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  1. tyinnow

    Friesland doesn't need torpedoes

    Even at tier X?
  2. tyinnow

    Friesland doesn't need torpedoes

    What if you added torpedoes, though?
  3. tyinnow

    Deutschland- class Cruisers. A design way ahead of its time?

    So what role do you think the Deutschlands should be in?
  4. tyinnow

    Modern NATO fleet

    Anything you want to say about it?
  5. tyinnow

    Tired of being tired

    No, coffee gets you more tired in the end. The best way is to take a nap.
  6. tyinnow

    Tired of lifeboats

    That's the bigger problem. By the time they actually need to be used, all of them would have holes already.
  7. tyinnow

    Tier II American BB

    Personally, I would add three more or so tiers to the game and make secondaries player-controlled in order to introduce pre-dreadnoughts -- which are just as cool as dreadnoughts for their respective eras -- into the game. However, if I had to pick a pre-dreadnought to add immediately, it would probably be the Connecticut-class or Virginia-class battleship. The USS Mississippi, sadly, was not meant to be a first-class battleship, only authorized in order to keep naval thinkers tied up with smaller battleships and thus reduce the cost of the navy.
  8. tyinnow

    Russian Cruiser Line Split Ideas

    I bet people are getting ideas about 180-millimeter DP cruisers because of one of Wargamming's pet projects, as shown below. Anyways, people have proposed alternate soviet cruiser lines without missiles, and I bet that's not going to change. Of course, it's going to be all paper, but whatever, right? There's still people that like Wargamming, apparently.
  9. Well, you're out of luck, but that doesn't really matter as they have already been announced to be deployed right after the Italians, which are in a bit of a mess with those high-tier 203mm platforms and lower-tier SAP.
  10. tyinnow


    It's a silly wanky ship with a silly hydro and wanky gun systems as it is simply a slightly modernized and re-equipped ship that was sillily designed from an enlarged fixed Storozhevoi. To be serious, the ship is an Indonesian Skoryy-class ship named after a Sundanese king.
  11. tyinnow

    SAP ammo is bugged!

    It's so early in the game I doubt it is due to saturation. Does the Izumo's superstructure only have less than 7k HP?
  12. tyinnow

    SAP ammo is bugged!

    If the superstructure is actually saturated, it should have done 842 damage (i.e. 5050 / 6 rounded), not 833. The only way I could imagine this happening is if they accidentally entered "5000", which is not the case because then 505 overpen damage would not be right. That doesn't explain the others.
  13. No, I'd have a tier II Slava. Just let that tier X VIP ship never get a name. Also, I don't either. Here's something, though. https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/125537-king-of-the-sea-ix/. We actually get to construct ships? Why weren't we able before?
  14. tyinnow

    Premium Ship Review #128 - Hill

    Oh whoops. Will fix. For those who are confused, the Benham's torpedoes deal 15200 damage, while the Fletcher's 19900. They also have a knot difference in speed.
  15. tyinnow

    Genova Review

    Then never play a tier V cruiser again. If its not called... actually, the only ships that don't get citadelled from every angle by 8-inch shells are the Emerald, Hawkins, and Furutaka. In other words, without proper maneuvering, every cruiser at this tier dies easily. Survivability is not the worst of its issues. (7/10, where 10 is best and 1 worst for its tier) Point of the matter is that the ship's SAP can deal pretty consistent damage, with upwards to 12.7k a salvo on targets without citadels. That is enough to one-shot most DDs, and even if you're aiming at battleships 54 millimeters should be enough to penetrate everything but the citadel. SAP is a combination of pure awesome. DPM might not be the absolute worst, but at least it's consistent and versatile. (10/10) Same for other torpedoes. The virtue in having 12 kilometer range is that one can seriously hurt anyone who travels along common paths. And, given that 47-second reload, that sends the 51kt torps into god-tier range. Edit: Wrong torps, these ones have 8 km range, but the same argument applies. They're just a lot worse than what I described. And plus they have a very good concealment of 1.0 km, meaning that at the beginning of a game, if it is on its way to hit a ship it is hard for the enemy to react in time. Enemies would probably not expect torps from a cruiser either. They're not suicide torps. (5/10) But that's Exeter. By far a concealment of 10.3 km is pure excellence. (8/10) Last thoughts? It's a pretty decent cruiser. It's definitely not garbage. It's just decent.