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  1. Good changes all around. Nassau was comically superior to other tier IIIs, except Konig Albert. It will still be great, but less goofy now. The Yamato change is just quality of life, it won't impact performance much so that's fine. Izumo, Ashitaka, and Myogi all needed the help. I can't quite tell if Kawachi got the sigma buff too, or if that is just Myogi?
  2. No, it isn't. The last thing we need to encourage is more bow-tanking. High tier game play is stagnant enough as it is.
  3. It'd be a riot, without a doubt. An equally petty and misinformed riot over what amounts to testing. People are terrified of change. The only way the game moves forward is testing. I really do not fathom this bizarre cult-like attachment to a particular ship class in a video game. I play all of them. If they want to find solutions to issues then testing is how solutions are found.
  4. Tier 8 summed up in one screenshot

    Tier VIII has rough MM. At least you have a DD. Those scale great. BBs scale decently too. A lot of the tier VIII cruisers get dumped on though, particularly the ones with short range.
  5. "Again?" I'm just saying let them test it. I really don't feel that strongly either way. If it works out then it does. If it doesn't I'll pick up the pitchforks with the rest of you. As for the finer mechanics of what a shorter fuse time would do to German DD AP, I don't know. Hence testing. Oh, that's good to know. I always thought they did.
  6. The plating change impact is being overblown. It will cause a reduction in BB penetration damage at the cost of 100ish mm guns doing damage without IFHE. Thing is German BB 105mms already had baked in IFHE, so nothing changes there. You are literally only talking about 100mm French BB secondaries and Kii (uncommon) or non-IFHE Akizuki, and IFHE is a standard skill on that ship. Literally haven't fought one without it unless the poor guy was new to Akizuki. AP pen from cruisers against angled DDs is a meme. Might cause a bit more damage, but HE is still a much better choice. At the end of the day if you are taking sustained fire from a cruiser in a DD then you are in a ton of trouble regardless. That is working as intended. Battleships players can go on whining all they like. BB AP over penetrations will still do a ton of damage to DDs, and they might need to switch to HE from time to time. Boo hoo.
  7. BBabies screaming at the DD Mafia, and vice versa, is some of the most obnoxious stuff around. I'm willing to give this 13mm DD plating a try to see how it plays out. Radar proliferation is a concern, though for now that will subside once the new ship smell wears off. My main concern is the duration creep on radar. We are starting to see radars pushing duration of around a minute. That is ridiculous. Also radar on BBs can die in a fire.
  8. Why no Mogamis in game?

    The heal. Also Atago is a bit harder to hit generally than Mogami, which is pretty chubby. I don't use my Mogami much anymore. The ship is fine at tier VIII, but the MM is so bad that the poor range + no heal + comically large citadel really kills the ship for me when I spend 70% of my games getting shot at by Montanas. It is a ship of extremes. When you get top-tier Mogami can be absurdly strong, but top-tier is rare. You will spend most of your time in tier IX and X games, where the lack of range and heal really hurts you.
  9. CV is dead. The only people that are left playing are clubbers, unicums, and their food. I see very few "average" CV players, particularly at high tier. They are either god-tier or terrible.
  10. Angling... (in cruisers)

    The only thing you can do against a target that over-matches you is to try and bounce their shells off your main belt. If they don't aim for your main belt then they will go through. You are better off trying to dodge (which is the best thing to do in cruisers generally).
  11. Dev Blog-ST Hindenburg and Roon

    That is a tiny, but reasonable, change. I would rather see very small incremental changes like this than massive buffs or nerfs all in one go. This will be a very tiny drop in DPM, and both of those ships are stupid good compared to other tier IX and X cruisers.
  12. Yeah, that is interesting. It will possibly enable a more aggressive playstyle with Zao as opposed to the standard sit near max range and spam.
  13. WG Hates IJN DD Confirmed

    Yeah, I picked a good time to finally grind out my Ibuki. I'm not one for fiction, but Zao is kinda cool and at least there was a design requirement that survived the war.
  14. Dev Blog - ST DD plating changes

  15. The new Baltimore

    The new Baltimore is wonderful.