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  1. tyinnow

    Friesland doesn't need torpedoes

    Even at tier X?
  2. tyinnow

    Friesland doesn't need torpedoes

    What if you added torpedoes, though?
  3. tyinnow

    Deutschland- class Cruisers. A design way ahead of its time?

    So what role do you think the Deutschlands should be in?
  4. Sure, that would be nice, but I would assign that name to another design way faster than I would to a Montana copy. Huh?
  5. tyinnow

    Modern NATO fleet

    Anything you want to say about it?
  6. Help me here... because I'm dealing like zero HE damage in my Fiji and Pensacola per game. Am I doing something wrong?
  7. A few things here: The Dutch gun does not fire the same round as the Polish one. The Dutch one weighs merely 20.5 kilograms, while the Polish shell weighs 24. Essentially, again, Gerard does less damage per shell. The drag coefficient is probably the same or even higher, though, so maybe she could get better ballistics than Gallant / Gearing. But that is not exactly necessary, as lobbing shells over islands should be fine. On the other hand, if her weaponry is weak, her concealment is not. With her 6.6 kilometer concealment, she could outdetect every other destroyer of her tier, even Hatsuharu with her 6.7 kilometer concealment. As a result, Gerard could be a good cap contester even if her weaponry was worse. As for the Hatsuharu, she would be facing a ship with better concealment, more firepower, and greater health. Of course, there's one edge that Hatsuharu still holds over Gerard; her torpedoes have longer range. That's really about it. And she is not exactly well-suited for that role. So are we seeing a powercreep? On the other hand, if one increases the concealment to 6.9 kilometers and give her hydro, that's powercreeping Gallant. Not like they are good ships anyways, but you know, they still need balance.
  8. tyinnow

    Tired of being tired

    No, coffee gets you more tired in the end. The best way is to take a nap.
  9. tyinnow

    Tired of lifeboats

    That's the bigger problem. By the time they actually need to be used, all of them would have holes already.
  10. tyinnow

    Tier II American BB

    Personally, I would add three more or so tiers to the game and make secondaries player-controlled in order to introduce pre-dreadnoughts -- which are just as cool as dreadnoughts for their respective eras -- into the game. However, if I had to pick a pre-dreadnought to add immediately, it would probably be the Connecticut-class or Virginia-class battleship. The USS Mississippi, sadly, was not meant to be a first-class battleship, only authorized in order to keep naval thinkers tied up with smaller battleships and thus reduce the cost of the navy.
  11. tyinnow

    Russian Cruiser Line Split Ideas

    I bet people are getting ideas about 180-millimeter DP cruisers because of one of Wargamming's pet projects, as shown below. Anyways, people have proposed alternate soviet cruiser lines without missiles, and I bet that's not going to change. Of course, it's going to be all paper, but whatever, right? There's still people that like Wargamming, apparently.
  12. The Wikipedia article on the Tromp class states that the 75-millimeter guns were made in the United States. To me, they resemble the 3"/50 guns found on destroyer escorts, so they are probably dual purpose.
  13. Well, you're out of luck, but that doesn't really matter as they have already been announced to be deployed right after the Italians, which are in a bit of a mess with those high-tier 203mm platforms and lower-tier SAP.
  14. tyinnow


    It's a silly wanky ship with a silly hydro and wanky gun systems as it is simply a slightly modernized and re-equipped ship that was sillily designed from an enlarged fixed Storozhevoi. To be serious, the ship is an Indonesian Skoryy-class ship named after a Sundanese king.
  15. I have a question for you. Is it that all of these ideas coming from LWM, or are you actually LWM? Also, you simply gave the poor Glowworm Icarus torpedoes. And that's a problem that I've been grappling around with.