Drops a canister that creates a field that replenishes the HP of all allies inside of it for 60 seconds, acting like Transylvania or the lead convoy ship from Nirai. ==Proposed Ships== U.S.N. Tier 6 - Independence Tier 8 - Yorktown Tier 8 Premium - Hornet Tier 10 - Essex U.K. Tier 6 - Unicorn Tier 8 - Illustrious Tier 10 - Majestic/Collosus I.J.N. Tier 6 - Hiryu Tier 8 - Unryu Tier 8 Premium - Taiho Tier 10 - Shinano
  13. Memeaboo_Desu

    Adjust CV Emblem Average Damage

    Mate I'm pretty sure there are three unless the Brits clocked out of the game.
  14. Dropped two in one match a little while ago, still didn't get the rewards yet. I was told if you get both you get double the rewards? If so, neat. I have the screenshot too as proof