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  1. Helena_CL50

    Aircraft Carriers

    I'm gonna go ahead and say a hard "No" to this one bud. Carriers are still very capable of hitting Destroyers, they just have been discouraged from doing so with all the changes, especially to High Explosive weaponry. The rocket fire nerf, the USNCV Bomb dispersion nerf, the list goes on. Killing a destroyer in a carrier relies on teamwork, good RNG, and a hint of skill. If a DD ever gets within detection range of my carrier I make sure he regrets it. There are obviously carriers that are more suited to hunting DDs than others, such as the Russians, Loewenhardt, and Ark Royal, and some that shouldn't be hunting them at all: Namely the German Tech Tree, IJN, and FDR. Every other carrier *can* take on a Destroyer, it's just not meant to be their primary focus. A Carrier's primary offense against a destroyer is keeping it spotted so your team can do the killing instead.
  2. Helena_CL50

    I want to report a strange bug.

    Where exactly are you clicking? There is a minimize button hidden in the top right if you aren't careful, it's happened to me a few times. It only appears if you hover over it. If you aren't, then can you give me a screenshot of where you're clicking while trying to purchase Premium? I'll try to replicate it and help you
  3. Honestly with how little Brawls matter in the long run, outside of a quick Resource boost, seeing this mode as a way for Clans to get together and run colossal meme-builds is great. I've seen full Colbert comps, full Smolensk comps, I even had the misfortune of running into a team of 4 Shermans, 4 Colberts and an FDR... It's a gamemode that doesn't effect your stats...the only difference between this and randoms is that it allows large divs and gives a very quick resource boost. Admittedly the boost is rather dull, I can earn all but the coal and flags in an hour of Random Battle grinding. Long and short, I get that it's frustrating. But at the end of the day you can just...not? Unless you have dire need for an extra 2 million credits and 10k coal for signals, I don't see a reason to play Brawls outside of divisions like this.
  4. In a game where several ships hard counter other ships, that would be a little detrimental to the health of the game. If there was a mode where you had a specific pool of ships you could face (Such as ships of certain nations only) like [edited], then I could see this happening. It isn't like you know EVERYTHING about the ship anyway... You only know the type of vessel...you don't know their captain loadout, their module selections, how upgraded they are in the case of Tech Tree vessels, what flags they run... I see where you're coming from and I admit it would be a neat concept in theory, but in practicality it wouldn't really work.
  5. Helena_CL50

    game trolls

    Playing a CV: Check Spotting a Flank for your team: Check Doing the best you can to ensure your team's victory: Check(?) Engaging in Teamplay: Check Yep, that's a report right there. Obviously you weren't spotting all 12 enemies simultaneously all the time. Should work on better teamplay. /s
  6. Helena_CL50

    Ship Testing in DIVS

    I'm genuinely curious as to what you ran into that caused this... I have a question for you...what is the difference between Supertest participants testing X ship in a Triple Division on Live Server, versus the playerbase at large running X ships in triple divisions?
  7. Helena_CL50

    Pan-Asian CLs: looks like a great & fun line

    They should've been added last patch, since we're now moving into Italian DD's.
  8. It isn't rewarding poor play. If you play poorly and continually lose, you don't get higher in the ladder, thus you don't get the increased rewards of the higher ranks. Even a potato can fail his way to the top given enough time and competent teammates. It also doesn't devalue the significance of good play either. If you're good, you'll rise up the ladder quickly, you get more rewards, it's fine. All this does is prevent people from suffering at the hands of bad teammates. Like I said in my example above, a battleship that gets kills and contributes to winning the game will get less EXP than a destroyer that caps a single point then dies, or a cruiser that hides behind an island and is the last alive. The problem with a Ranked system as they have implemented now is that different classes earn more EXP for certain things. A DD will earn more EXP for capping a point than a battleship will, they even changed the way CV's earn EXP recently; now incentivizing Kills over raw damage. This isn't a game where all actions are rewarded equally, not like in other games with a Ranked competitive mode like this. Not to mention that other games (Overwatch, COD, even stuff like DOTA or League) regularly have coordinated Voice Comms and people who are actively working together and strategizing on the fly, even if they're just a bunch of rando's who got thrown together by the MM. World of Warships DOES NOT HAVE THIS. Like I said before, Ranked is not competitive. It is 7v7 Random Battles with a Steel Incentive.
  9. My one problem is the Star Mechanics. They need to go. All so often you see ships that are in the fight, damaging and sinking other ships, only to lose out to the guy who capped one point then ran away. The shift from "Let's win" to "Let me save my star" once your team even begins to possibly look like they may lose is just infuriating. Ranked isn't a true competitive Ranked Mode, it's worse Random Battles with incentives. Clan Wars is what a true Ranked system looks like. Please, I implore you, remove the Star Saving system, just make each rank irrevocable.
  10. Helena_CL50

    WG Official Position on Anchor Divs

    Div Anchors don't exist, and they never have. Matchmaker goes by the highest ship in the Division and queues off of that. I can run a Graf Zeppelin with 2 Tier 7 ships hoping to get div anchored and I can still face Tier 10s. Admittedly MM will try to avoid this, only placing Fail Divisions in a match with another one, but it doesn't always happen.
  11. Helena_CL50

    Anyone that owns Florida.

    Got the ship because it's my Home State, gotta represent that State Pride. That being said; Florida really disappointed me. Her 350s are the same things you would get on the New Mexico, Except the NM's are better because her AP damage does about 1k more per hit. Her armor is atrociously bad, there are Tier 6 battleships that can overmatch her. Florida is not a brawler, playing her as such is a mistake. 25mm at Tier 7 is a death sentence unless you're facing down Tier 5s. Even then, positioning is key. Her speed and Anti-Air are among best-in-class for Tier 7 battleship standards, and she gets up there with the likes of Scharn and Gneis. Too bad she can't tank like them. She's a sniper, plain and simple. Florida feels like she was designed to take full advantage of the Dead-Eye Meta, striking me as a Tier 7 American Slava just with crappier guns. There are FAR more worthwhile boats to play, Alabama and Massa being chief among them for American BBs. If, though, you're a sucker for punishment and want to fight the odds, have at ye, mate.
  12. My friend achieved Busybody upon sinking a Midway in Co-Op
  13. Helena_CL50

    Question to the people who play CV

    Like others have said, there are certain situations in which each one of these points have different priorities. Personally, for me, I'll give my reasonings for each. 1: Yeah, I typically try to spot the DD's if I'm in a Carrier that can hurt them (Midway, Indomitable, and Loewenhardt especially). If I'm in something like say, FDR, then I'll spot but won't commit to it because it's taking my incredibly powerful ordinance out of the fight to spot a DD that my team won't shoot at or manage to kill 8 times out of 10. 2: Same as Above. Battleships (and to a lesser extent Cruisers) are Carrier's main target. They're the easiest source of damage and consistent big numbers. If I'm in something that requires a lot of travel time, and has easily dodgeable ordinance (FDR I'm looking at you), I'm going to go for the big dumb battleships sitting still because monkey brain like big damage. If I'm in something that can actively hunt down and hurt destroyers well (The US CV's) then I'll go for the Destroyers. 3: The only time it becomes a problem for me is if my team splits to either side and leaves the middle of the map wide open for a DD to rush me. As soon as I get the alert my Carrier has been spotted, it doesn't matter what I'm in, the DD that's running for me is my number one priority, I'll sink it whether my team helps or not. Depending on my current ship choice it can take 2 drops or 10.
  14. Helena_CL50

    How to Work New Rocket Planes

    The Rocket nerf has only really solidified CVs into their respective roles, depending on their armament. USN CVs with Tiny Tims are no longer specialized to go after DDs. Their Dive Bombers are one thing but the TT's just were way more reliable. FDR, which never really was meant for DDs anyway, now has more reason to steer clear of them. Let the DD's have their fun in the sun, they've earned that much. Not like it will last much longer anyhow.
  15. Helena_CL50

    CVs Overpowered

    This...is bait right? Is he serious? Damn guys I think he's serious.