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  1. ginmokusei

    Top 3 reasons to play KotS

    CV rework is a nice change that almost killed half the player base in a month ofc getting the top 100 clan will be easier than before
  2. ginmokusei

    Update 8.0 - Ranked and CV Rework

    TL;DR of OP WG said: The new CV gameplay is ready! But we will exclude them from Ranked as well just like currently they are excluded from CW! By making Ranked T9 and there exists no odd CV! Glorious! Seriously?
  3. ginmokusei

    Update 8.0 - Ranked and CV Rework

    New aircraft carrier gameplay is ready Still have issues
  4. ginmokusei

    So close, yet so far...

    NDA ship spotted Anyways GJ
  5. I think Aegis is totally fine at its current state. Easy carry almost every game in a light cruiser even without IFHE. Below are some examples I did few hours ago. P.S. account name is censored because it is my SEA account 030
  6. Lost 25 doubloons for the very same reason before because I just took a ship that I usually don't touch at all into a coop battle :(