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  1. Cowardly_Lion

    Twitch Bits Feedback (Bits N' Ships)

    I haven't seen any twitch drops since last Monday, myself. I agree that the new payoff for getting new players isn't worth anything. I get something that is only good to give away, and therefore have no incentive to do so. Great idea, WoWS.
  2. Doesn't matter to me what the crates have. Since they won't fix Amazon payments, I can't even renew my premium time. This shows WoWS doesn't want to do business with me. Granted, WoWS. When my current premium expires I won't take the time to renew it because you don't want me to use the payment option I prefer. Done with that and won't be available for any comments. Feel free to ban me from the forum because I don't think you guys care.
  3. @theadmins sure glad customer support is so important that you can answer questions. Oh wait, you DIDN'T answer. Guess customers aren't important. Great job of doing nothing at this point. Don't bother to fix the amazon payment option now because you value my business too much to give me what I want for a payment option. Since I can't even extend my premium time, I won't bother you with my business. Be happy, you have another customer who is going elsewhere because you don't want the business.
  4. No answer about the Amazon payment option and no fix for it. I don't care to buy anything from WoWs no since they won't even tell me any thing if I ask. @admins, if you can't even tell people why you take something away, why stay in business? you don't want them to buy stuff so you won't fix problems?
  5. @admins Why is the Amazon payment option gone?
  6. Guess wows really doesn't want me to even renew my premium account since they took away amazon pay. Won't even be buying that this month.
  7. Cowardly_Lion

    Public Test 0.7.12 - Feedback

    The better this game is fixed and updated, the better it used to be. With the current updates and reworks, the co-op is now so good I can get sunk by 2 hits from a bb at ANY angle because that's rng. RNG is a rigged system in co-op. DON'T FIX THIS ANY MORE OR START REFUNDING MONEY BECAUSE YOU CHEAT THE PLAYERS! I am done with the test garbage since it is impossible to get a decent random match and the bots are so over powered you get hit and get cits regardless of angle and dodging. Stop fixing it to unplayability.
  8. Cowardly_Lion

    Public Test 0.7.12 - Feedback

    The automatic dodges and hits of the Bots is getting way out of hand. If you want people to quit co-op, just remove it. DON'T USE BUILT IN CHEATS!!!
  9. seems to be working now... did a battle without getting kicked from server at the end.
  10. looks like ya can log in now on server and play
  11. Ops is broke too... nothing but the harbor and chats works... blah
  12. Cowardly_Lion

    T8 vs T10 MM

    after playing over 10 battles today and the only 1 that was top tier was in a tier 10 with all tier 10 ships, I have to say that mm is rigged. This isn't statistically reasonable. Thus, some players get flagged for the fair mm to give them fair matches as bottom tier for most of their games. At the devs and admins, don't bother saying it isn't so because that is what I have been getting for so long that I wouldn't believe you. Keep it up and you will succeed in getting players to go to games that don't do that.
  13. Cowardly_Lion

    Update 0.7.10 Bug Report

    WoWS did great with this update. There are so many problems that were intentional that it is worth going to a new game. Even the NA server is getting better at bad. Great job on all of this Wargaming.
  14. Cowardly_Lion

    Update 0.7.10 Bug Report

    All I can say now is that the better you make things, the worse it is because the game now sucks with all the fixes.