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  1. Wolff_Punisher

    A Blast from the Past - 5th - 12th

    One of my first best memories was when accepted as a supertester and one of the first events, Halloween's Salem witch event. One if the best event moment's early in the game and will never forget the fun
  2. Bummed, out of all the events I've captained this looks to me by first not to be as an event Captain. Guessed I can't win then all.
  3. Wolff_Punisher

    BONUS CODE from EU stream

    Thank you for the code, still worked
  4. Wolff_Punisher

    Free Code - Expired

    Not working
  5. Wolff_Punisher

    world of warship (NOT RESPONDING)

    Constant freezes and crashes as everyone else is having
  6. Wolff_Punisher

    Public Test - 0.8.5 - Bugs Report

    Constant crashing ever game
  7. Getting code not valid, by both copy/paste and hand typing
  8. Wolff_Punisher

    Bonus code

    Thanks, worked
  9. Wolff_Punisher

    The Best Supercontainer

    Best I got was a week premium time
  10. Wolff_Punisher


    It's a great little ship. Don't take mine out as often as I would like.
  11. Wolff_Punisher

    What's your favorite ship?

    Though not my most played, I do agree the Ark Beta is a fun ship. Will take damage as well as dish it out. Even though no AA, those 6 upgrade slots sure are a bonus
  12. Wolff_Punisher

    Lazo? Or not Lazo?

    I like my Lazo. It's worth getting. Has good points and had but over all a decent cruiser. She's a challenge to play and can be pest to other ships. Though if hit can lose health real fast. With the spotter please it get some great gun range and then becomes a giant pest. Torps are almost useless at 4km. Overall a decent balanced ship for what she is.
  13. Wolff_Punisher

    Toxic people

    You have nothing to worry about. You did nothing to even remotely cause any issue. Some just thrive on drama, and can't seem to survive with out.
  14. Wolff_Punisher

    Compliment a Captain - 20th - 27th

    @ReignCrusader great game to help make sure we got the sin when it was looking to bee too close
  15. Wolff_Punisher

    Who Actually Loves this game as is 5/19/19

    Yes I do. They're will always be some thing that is not right, but it is being worked on and there will always be something that some like and dislike