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  1. MajorKey

    IFHE All Night Long

    Yeah :) I'm running T6 Aoba for CB right now, and was wondering if I should switch to IFHE. After about the 3rd comment of the series I looked ahead for all tiers and had a good laugh. I'll check it out for my other CL's but not those poor 203's.
  2. MajorKey

    WG needs to factor player ratings into MM

    Ewe when teh internetz 2day.
  3. MajorKey

    I just put my cat to sleep

    I empathize with you. I just lost my cat of 17 years. Blind, limp and going deaf, she just kept on going until she didn't. It is hard and it seems like there's always some kind of guilt attached. Hang in there, baby! Celes 2018, RIP Cheech, 2001-2018. RIP
  4. MajorKey

    USS Buffalo is... well, a Buffalo

    Thanks, that seems useful guidance.
  5. MajorKey

    "I had no support!" The Potatoes Lament

    Well stated, Eville.
  6. Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!