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  1. I used to complain until it gave me a free Atago. I dont complain any more.
  2. Man I wish we could control secondaries in PC version.
  3. Plays a mix of cruisers (good), battleships (good) and destroyers (good) Deals an above average amount of damage Extremely often uses torpedoes (when in ships that have them) Key vehicle - Arizona
  4. DD Main

    Guys thanks for all of this advice, it is most appreciated. o7
  5. DD Main

    Hi guys, its been a looong time since ive posted. But I started playing again not to long ago, and although I love the history and grandeur of Battleships, and the elegance of Cruisers, I have always loved the sheer action of destroyers, its just taken me a long time to realize I want to become a DD main. So what I am asking, for any DD mains out there, pointers, tips, I am not a good player by any stretch, but i'll take any advice. Happy sailing.
  6. What to Sell? Mahan or Benson?

  7. Never understood it, simply dont hit battle until you are ready to play.
  8. Welcome, and have a good time.
  9. Well said, iChase brought forth alot of good discussion (for the most part) here. I may not be able to join in on this, but it was a good read from all valid arguments on the whole.
  10. Don't know why you always get so much flak iChase, for taking a look at the game with an objective an unbiased approach. By far my most favorite CC. Very nice video and thanks for taking the time on it.
  11. Alabama or missou?

    Legends from the hidden temple, holy cow what a blast from the past.
  12. I'm disappointed by you guys

    While I think this is a good cause, you do make valid points. and are indeed correct.