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  1. Wolff_Punisher

    Merry Christmas folks!

    Merry Christmas
  2. Wolff_Punisher

    Epic bonus code still valid!

    Worked for me, Thanks
  3. Wolff_Punisher

    Merry Christmas everyone

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all the Captains out there
  4. Wolff_Punisher

    Secret Santa 2021!

    Check your port for a gift. Merry Christmas. Gotta keep this going as I do look forward to this thread every year and will do what I can to keep it going. No matter what each feels about the game, this is just a fun tradition and gives me great joy to have this much fun. Plus I can't believe this tradition is only a couple pages long. Usually by this time it's 4 or 5, but do understand how it can be for some this year. So again. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all
  5. Best I got was this:
  6. Flags, camo, 90 days premium
  7. 40 Big crates and received these Smaland, Flandre, Groningen, Hayate, Hyuga, Ise, Jurua, Mysore, Weimar, Yukon
  8. 26 Big crates originally: Bunch of camos and flags, 7500 doubloons and the following ships: Flandre, Groningen, Hayate, Hyuga, Ise, Jurua, Mysore. Then spent the doubloons and recieved, camos and : Weimar, Yukon, Smaland Tier X snowflakes (20 total) pulled the Tone
  9. Wolff_Punisher

    New Code

    Got the same.
  10. Wolff_Punisher

    Onwards and Outwards!

    Sorry to see you go. I enjoyed working with you during the Anchors Away Tour here in Seattle the the Turner Joy. Hope all goes sure great in your new adventure and wish you all the luck in the world
  11. Wolff_Punisher

    Birthday Gifts

    I have the same issue, all steps have been done for years. I wish they would at least back pay that for at least the month they implemented it
  12. Wolff_Punisher

    What matters?

    Let's put you question and ideas this way. I am a I was here since closed beta, and am Supertester and have been since day one. I don't always agree with the way the final product goes, but believe they are trying to at least put out an enjoyable game no matter what each person personally thinks. As long as I still enjoy playing the game and spending what I FEEL I get entertainment value for I will continue to play no matter my personal feeling about the development of the game and when I don't like playing is when I will finally quit. Each of us have our personal opinions as well as we should have but bottom line its about enjoyment. When the enjoyment leaves each person should leave when it suits them
  13. Wolff_Punisher

    Free Code

    Just tried and worked for me
  14. Wolff_Punisher

    Farewell Gneisenau013

    As someone that has met and worked with Gneisenau013 from when he was here in Seattle for the Turner Joy Anchors Away Tour, I can and I will say this about Gneisenau013, he was such a joy and super nice person to work for and with. I truly hope and wish him all the best in his next adventure that life brings his way. On a side note, I personally could care less about the issues between himself and WG and will never effect what I know about this very good person.
  15. I for one will take this with all the intent that is meant and believe WG will . I have been here since day one and been in the SuperTest program for over 5 years and believe WG does and tries to do what's right for the best they can for the player base as a whole, no matter what everyone's personal opinion may be including mine. They are still a company based on a profit and have zero issues with that as long as I still get my entertainment value and will continue with both general game play and SuperTesting as long I feel the value of play but once I feel less than any value I will leave both. I believe everyone has their difference of opinions and ideas of how the game should be played and developed, but I try my best to remember it's a game and games should be fun.