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  1. Ever since the last patch, whenever the camera goes below the deck level of the ship (I mean if the ship is at about eye level and I'm not looking down on it), the framerate drops significantly. This is most noticeable in port, but I have also noticed it in game as well. Is there something I can do about this or is it something that is going to be fixed in the next patch? Does anyone know?
  2. HMSTog

    Do Russian BB have a weakness?

    Got the Izmail myself. It certainly did feel OP in the first game, when I made 150k dmg. Then in my third game or so I got 1 shot by a nagato. It can certainly feel very strong if played correctly and if you don't show broadside at all. But everyone needs to turn around, change flank, retreat, etc sometime. If you got a few salvos at long range with good dispersion, that might just be good RNG. I feel like the ship is balanced and I really like it actually. It's good if played right, but make a mistake and it's VERY punishing.
  3. HMSTog

    I love CVs

    I love CVs too. TBH I kinda preferred the RTS version, but the post 0.8.0 version is actually starting to grow on me. And to all my CV brothers and sisters don't let the haters put you down. CVs are not WoT arty, they are fun and they need skill to play.
  4. HMSTog

    How to play cruisers

    Russian cruisers have great shell ballistics and many ships in the line are light cruisers (152mm). You want to mostly keep your distance and spam your HE. Get IFHE on captain right around when you get to tier 7. Avoid showing broadside at all cost, the ships have very long citadels high above water. They also take forever to turn. If you need to turn, do it when the enemy is still far, or use an island for cover. When you get radar at t8, don't start yoloing close to caps at the start of the match, or you'll get nuked. I think the gameplay changes somewhat on the Moskva, that thing actually has armor and has decent AP, I heard, but I'm not there yet, still only have the Donskoi. As for the French, I only have T6 now so I'm not an expert, but I think you wanna save that reload booster for special occasions, like dd spotted nearby or cruiser showing broadside
  5. HMSTog

    Early Access Ship Question

    Ok, that's awesome, thanks guys
  6. Does anyone know if the xp I get on early access ships stays on them after the line is released or goes to the T1 or something? I got an Izmail and I'm wondering if I should keep grinding out the Xp to get to the T7 or play something else.
  7. HMSTog

    CV Rework Feedback

    So... with this huge change to the CVs... would it be too much to ask WG to somehow bring in full on manual AA into the game? By the looks of it, it wouldn't be such a huge step from what they are showing right now. And it would make the game soooooo much more interesting
  8. HMSTog

    CV Rework Feedback

    So far I like what I see. There might be 2 problems with this concept. 1. What to do with returning squadrons? If there are heavy aa ships in the return path the returning squadrons will get shredded. Setting the return path before the attack could be a possible solution. 2. What if the CV gets attacked? You could have a long duration consumable for getting another strike squadron to defend against attacking ships while having the one in the air return to you immediately while setting the retreat path for the CV on the map. The other thing is what will happen with fighters. It seems fighters will be a purely defensive consumable with no ability to intercept. I'm not sure I like this very much. They should add fighter control at least on the map/minimap.
  9. HMSTog

    Question About Legendary Upgrades

    Thanks for all the replies guys. I was just going to try out the legendary upgrade on the DM when I get it, not necessarily keeping it. For me, the loss of range kind of sounds like a dealbreaker (i run the range mod in slot 6). Although I do sometimes want faster acceleration. The DM needs it in a lot of situations, hiding behind islands and all.
  10. So I just got my first T10 recently, the DM I was wondering if anyone knows if the mission to get the legendary upgrade ends on December 31 like it says or if it just resets at the end of the year until you get the upgrade. Thanks for your help if anyone knows the answer