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  1. Mostly plays battleships, especially medium-tier and is excellent in them Deals a very large amount of damage Very often finishes damaged enemies Very rarely uses torpedoes Key vehicle - Atago
  2. Indeed, it is quite a lot of information to digest. It isn't exhaustive or always accurate, but there is still a lot there. I was really sad when the original archive went down. I made sure this time around to download it all so that wouldn't happen to me again (before my hard drive suddenly dies ).
  3. Premium Ship Review: Ashitaka

    Yup. The only reason Ashitaka tempts me is that it is a mostly historical hull of the Amagi-class (minus the silly AA).
  4. Premium Ship Review: Ashitaka

    I kinda want this, even though I shouldn't.
  5. A friend of mine compiled most of the United States Navy Technical Mission to Japan from the now defunct Fischer-Tropsch Archive so that people can navigate it again in one location. https://pacificwararchive.wordpress.com/2018/04/21/reports-of-the-u-s-naval-technical-mission-to-japan-1945-1946/ Edit: He is also working on the European one now. https://pacificwararchive.wordpress.com/2018/04/21/records-of-the-u-s-naval-technical-mission-in-europe-1944-1947/
  6. IJN Kii AA build ?

    Yup. AA builds can even be strong on ships with mediocre AA. It is all about mitigating damage from CVs. Of course with CV populations as low as they are it isn't really worth it from a try-hard perspective. However, when that CV does turn up the AA feels soooo nice. People rage all the time about CVs nuking them, but yeah. If you don't invest in skills at all then why would you expect to get the benefit?
  7. IJN Kii AA build ?

    It is viable. I personally run a captain with all the AA skills but still get the main battery accuracy module.
  8. Richelieu Turrets Too Fragile?

    I have had a single turret incapacitation in Richelieu thus far and I don't even use the main battery survivability mod.
  9. Thoughts on IJN Kii BB?

    Kii is okay. It is a worse Amagi in the vast majority of situations, but the AA and torpedoes can be situationally useful. Kii is not a "bad" ship by any stretch of the imagination. Quite a well-balanced premium actually.
  10. Bottom-tiering hinders you if you are good, because your ability to carry is limited by the weakness of your ship compared to your competition. However, if you are a sub-50% WR player, it may end up helping since you aren't expected to carry. If you are hard top-tier being, for example, one of the only tier VIII battleships in a game you are expected to do a lot of work. If you are a potato, then your failure to heavily influence the match has put a lot of pressure on the bottom-tiers in the game.
  11. Question about HE vs AP on BB's?

    Expert loader isn't really worth it on BBs. I find it indispensable on my Japanese CAs though.
  12. People that are exceptionally rude in chat. Bonus points if the person is also terrible, but still insists on finding a scapegoat for their own incompetence and screaming at everyone else on the team. They can get even more bonus points if they start screaming and back-seat captaining people that are three times better than they are.
  13. Question about HE vs AP on BB's?

    I'm probably about 75% AP and 25% HE in my BBs. KGV is the opposite. The main thing I use HE for on my BBs is killing bow campers, because AP is gonna do next to nothing. It is pretty amusing watching them try to get out of the terrible position they put themselves in, because their only options are to keep slowly reversing while I farm them with HE and fire damage, or to make an awkward broadside turn in front of everybody. I used to hate seeing bow campers because I was afraid of using HE in a BB, but now I love them. It is immensely satisfying to BBQ some guy that thinks they are playing "optimally."
  14. Premium Ship Review: Kii

    Kii is functional. Certainly a worse ship in most situations compared to Amagi, but nowhere near bad. In certain situations (enemy CV striking you or you end up in a dangerous brawl) Kii can excel.
  15. Cruiser terminology to use

    I just write out "cruiser" because the naval historian in me can't use "CA" or "CL" universally.