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  1. tyinnow

    My Normandie Review.

    As implied, mine looks like a slightly-hollowed out baguette. The donut hole might be an exaggeration, and in no way is the dispersion ellipse circular. Also, you have a lot of shells, so yeah.
  2. tyinnow

    My Normandie Review.

    And honestly, it must be a pretty icky one... except when the target is broadside (then the dispersion ellipse corresponds nicely with the ship)
  3. tyinnow

    DPS - Deplorable Potatoes

    Is this just a regular post?
  4. tyinnow

    My Normandie Review.

    God, I have to completely throw this ship's reputation out of the window. I mean, I like the concept for sure, but the DISPERSION!!! AUGH!!! Yeah, I once had my guns' dispersion run all over the place, worse than the Germans. No, worse than that. The dispersion of this ship is consistently bad
  5. tyinnow

    [Team RWBY] Are you combat ready?

    I do not know, but it looks as if @RV_WALL is just conversing among itself, like a bot. Like it or not, most of what it says is "boop". Seriously. Meanwhile, Qrow should fill his canteen with something other than "boop"
  6. tyinnow

    Just Got Oct Revolutsyia

    Hey, they're faster than your secondaries could turn, too. What are your thoughts on the October?
  7. tyinnow

    Tactical Tip Tuesday.

    There are a lot of things to learn in World of Warships Macromanagement 1. Do NOT play Hearthstone. In other words, do not act like my brother and quit the game while still holding the power of which ships I get. 2. Do NOT overheat yourself. It could be tiring to play six or seven consecutive games, when performance starts to drop a bit because it becomes harder and harder to focus. Take a rest. And Please, Please, do NOT make the game into a rush for Tier 10, because if you do, it would take much longer than 300 games. From my experience, tiers 3 - 6 in general and tier 4 in particular have compelling gameplay 3. Do NOT get focused on one or two lines. Sure, one line might have compelling gameplay, but once one figures out said gameplay, it is hard to look back and see what makes that play work. Sometimes it does not work when you most expect it to. Thus, the necessity of trying other ships, to actually learn the basics of the game. 4. Do NOT go up too many lines at once. You will run out of credits. General gameplay 1. Learn the strengths and weaknesses of your ship. Much information can be found on the wiki, or simply asking one of us forum or subreddit members. For example, one would not want to charge in like a Kaiser in a South Carolina because the enemy would simply citadel through the bow. 2. Do not overextend. Make sure that you have back-up when executing a push, unless the enemy units are simply too weak to counter you. Most likely, if you push too far, though, you would face massive amounts of fire from the enemy team and die. However still make sure that you are in a good position, though. 3. Angle and maneuver. Does not depend if its an Izyaslav or a Montana, angling would mitigate some damage. The best thing to do when charging or going away from an enemy is to face your bow or stern, respectively, while occasionally changing course and speed to throw off aim. You might hear a loud ping sound, which means ricochet and thus 0 damage, and that occurs more often angled because shells ricochet more often the further off-normal they get. 4. Detection. The first thing needed to kill an enemy is to know where the enemy is. Destroyers, radar ships, and aircraft carriers are the main eyes of the fleet. If you are in one of these ships and are with the battleships in the back line, you are not doing your job. By the converse, if you are seen, you might be put under focus fire, which is not fun. Try to fire from stealth when possible, from behind smoke or islands. Make sure that if you are in smoke or on an island that you do not remain broadside and still, though, as one can see the fall of shot 5. Aim. You could aim by reticle, which comes in static (20 knots between ticks full zoom) and dynamic (30 knots), as well as a circle and sector on the minimap. You could also aim by feel, with different ships seemingly not necessarily following the reticle or too QF to adjust. Unlike the real world, the fall of shot is actually a visible measure of whether a shell hits or not.
  8. tyinnow

    Mutsuki — Japanese Tier V destroyer.

    Also, apparently the Mutsuki has relatively QF (quick-firing) guns compared to the Minekaze, so the damaging 8 km torps combined with around 8 percent less gun DPM and good concealment helps the ship.
  9. tyinnow

    Enemy carrier death boredom..

    If you are deplaned, you have to prepare for the inevitable, right? First off, get into a good position to open up your secondaries, picking enemies one by one. Then, maneuver because your opponents will shoot at you. Rinse and repeat, and you should be able to do something. In the meanwhile, watch videos of carrier brawls to learn what I mean. Also, the smoke planes from above will help.
  10. tyinnow

    Full French DD line

    Oh yeah, there is a 1927 and a 1929 version. My mistake. But anyways, unlike their reputation (fast muzzle velocity, e.g. 921 m/s HE??!!) , the French put an extremely slow muzzle velocity gun on their destroyers. For comparison, the Americans have just 8 m/s less... but then the weights are drastically different, so... EDIT: Oh shoot, the HE has a velocity of 840 m/s
  11. tyinnow

    Full French DD line

    Here's the problem: Their gun velocities are horrifying at 700 meters per second. That's like the lowest muzzle velocity in-game. It is not "somewhat floaty". It's extremely floaty.
  12. tyinnow

    [WIP] RN Battlecruiser Arc

    Yep. Keep in mind, though, that L+ are battleship designs.
  13. Fiji is not Tier 8. But other than that, right. For example, one could use islands to cut detection and kite, or one could use it to sneak upon an enemy depending on what part of the game it is. Hey, I'm not effective in that ship either, but I know one thing. I always get killed on the broadside in relatively close-quarters fighting. And also, grab a destroyer pal with you, because you need that in order to see where you are kiting against. The ship has highly effective HE and AP, so make use of both ;). The reason why it isn't Emerald 2.0, which would be maneuverable (similar to DDs) and stealthy, is because you are neither of those things. That sentiment comes in being broadside too much. Speaking of the Emerald, which has a 6-gun broadside, I ask myself this most days: "Why is it so crappy when it has slightly less guns and only a bit less survivability and range than its successor?"
  14. tyinnow

    [WIP] RN Battlecruiser Arc

    But there is something that could compensate for bow plating: angling. Despite their role in the battle-line, they were battlecruisers, so naturally they need to be maneuvering. And also, it is not just J3. There's a K2, K3, I3, H3, and G3. The letters are the iteration of design, with everything below or equal to K a battlecruiser and everything above a battleship (e.g N3, O3 became Nelson-class), with the number as the barrels per turret. Have fun looking at all of those!