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  1. Wolff_Punisher

    PSA: Bonus Code

    Still works
  2. When was your last and what did you get? Finally got a super container after at least 6 months of not seeing one from the daily containers and what did I finally get: 1,000 Doubloons
  3. Wolff_Punisher

    Resource Containers Nerfed?

    Had a few 3 coal in the last week. Just random. went most December with one and a few 2 coal
  4. Wolff_Punisher

    Warning - Your Eyes May Bleed. Open At Own Risk

    And did it drunk on whiskey
  5. Wolff_Punisher

    Returning to the game...and I love it

    Game for me is still worth playing even after 5 years. I take breaks which I suggest is a must. There will always be good and bad but still worth playing
  6. Wolff_Punisher

    Weekend Spree, 8-10 January 2021

    Played a few game (remember why I don't play weekends) Chores around the house Family time Fairly quiet weekend
  7. Wolff_Punisher

    I'm out

    Nothing about the player base has changed from day one. There are some that are too scared to get pixel paint scratched, then those that will sail right in and brawl followed by every style in-between. Can't compare to back in the beta days (I was there also) we were all testing the game and were limited with ships and styles of play. We pushed the limits of what we knew and how to play and beta was more aggressive. You get lucky to have good team and unlucky with the bad ones. It will never change cause too many thousands of captains have their own play style.
  8. I do compliment often. I refuse to use the negative, as it's not worth it
  9. Karma means nothing in reality, it's just a way for either salty players to have a negative outlet against something they didn't like no matter what it is on both teams or those that want to give compliments for good play. I'm sure I have been given negative karma just caue I sunk some one and sure others have got the same I for one don't care about karma points as I've learned since it was implemented that it means nothing. I try and play the best I can good or bad games and those numbers have no influence in how I go about playing.
  10. Wolff_Punisher

    How long?!

    Congrats on the 5 year mark. I remember getting that about a year ago, amazing how time flies
  11. Wolff_Punisher

    How much did people spend on Santa crates?

    And that's all that counts if your happy with the return. If I may ask, what branch of service are you in. Former U.S.Army myself. 12 years myself. Thank you for your service
  12. Wolff_Punisher

    Why buy a tier 8 premium?

    Depending on the tier 8, you can do pretty decent if up tiered. And then you do super well when top tier. Yes it's a pain in the top tier in a tier 8 ship, but it is also a learning experience. Plus as said above the majority over all you'll be tiered in battle at you ship tier
  13. Wolff_Punisher

    How much did people spend on Santa crates?

    Good point. I have a family but have done good about saving money over a long while and this is one of my big source of entertainment, why not have fun. In a way I am a collector of ships and I enjoy the game win or lose, if I spend a little more than planned and am happy then so be it
  14. Wolff_Punisher

    I'm the Player WG Looks For...

    Just cause I got lucky with the doubloons I received from the Santa crate packages , I bought one last big package x20 Talking about getting damn lucky, got the last 5 ships I needed to complete what was available on the Santa list Benham, Kamikaze, Nikolai, Azuma, Champagne.
  15. Wolff_Punisher

    How much did people spend on Santa crates?

    Just cause I felt like it, I bought another big pack x20. Talk about getting damn lucky. Received the last 5 ships that I didn't have off the list: Benham, Kamikaze, Nikolai, Azuma, Champagne.