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  1. PETITION: remodel the yamato.

    Yamato looks rough, but honestly the worst models in game are probably Hatsuharu, Fubuki, and Kagero. They look like trash.
  2. I like IJN DDs, but they can be really frustrating at times. The only saving graces for them right now is the general lack of CVs and how terrible the average DD player is, allowing me to routinely slaughter enemy DDs in gunfights I have no right to win.
  3. Premium Ship Review: Roma

    It is always nice to see a battleship with a hitable citadel.
  4. Should the Izumo be Replaced

    Izumo wasn't terrible. Just mediocre. It is crazy tanky against AP, but the hilariously bad concealment + extreme vulnerability to HE can make it extremely frustrating to play at times.
  5. Ashitaka fanclub

    I'm going to pick it up when it comes back.
  6. Japanese premium Battleships

    Bayren's guns are the worst at tier VI in terms of raw stats vs. # of barrels IIRC, but that is offset by over-match and insane armour. Mutsu's guns are better, but still not amazing. Their ability to over-match allows them to do quite well.
  7. Japanese premium Battleships

    Ishizuchi is a good HE spammer, but tier IVs aren't great for captain training. Mutsu strikes the best balance of decent rewards, clear strengths, and okay MM. Kii is decent, but can be a tough ship to use due to the punishing MM and squishy armour. It is basically a downgraded Amagi everywhere it counts (protection, firepower, and maneuverability), but gains a couple highly situational gimmicks (AA and crappy torpedoes). I haven't used Ashitaka.
  8. It depends. Certain ships are terrible in certain situations, and being a good captain can only mitigate that to a certain point. Of course a unicum captain can make a "meh boat" work better than an average or bad captain, but the ship itself will limit the performance ceiling.
  9. Nah, the skill doesn't need to be viable for BBs. It is a skill meant for DDs, just like basics of survivability is a BB skill for example. BBs don't need any help. Particularly not higher tier ones, and those would benefit most from a change like this.
  10. Hipper needs the most help out of tier VIII cruisers once New Orleans in down-tiered. Mogami isn't that great anymore because it doesn't up tier well, but that is a range issue rather than a firepower one. Mogami is far from bad. It is actually quite good, but tier VIII overall is a low point for cruisers tier-for-tier. They lack the range, DPM, and heal of higher tiers, but play in those tiers most of the time anyway. Unless you are Kutusov or, to a lesser extent, Atago.
  11. The MM is awful, but the tier VIII BBs and DDs scale into tier X reasonably well. Cruisers that aren't Kutusov get hit hard. I don't play my Atago as much as I used to, though it is less impacted than others because it can fall back on decent HE spam. Playing New Orleans bottom tier 90% of the time is horrific.
  12. Not the best start to Nagato

    The fuso-Nagato transition is rough. Going from a shotgun with 14" rifles to a "sniper rifle" with 16" rifles is difficult because you have to relearn how to aim with teh new guns, and at the same time have fewer guns to counteract any poor aim. Trust me though, Nagato is a monster once you grasp the lead for the 16" rifles. Much better than Fuso IMO.
  13. Tier 8 sucks

    Tier VIII MM is horrible. It will probably never change.
  14. Mutsuki or Minekaze?

    Akizuki is really good, though it depends if you want torpedo boats or a (singular) gunboat at tier VIII.
  15. Goals for 2018

    I want to get my first 19-point captain, and become the top NA player in Mutsu.