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  1. Intel Core i7-7700K Kaby Lake Quad-Core 4.2 GHzNoctua NH-D15 6 heatpipe with Dual NF-A15 140mm fansASUS ROG Maximus IX Hero Z270G.SKILL TridentZ Series 16GB DDR4 3200ASUS STRIX Radeon R7 370 Overclocked 4 GB DDR5Samsung 850 evo 500gbWindows 10 Pro 64-bit
  2. I dont like the staggered release. I personally think options from the ship alone up a full bundle should have been offered. There are those out there that cant afford the full bundle but theydo have avalable funds for just the ship at this time. Yes they have the option of waiting till their price point is reached but at that time they may not have the funds available to make a purchase.
  3. Renton here and would live to see a player gathering sometime soon
  4. Have a couple beers every now and then. Entertainment and adult beverages, what could go wrong, lol.
  5. I gave up the grind on the Baltimore 4 months ago. Just too frustrating to play. With the short gun range bad shell arc your getting pounded on before you fire a shot. Not sure what will help this poor ship, but hope something is figured out soon. She has great AA but with the all lack of carriers, it's not much of an asset
  6. I plan on being there
  7. The ship is better than most think it is. It's a good all around ship, AA is very good for it's tier, takes a pretty good beating and can dish it out even with only 6 guns
  8. Feel that pain also. No matter how I try and play it is have major issues. Hense the reason I've not played it in months
  9. Zao and Yamato, pretty much all my 10's Seems like almost every time I sail either one I get stuck on the teams that when the shooting starts, they all run and I'm left in a 4 against 1 battle.
  10. Having issues also. Everything loads but screen and controls frozen. All worked fine till I entered the last battle. If your having issues try exiting game and do an integrity check
  11. Might want to check who are ones posting before you jump out and accuse someone of something. Since that ship has been for sale all day and tons have bought it, good bet it's regular players posting.
  12. I have the same issue
  13. Going to be there as well. Fun, Food and Alcohol = a great time
  14. ^^^^ least safe place. Once the focus fire is finished on the tester the one next to him is the new target
  15. Finally, now I can request the day off