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  1. Secondary Focused IJN BB

    Brawling is antithetical to Japanese BB/CC design in game. Amagi is the best at it tier-for-tier, but still not ideal. Kii had some of the basic ingredients, but the exposed and weakly protected citadel, bad torpedo protection, and slow turret traverse knee-capped it right out of the gate, torpedoes or not. The majority of Japanese BB/CCs are at their best kiting away at medium range. Izumo isn't a terrible brawler, but other ships do the job far better. If Wargaming really wanted they could turn whatever premium into a brawler similar to what they did with Massachusetts. Just slap some 10cm guns on, give it an Amagi-style turtle back and torpedo protection, play around with some soft stats (i.e. turret traverse) and there you go. The downside is you would need a dedicated captain, because it would play completely different from the rest of the line. Kii is already like that anyway I guess, since the whole gimmick is the AA.
  2. Do many Unicums ever pick Vigilance?

    It is a viable skill, but I never take it myself because there is almost always a better use of the three points. The only exception might be my low tier cruiser captains just because there is nothing else.
  3. Garbage boats you like...

    Kawachi is relaxing in its own way. Sail it like a unicum BB player, but at the end of the day every time you click the fire button it is like pulling the lever on a slot machine. Nobody expects a Kawachi to do anything, so I occasionally take it out to unwind.
  4. Yamato got AA guns on turret?

    Yes, they added a couple of mounts to the #2. Bizarrely enough they didn't add them to the #3, which should also have them. Yamato is also still missing a couple other AA guns scattered about, so it still isn't fully historical.
  5. Which nations would get Subs first?

    100% German because when you say "WWII submarine" the first thing the average person thinks of is a U-boat. Maybe American as the other line because 1. they have enough subs for a line, 2. they waged the other big submarine campaign of WWII, and 3. there are a lot of Americans that like American things. Another option is the Soviets because Wargaming is Russian and Russians like Russian things. Japan could come soon after pretty easily.
  6. Is it just me (Kawachi)?

    From somebody that has played more Kawachi than most: it is horrifically bad. It is a frustrating ship even for a unicum like me. It is horrific for new players. It doesn't even have the Myogi excuse of "well, if you are a 65% WR unicum you can really make the ship work." Kawachi is just hot garbage even by the low standard of a tier III BB.
  7. CV Rework - Full Co-Op Game

    Flamu seemed to miss this, but something was impacting the circle in that awful dispersion attack. I wonder if that is defensive fire, or if the player was being punished for committing to the dive and then trying to correct too much. If you watch it closely the dive bombing ridicule doesn't narrow in like it did on earlier attacks.
  8. Any T9 tech-tree ships worth keeping?

    There are a few. My personal takes (on what I have): Yugumo - I like it more than Shimakaze. It is a more balanced ship. Smaller, faster torpedo reload, etc. Ibuki - Real design, so I kept it since I have zero interest in fictional Zao. For anyone focused purely on gameplay it is pretty bad though, and Zao plays exactly the same just way better. Alsace - 12 guns, tons of secondaries, real design. Chung Mu - A much better torpedo boat than Yueyang thanks to better alpha and a way faster reload. Kitakaze - An Akizuki with better DPM, torpedoes, AA (such as it is...), speed, and concealment. The most flexible of the three IJN gunboats. Also a real design.
  9. Tier VI, West Virginia (Dev Blog)

    I love Mutsu and really like Ashitaka. That being said I'm not sure why they didn't just go with the modernization of West Virginia people wanted. This will be a good ship at tier VI, but the USN already has Arizona. Honestly Wargaming could have earned cheap brownie points giving these down-tiered, A-hull premiums away through campaigns/events. The work on them was already done ages ago so it wouldn't cost them anything really and nobody sane would complain about getting a Colorado-class in its original configuration through some event or whatever.

    I have some concerns, but overall a new class implemented properly is welcome in my book. That being said my number one concern is the disproportionate workload that the addition of submarines would place on DDs. The average destroyer player already can't manage spotting and capping. Adding ASW on top of that is placing too many eggs in one (class) basket. It is already almost an instant loss if the team's DDs are bad/die in the first two minutes. I'm curious what options cruisers and BB/CCs will have if their DD screens are dead.
  11. CV Rework Feedback

    The core concept looks great, so I'm pretty excited.
  12. T8 only is fun!

    My brother liked tier VIII ranked quite a bit. You get to use some of the ships that are mostly just target practice for tier Xs now.
  13. Kitakaze a "keeper"?

    Akizuki, Kitakaze, and Harugumo are all exceptionally strong. Kitakaze is still a strong contender even if you could only keep one because it offers more flexible gameplay than Harugumo or Akizuki thanks to its speed.
  14. Depends on the upgrade. Some, like Zao's, are pretty great. Others, like Des Moines', aren't.
  15. The secret to success with the IJN torpedo-centric line is learning to make the most out of the guns. I play significantly more gun-heavy than the vast majority of other players with IJN torpedo boats and if you can aim and are good at kiting the guns can surprise you. That is mainly because the average DD player, despite the "more skilled player base harharhar" posturing, is just as inept as the average BB player. They can't aim, they have poor positioning, and more often than not they don't know how to react to an IJN torpedo boat that is shooting at them. The theoretical DPM advantage of other DDs starts to evaporate when they are trying to fire at a kiting target that is extending the range (with the better velocity on the IJN 12.7cm guns). This is made even more acute when they spend 5 or so seconds fiddling around to launch the torpedoes that aren't going to hit me. That all being said, your guns are still defensive tools most of the time and you have to be careful about who and what you pick a fight with. I'm not too afraid of anything USN since the average USN DD player is atrocious (the number of Gearing "First Blood" -class DDs I have gunned down in my Asashio is frankly embarrassing), but fighting anything else requires a bit more nuance since the players are better on average. The Soviets and new IJN gunboats are particularly scary.