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  1. ginmokusei

    Service cost stealing my lunch money ?

    Try go play WT in high tier without premium xD you better do good xD
  2. ginmokusei

    Update 8.0 - Ranked and CV Rework

    TL;DR of OP WG said: The new CV gameplay is ready! But we will exclude them from Ranked as well just like currently they are excluded from CW! By making Ranked T9 and there exists no odd CV! Glorious! Seriously?
  3. ginmokusei

    Update 8.0 - Ranked and CV Rework

    New aircraft carrier gameplay is ready Still have issues
  4. ginmokusei

    So close, yet so far...

    NDA ship spotted Anyways GJ
  5. I think Aegis is totally fine at its current state. Easy carry almost every game in a light cruiser even without IFHE. Below are some examples I did few hours ago. P.S. account name is censored because it is my SEA account 030
  6. Lost 25 doubloons for the very same reason before because I just took a ship that I usually don't touch at all into a coop battle :(
  7. Well... Here's my entry :P Ognevoi Ognevoi is a Tier VIII Russian sub-branch Destroyer. As a hybrid oriented destroyer, she plays very differently than her gun bote sisters of the line. Survivablilty Ognevoi has 16100 hp with top configuration, or 18900 hp plus the Survivability Expert captain skill, which puts her in the middle ground of her same tier counterparts. Main Armament Ognevoi has two dual mount 130 mm guns with 12 km range which fire every 5 seconds. Despite her guns have flat ballistic, decent turret Rotation speed and 8% high fire chance, lack of firepower makes her very inefficient as a pure gun bote. Torpedoes Ognevoi's torpedo armament is what makes her different from her sisters. She has two quintuple torpedo launcher which fire every 92 second, torpedo itself goes 10 km far while traveling at 56 knots and deals 15100 hp damage. Although the damage dealt per torpedo is on the low end of her same tier counterparts, the reload time is relatively fast of 92 seconds, or 82.8 seconds with Torpedo Armament Expertise captain skill, which can pose a huge threat to enemy ships and makes her a decent torpedo bote as a Russian destroyer. AA Defense Ognevoi does have the ability to slot defense fire consumable in exchange of engine boost. However, her base AA dps is not enough for an AA destroyer role, a good carrier can still make your life tough. Maneuverability Ognevoi can only do 37 knots without any multipliers, which puts her on the slow end of her same tier counterparts. Also, 610 m turning radius and 4.8 seconds rudder shift time make her very sluggish to maneuver. Concealment With full build, Ognevoi can only reach 6.24 km of concealment. Being in the middle ground of her same tier counterparts on this department, she is decent at stealth to contest capture points but can still be out-spotted most of the time by Benson or Kagero for example due to their popularity. Recommended Build and Playstyle Consumables Damage Control Party II Smoke Generator II Defensive AA Fire II Modules Main Battery Mod 1: Increase your turret survivabiliy because you only have two. Propulsion Mod 1: Better to keep ypur engine running as a destroyer. AA Guns Modification 2: Being able to shoot down a spotting aircraft is important at some situations. Steering Gears Mod 2: Bring down the awful rudder shift time is always nice when dodging incoming fires. Concealment System Mod 1: This is vital as a hybrid destroyer. It gives you more freedom to position and more chance to disengage. Captain Skills (By getting order) Preventive Maintenance Last Stand Survivability Concealmeant Expert Adrenaline Rush Torpedo Armament Expertise Demolition Expert Priority Target Playstyle Ognevoi is a hybrid destroyer, which means she plays more like an USN destroyer in terms of her playstyle instead of her gun bote sisters of the line. You go contest capture points early game and help spotting the enemies for your team. Make sure you always reverse into the capture point so that you have a chance to escape with the current heavy radar meta. You use your fast reloading torpedoes to fill the water with fishes. Once you score hits and force the enemy using its damage control party, You open fire with your guns behind island cover or smoke screen to rain those high fire chance HE shells to cause unrepairable fires. Then you repeat the process. However, remember that you are not a destroyer hunter, therefore you always make sure you have reliable backup before engaging an enemy destroyer. Also your defensive AA fire consumable can only protect yourself from planes for only 20 seconds, it is better to watch out for those planes when you are in a CV match. That's generally how you play Ognevoi.