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  1. This will be a very important book to watch, set to release in the Spring of 2020. Richard Frank is one of the greatest historians of the Asia-Pacific War, and I don't say that lightly. It is the first volume of Frank's much anticipated survey of the Asia-Pacific War.
  2. AdmiralPiett

    Checking up on Yahagi

    They did exactly what they needed to do: operate as flagships for DD squadrons. They needed aircraft to scout, larger command spaces, high speed (to operate with the DDs), and just enough firepower and armour to deal with enemy destroyer leaders and destroyers. Oyodo wasn't even considered a front-line combat vessel, it was intended to lead submarine units, hence its lavish command spaces and scouting arrangements. The Japanese didn't have the shipyard capacity to poop out dozens of CAs and giant CLs like the USN. The Japanese committed to the CAs in that role, the CLs were glorified destroyer leaders. Just because a class of ships was fairly small and unambitious didn't make them bad. They did exactly what was asked of them: lead their DDs and beat up enemy DDs.
  3. AdmiralPiett

    Checking up on Yahagi

    I picked it up for historical collector reasons, but stay the hell away from it. It is, without exaggeration, the worst ship I have played in the game and I have been around since CBT. I'm a 67% WR unicum and have only barely managed to break 30k damage once so far. It is nice to look at though, so it will make a lovely port queen.
  4. AdmiralPiett

    Checking up on Yahagi

    Yahagi is bad, predictably. They didn't even give it ASM0, which was obvious low-hanging fruit.
  5. AdmiralPiett

    Mouse's Super Quick Review of Yahagi

    Damn. I love the Agano-class, since it has an interesting history with a lot of good design features. I still kinda want Yahagi despite it being crap, but man. Having a never-ending stream of bad IJN premiums based around some torpedo gimmick that isn't even good has gotten really old.
  6. AdmiralPiett

    General Consensus of MFAA?

    As others have said, it is terrible. It makes the AA worse on ships with good AA and doesn't do anywhere near enough for ships with bad AA to invest in it. You are better off taking fire prevention (in a BB) or concealment (in anything) to mitigate damage generally. Taking AFT for AA only is also a joke, but you get a little bit more value if you have a lot of flak bursts and also want some secondaries. Neither are worth 4 captain points IMO. A full AA build is now pretty much BFT and the flag. The module that adds flak bursts is also pretty bleh unless you have nothing better to pick in the slot (e.g. North Carolina).
  7. AdmiralPiett

    1932 IJN Kaga "Yearbook"

    This is a wonderful find!
  8. Massive AA is garbage. Spending four captain points to try and salvage the plane-killing potential of a bad AA ship is a poor investment. It is still yet to be determined if it is even worth it for ships with poor AA DPS. AFT for AA only has been garbage since the rework dropped. Way over-priced. It is now only useful for ships that need the main battery range boost (e.g. Atlanta) or are going a secondary meme-build.
  9. AdmiralPiett

    iChase showing some submarine gameplay

    I know it is still very early days, but I have a lot of concerns. I'm not against the addition of subs, I'm just visualizing a lot of potential issues. 1. I have yet to see how that is going to be fun for people on the receiving end and destroyers as a class already have enough jobs to do and are critical for victory. What will happen when a team loses their DDs in the first minute and a half? It is already a high probability of a loss in the current version of the game, so what will happen when subs are thrown in? 2. It will also introduce more "flavour" balance issues if they decide to do ASW flavour between national lines. The IJN DDs would be bad at it for example. They are already pretty close to being over-specialized from a gameplay standpoint, so what is going to happen when the other team has all the DDs with good ASW and you are stuck with DDs that are bad at it? 3. The ASW "gameplay" is really dull looking. Just chase the circle until your automatic weapons start firing. Not exactly getting me excited. 4. The underwater speed for submarines is dumb. They should be forced to travel on the surface if they want high speeds (outside a select few classes that were actually fast underwater). That is more of a subjective thing I suppose, but it still irks me a bit.
  10. AdmiralPiett

    Kagero — Japanese Tier VIII destroyer.

    I recently re-bought Kagero since it was such a significant IJN DD class. The new HD model looks fantastic, and the ship itself is still great!
  11. About the only thing Yubari needs (possibly) is unlimited DFAA charges. It has been a good, but not OP, little premium since they gave it the special aim systems mod.
  12. AdmiralPiett

    Save tier 8?

    Hopefully the 8.7 MM changes will help. 40% bottom tier will be a significant improvement over the 70ish% I have been experiencing at tier VIII. Never mind that out of the bottom tier games I'm often one of only 2-4 tier VIIIs in the match. Some weeknights I have played exclusively bottom tier for my entire play session. My playtime at tier VIII has plummeted over the last year.
  13. AdmiralPiett

    How will you spend your Republic Tokens?

    The bundles. Over-the-top camos aren't my thing.
  14. AdmiralPiett

    Fastest torps? Who has them?

    Oh derp, you're right. I thought they were 74 knots for some reason.
  15. AdmiralPiett

    Fastest torps? Who has them?

    Le Fantasque will be the fastest while still remaining functional I believe (75 knots @ 8km range). F3s with TA are stupid fast, but far from optimal.