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  1. Welcome, and have a good time.
  2. Well said, iChase brought forth alot of good discussion (for the most part) here. I may not be able to join in on this, but it was a good read from all valid arguments on the whole.
  3. Don't know why you always get so much flak iChase, for taking a look at the game with an objective an unbiased approach. By far my most favorite CC. Very nice video and thanks for taking the time on it.
  4. Alabama or missou?

    Legends from the hidden temple, holy cow what a blast from the past.
  5. I'm disappointed by you guys

    While I think this is a good cause, you do make valid points. and are indeed correct.
  6. what is up with crates

    Up until I got the Atago, I thought super containers were all but a joke and treated them as such in the rare event that I actually got one.
  7. what is up with crates

    don't forget you have to sacrifice 3 goats to RNGesus first.
  8. what is up with crates

    Lol you couldn't be anymore right. I got an SC yesterday and I was like "Oh WOOHOO another 250 flooding or det flags!", then the Atago showed up and I was like, alrighty then...amazed to say the least.
  9. what is up with crates

    3 SCs so far. First was 5 million credits. Second was 250 flooding flags. Third was an Atago.
  10. Ok, let's be serious folks

    Is half the other crap people start threads over worth starting them over?
  11. When meathead asked why he was here. You should have wrote KV-5 on the board.
  12. I was disinclined to believe they still existed until today, when this popped out of one.