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  1. Wolff_Punisher

    Public Test - 0.9.1 - Bugs Report

    My goof. I for some reason was thinking the expiration date on the personal mission #`1 was how much longer we had, guess i should read better
  2. Wolff_Punisher

    Public Test - 0.9.1 - Bugs Report

    I'm having the same problem today. I fear that the tasks that I could have finished to achieve all 3 requirements will now not happen
  3. Wolff_Punisher

    Public Test - 0.9.1 - Bugs Report

    1. Description:Server overload message when trying to enter random battles (275 players online)2. How to reproduceRetry and enter random battle multi times. Close client and log back in again3. Result Every try results in a server overload message
  4. Wolff_Punisher

    Super Container

    Can't remember the last time I received a super container. Congrats on the nice one you got
  5. Think I'll turn mine into a shore side party barge. Full bar, 50 taps, live bands, dance floor.
  6. Wolff_Punisher

    A very underrated stat

    Battles: 8,594 Battles survived: 3,784 (44.03%) Wins: 4,704 (54.74%) Wins survived: 2,999 (63.75%)
  7. Wolff_Punisher

    Are you having fun?

    I may be a rare one but regardless of both the good and bad points thru this year, I am still having fun considering this is an outlet from real life for me. I get some entertainment value from the game.
  8. Not enough up votes to give for this. That was awesome, well done
  9. Wolff_Punisher

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to all the Captains out there
  10. Wolff_Punisher

    Stuck on Authorization?

    Had the same issue. Computer restart helps though It seems a little show to finish
  11. Wolff_Punisher

    2019 Secret Santa !

    @Batmantis_ Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and the randome i said last night i was going to do @Suspect_Unlimited, @RobPow2019
  12. Wolff_Punisher

    Your favorite 'challenging' ship

    Atago, love the ship but for some reason I just have the worst luck (mostly me) playing her
  13. Wolff_Punisher

    2019 Secret Santa !

    Nice to see this post still going. Out for the evening seeing a movie but will catch up on anyone that may have been missed and pick a few random players to send gifts to. Happy holidays everyone
  14. Wolff_Punisher

    Super Container!

    Congrats on that awesome pull. Can't remember the last time I had a super container
  15. Wolff_Punisher

    2019 Secret Santa !

    @tcbaker777 @CaptMeg - the random I mentioned earlier i was going to send to A little something for the holidays Again, a little slow getting to the name i though was above. No matter, its fun giving this year. All enjoy