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  1. Who have you seen in game

    Just this week managed to finish second to Aeroon, kill Pope Shizzle and be killed by business6 in a div and kill Hazegrayunderway. By the way Hazegray is a gentleman, proud to play with him.
  2. Hey, the kids ain't all that bad..

    I actually div with my son, son-in-law, and some friends of theirs. They are all good kids (actually mid 20's). I'm 52 and a navy vet, they appreciate my stories. We all went to the USS Alabama a few months back for a day trip and had a blast. We all fit well together and have a lot of fun. I even am the 2nd best player out of the crew. Just don't ask me to play Call of Duty or Halo.
  3. TAP has pretty much always been reliable on WOWS.
  4. I run 5 steam turbines, coal powered with a total output of roughly 6 million horsepower that say coal can make considerable power
  5. Well the Tirpitz I played against today had no problem knocking the heck out of me at 16Km. He had 4 kills if I recall correctly.
  6. Nothing Like Having..

    Wow napalm, your avatar looks just like my tattoo. EW for the win!