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  1. Wish we had some info( as others do I'm sure lol) I can't imagine the base being happy if they remove fighters if your allowed to fly other types. Oh well time will tell eventually, maybe.
  2. I don't see how one squadron at a time would work. To much time would be wasted landing and launching aircraft, the matches don't seem long enough. Add to that countering what's already in the air( unless fighters are removed ) then players will spend their time trying to match what the other guy has in the air instead of attacking ships. Maybe have friends play together and launch multiple squadrons but I don't see how 1 player doing it would work.
  3. As long as we don't have to fly the planes ourselves I think I can manage.
  4. If you love the Age of Sail

    Not sure if you have been on their forums, but they stopped development on legends to focus on OW http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/24901-announcement-on-the-legends-server-status-and-long-downtime/
  5. Stupid question time. In the FAQs for legends, https://wowslegends.com/forums/topic/20-intro-faq/ It mentions carrier will be added, but to avoid confusion it will wait until the rework is finished on PC. If it's like the console version of WOT it will borrow assets heavily from the PC version. To the point they can ad very little unique content unless the basis is done on PC first. With that in mind, in order to simply the concept and controls for the console version will it impact how the PC carriers are reworked? Thoughts?
  6. Carrier Rework Update

    Hopefully they get it finished soon, according to the legends FAQ ( iirc) they can't add CV's to the game until the PC rework is done. Although legends is still in alpha.
  7. Next new tech tree?

    At least I appreciate and respect the history of the world's navies, unlike yourself who apparently has no respect for them. But I guess it's to be expected from someone such as yourself who likely clutches their gooey body pillow at night as you dream that one day the underage looking girl on it will come to life so you can be a real man.
  8. Next new tech tree?

    Can't say I blame them, the Brits take a lot of pride in their navy and I doubt they would be enthusiastic about the possibility of their ships being covered in ugly Anime garbage camo.
  9. 7 Day Premium Code = WTH?

    Thanks Due date is April 24th so almost there. Hard to believe it's just over a month away.
  10. 7 Day Premium Code = WTH?

    If that's true then I'm missed my kid being born, wife is going to kill me. Man I'm screwed
  11. Zero Historical Tie In's

    Facts are not insulting, just facts. The soviet " Navy " was never a significant factor in WW2. Feel free to prove otherwise if your able.
  12. Zero Historical Tie In's

    Obviously this went over your head.
  13. Well you could always play MOO, Wargaming owns that.
  14. New Host = No More Dasha???

    Well Dasha has not been replaced, but reading is hard I guess lol. Not that it's that big a deal anyways.
  15. Beware

    Bit late in the day but