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  1. AdmiralPiett

    Yahagi much?

    Indeed, of all ships for Wargaming to break out the box'o'gimmicks and some soft-stat massaging on, it should be Yahagi. It is very weak otherwise. Exeter has the "hard" stats to be very good without the box'o'gimmicks.
  2. Indeed. I love taking AA builds on ships that aren't necessarily AA monsters in the current system. Most of the Japanese BB/CC line has pretty good AA tier-for-tier if it is built into (Kongo, Amagi, and Yamato in particular). IJN BB/CCs don't clear the skies even with a full build, but the AA punches above its weight because it eats a surprising number of planes and given that most CVs assume Japanese BB/CCs are literally defenseless, drops tend to be made in a sloppier manner than if they were striking a Montana. I'm just hoping buffing their AA in the current system yields a similar result: AA that isn't going to wipe squadrons, but will at least give them a bloody nose. Of course you give up a lot for that, which is perfectly fine. My concern with the new system is if I build 11 captain skills into my AA on, say, Yamato (a massive sacrifice in other areas) it won't matter anyway.
  3. AdmiralPiett

    Secondaries rework

    I swear they did explicitly mention that they were going to look at secondary builds this year (beyond the simple AP to HE change), but it was literally all they said. Like "we want to make secondary builds more viable but not OP" [paraphrasing]. There was absolutely no detail whatsoever beyond that, they just mentioned they were looking at it. I believe it was in one of the Waterline episodes.
  4. Yeah, it looks really, really dumb.
  5. AdmiralPiett

    AA increase on PTS - a concern

    I predict that there will be a lot of CV vs CV match ends, because they are essentially fighting a war of attrition with infinite reserves and the CVs can't fight each other thanks to automatic super CAP. Yeah, jaddajadda cool down timer. Okay. So what if the rest of the match is an even slugfest and it comes down to the CVs and maybe one or two beat up surface ships? Their AA is weakened, their health is low, and nobody is left alive to pool AA. At the end of the day plane reserves are infinite, and the cool down timer is just that: a cool down timer. Planes will be back eventually. The AA and HP of the last ships standing will not. It is a recipe for unceasing, predictable game ends. Much like back in the CBT days if one CV didn't snipe the other. It would come down to a CV fight after they had butchered all the surface ships in almost every match that wasn't a one-sided slaughter.
  6. That is my thought as well. In the current system a full AA Yamato can kinda defend itself, but a full AA Worchester vapourizes planes instantly. It is a near impossible problem, because allowing a middling AA ship to spec up to "decent" means that you are allowing, by extension, a great AA ship to become completely untouchable. One somewhat clever thing I have seen so far is that one skill increases the number of flak bursts by 2 (or something of that sort). Since it isn't % based, but instead a flat increase, that is a clever way to make the skill more valuable to a weaker AA ship (i.e. going from 6 bursts to 8), but with diminishing returns the more powerful the base AA is (i.e. going from 12 to 14). Aiming at a system where you can improve god-tier AA by a bit while still allowing middling AA ships to spec up to get a decent boost is interesting. That way a great AA ship could opt to buff it up a bit more (but it would be somewhat inefficient) or, alternatively, spend the captain skills and upgrades elsewhere because the AA is already great.
  7. What I'm most concerned/interested with is how AA will scale. So much discussion is about "will my AA death monster with a full build wipe squadrons," when the real question should be "does a middling AA ship with maybe a partial build do anything?" A system of haves and have-nots will create a lot of frustration and problems. Not everybody is going to sail around in a full AA Des Memes 24/7. Some ships will have hopeless AA by design (i.e. Mutsu, Arizona, WeeVee '41, Musashi), but I'm wondering if any kind of AA build (partial or full) will mean anything if the ship doesn't already have inherently good AA? I have all the AA captain skills on ships like Kongo under the current system. That actually manages to take middling AA and turn it into something that is pretty decent. I'm wondering if the same pattern will hold here, or if a middling AA ship will forever remain a hopeless target regardless of build? What is the cut-off for "hopelessly bad" AA? Right now ships like Mutsu might as well not have AA at all because it falls below the magical tier-for-tier DPS requirements to allow it to shoot down anything more often than once in a blue moon.
  8. I'm not sure BFT and AFT are worth 3 and 4 captain skills anymore. It will take testing, but the impact of both has been reduced significantly. BFT is marginal and rarely taken at 3 points now, so halving its DPS increase and leaving it at 3 points could end up killing it.
  9. I kinda figured the continuous DPS AA was useless from watching videos. Planes spend virtually no time that close to a ship since they are so fast. It is a similar problem in the current system, where anything with less than 3ish km range was bad and anything less than 2 km range might as well not exist, except it seems even more acute in the rework. At least the current system lets you increase AA range.
  10. AdmiralPiett

    Japanese Capital Ship Design from Kawachi to Yamato

    VH was adopted for economic rather than qualitative reasons. The Japanese could, and did, produce higher quality armour. This is from the extensive chapter on Japanese armour in Lengerer, Hans; Ahlberg, Lars. Capital Ships of the Imperial Japanese Navy 1868-1945: The YAMATO Class and Subsequent Planning. Other types of armour were used in the Yamato-class as well, and there is a multitude of factors beyond that. Lengerer, Hans; Ahlberg, Lars. Capital Ships of the Imperial Japanese Navy 1868-1945: The YAMATO Class and Subsequent Planning: Chapters 4 and 5 (Kindle Locations 428-529). Nimble Books LLC. Kindle Edition.
  11. AdmiralPiett

    Refund for AA themed ships Atlanta and Texas?

    This kind of reaction is why doing damage to planes short of shooting them down has to mean something: rewards, XP, and something to indicate that the target is hitting back at the CV. Perhaps slower rearm for critically damaged planes? I don't know, something. The game isn't going to be 100% AA build Des Moines that are going to shoot down dozens of planes outright (not that even they are doing a ton to justify the frankly absurd cost of a full AA build). Wargaming needs to find a way to ease player frustration by giving them a feeling that they have accomplished something even if the CV pushed a strike or two through. Right now it is all or nothing. Unless you shot planes down, your AA might as well have been turned off since the planes just head back to the CV and any damage done was pointless. No rewards. No XP. Damage done to planes has zero impact unless somebody else finishes the job before they return to the CV, and then THEY get the satisfaction of doing something, not the guy that knocked 60% of the health off of them.
  12. Yes, but the current system only penalizes shot down planes. HP has no bearing on it whatsoever, which makes doing damage to planes completely pointless and contributes to a feeling of helplessness. If the damage done to a plane short of shooting it down was taken into account for cool down the whole system would feel a lot more dynamic since even the little bits of damage that a DD or bad AA ship could do would contribute to crippling the CV's offensive capacity. Add rewards for damage (not just planes shot down) and you have a system where the person under attack feels like they are doing something to stop the CV even if they aren't wiping squadrons as a full AA Des Memes.
  13. The AA changes are about as clear as mud. For the part of the game that 100% of the playerbase will need to use (as opposed to only the CV players), Wargaming completely forgot about explaining just what in the hell they did to it. Not that AA seems to do much anyway from the gameplay I have seen. I don't hate the overall concept, but I have deep concerns that Wargaming hasn't really thought out what the impact of the new gameplay will have on the targets: the majority of the playerbase. Being under constant air attack until you are dead, while your anemic AA sputters at the infinite number of planes, is going to make people feel awfully hopeless. Hopelessness breeds frustration, and frustration in a game leads to loss of players. If a partial AA build Montana (a far more realistic build than the laughably expensive 11-point captain and two module commitment to full AA) barely manages to down any planes, what chance does any other ship in the game stand? It is shaping up to look like anything that isn't an AA meme boat with a full build is going to do nothing but token (and meaningless) damage to aircraft. There is a huge difference between "AA flavour" and creating a system of haves and have-nots, with the have-nots vastly outnumbering the former. Never mind the removal of AA range buffs, so what little ability to provide mutual AA support is being hammer-nerfed, and it was never that viable to begin with because the entire rest of the game does not support blobbing together outside of standard battle. Even in standard battle, DDs still need to scout and currently that is a death sentence since the CV's planes are immune to their AA and the new system means that a CV can have a squadron attacking and spotting them almost constantly with literally seconds in-between waves being exhausted before the next one is back. I understand Wargaming has opted to "balance" on the live server, but the game is going to hemorrhage players if they leave the current balance in for even a short period of time. The balance patch turn-around needs to be exceptionally fast. Don't even get me started on the infinite planes and the way the AA system interacts with the squadrons. It is entirely all-or-nothing right now. Wow, you can see damage numbers you are causing to aircraft! Oh wait, you gain no XP or credits for doing damage to aircraft (only the anemic rewards for downing planes outright), the planes heal everything back when they return to the carrier (so damage is pointless), and the planes are infinite anyway so you need to wipe squadrons to even have a hope of gaining a reprieve from constant air attack. Yeah, that isn't going to lead to player frustration at all. I mean, look at this: Notser, with a DD that is several-fold better off against plane attack than the vast majority of them, is under constant spotting and attack by the carrier until he has gone. His DFAA, AA-build Gearing managed to shoot down zero aircraft over a 20 minute match. Wow, that looks really fun. He really ate into the CV's infinite plane capacity there. Almost like buffing plane speed to UFO levels and making sure there is always something to attack with in order to stave off alleged CV player boredom has serious knock-on effects for the targets of the constant strikes. Again, the system itself has potential, but Wargaming has to come up with a much better way of actually punishing bad CV play. There needs to be rewards for damage done to aircraft in addition to outright plane kills, and the damage done to aircraft needs to increase cool-down time so that coming back with a squadron that is all "red" health actually means something. Right now the plane can come back barely damaged and it is ready to go just as fast as one that came back literally on fire with 200 HP left. In short, it needs to be possible to "deplane" a bad carrier by badly damaging or shooting down so many of its planes that it can't immediately launch another wave. You know, actually punish bad play and reward the good?
  14. I assume AA balance will be entirely borked for some time to come. That is understandable, if frustrating, given it took Wargaming ages to get to what little balance they established in the current system. It is a near impossible problem. When Wargaming gives people the option to spend over half of their captain skills plus two of the most important modules (second one tier IX and X) on AA, sacrificing significant anti-ship capability and survivability, people expect a massive return on the investment. On the other hand, CV players don't want untouchable ships.
  15. AdmiralPiett

    Gascogne vs. Kii vs. Vanguard

    All three are pretty mediocre, so it comes down to what nation you would prefer to have a tier VIII trainer for. The big problem with Kii is that you need a dedicated captain to get the most out of its gimmick, which can cause problems.