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  1. well manual drop for the torpedo bombers is fine, AP bombs is a mix feeling for me because of the accuracy is better than the HE bombs and fighter strafing is completely broken
  2. I wouldnt say that CVs will be removed from the game if the rework doesn't actually work they will change it back to the old system and figure out another idea
  3. I would rather have welcomed tiny changes that make a big impact but it too late to say that now, so I going to stick with my ideas closer to the beginning of the discussion hoping that WG will consider it since its a good compromise and it clears the problem that will occur in OPs
  4. I did say most of us the rest will just want to play the system early and that's it no helping and no providing feedback what so ever
  5. people never see the cons of something completely different being introduced and replacing an old system, in a way the remaining CV players that still play are more valuable in terms of helping the devs test the system because we are very aware of the problems that the system will bring or bring back than the people who don't play CVs
  6. maybe but I know for a fact most of us who are testing are going to make sure that the devs see the complete ugly side of the rework with CV sniping, DD nuking, making smoke useless, and just annoying the s*** out of players with multiple attacks with just that 1 squadron we will have
  7. Honestly I feel that the identity for each nation is gone for good when the rework goes live
  8. what you saw in the videos is what the end product is going to look like for the most part
  9. remember they are also changing the way AA works completely because of the CV rework
  10. well said about compensation but this is our chance to not only help test the new system but to offer ideas that can help all the players including CV players like keeping the RTS for CO-OP allow the player to switch between the new and old systems and OPERATIONS while the new system will be only used in randoms, ranked, clan battles, and arms race
  11. ha no public test is completely different from live server so we don't know how people will react to submarines when the Halloween event goes live
  12. technically we all haven't been accepted yet to try the system until we get an email to test it out in a COMPLETELY different client
  13. that is why they are having a beta test for this complete rework and its up to us to do our best to provide as much feedback as we possibly can to make the system the best it can be even tho im also one of those people that is really against it crying about it wont help the devs so ill welcome the change and I cant leave my beautiful Enterprise.
  14. The beta test is its own client separate from the live client and Public Test client