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  1. I feel like the logic for Hawkins goes like this. By far the Exeter is overpowered (to some, not necessarily including the author) at tier V, even if WG removes the heal. Look, Exeter has not only the best winrate of tier V cruisers, but also the greatest average damage, highest experience per battle, most plane kills per match, and most kills per death by significant margins. Not to mention, it has the second most kills a match; the stats are crazy for this ship! On a secondary note, @LittleWhiteMouse concurs extremely strongly So how does one make a balanced ship out of Exeter? Uh... I don't know, I'm going into fantasy land. But there are a few avenues... Lower the damage This is self-explanatory, I think. Often, this means decreasing the bursting charge. Remove the heal That would remove more than 19000 potential hit points, which in addition to the ship's starting hitpoints make the ship extremely durable. Heighten the citadel Not only is the ship durable, but she is not as easy to eliminate as other tier V cruisers. Like most of her counterparts, her citadel is defended by a 76 millimeter belt. However, Exeter's citadel is comparatively low and small relative to them, especially Omaha and Emerald, making it harder to hit. Heightening the citadel would make this belt easier to hit. Remove AA This is also self-explanatory. You're going to get hit more by not only planes, but the people the planes are spotting for. What happens if you choose avenues 1, 3, and 4? You get a ship close to Hawkins, except with a different turret arrangement.
  2. That's all you have to say?
  3. Nope, they got rid of it on Exeter. The superheal still seems to be there, though, and I'm a bit afraid of that. And that's the reason why the County class were called the County class... Yeah, I find it a bit weird that they chose "Drake" and "Goliath" when they could have went with something that does not sound like a biblical story turned on its side. I mean, why did Drake, despite being inferior in every way, win against Goliath?
  4. She told me that she has 8km torps and you have 15km ones. I was thinking of a triple turret main battery...
  5. That AL Yukikaze is telling you to shut up and listen to what she has to say
  6. Nope, Goliath is not real, but there was a design with the same number and type of guns but quad turrets.
  7. I don't know. Maybe it is because they had no data on the Italian 254mm/55? It was on some sort of Russian Ansaldo project, which might not have fit in WG's conception of the line either. That really sounds like a battlecruiser amount of armor, which would be good. If that British heal does get on them, it would hurt badly. Also, where's Lutjens? Maybe for a German event?
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    Captain Blorgh2017 and bubbly besties? I'm asleep. Go away.
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    Does not care about excitement.
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    When the propellor of a ship in the race experiences cavitation.
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    Cannot tell that she is mad since his eyes are closed.
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    I also got a bad feeling about this
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    Believes that donuts are moons.
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    "I don't need a hair dryer, whatever that is"