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  1. That was the S.B Roberts. Both should be in game
  2. Ruthless4u

    return of black

    Wargaming may run into issues with getting permission from Commander Evan’s estate so that could make sense why he may not ever be in game. As far as the ships of Taffy 3, I honestly believe wargaming simply doesn’t care.
  3. Ruthless4u

    Two things I'd like to see

    Agreed If [edited] adds it first I’ll leave world of warships ( legends) to play her there.
  4. Ruthless4u

    Anyone else having more fun in Legends?

    TBH legends has become pretty stale. If I could come back to PC I would.
  5. Ruthless4u

    Event Commanders suggestion.

    They are not commanders on legends, they are guises which you basically put in place over a commanders avatar, they give you colored tracers, voiceovers and fireworks when legendary skill is activated. Basically guises are a waste of time, but at least don’t cost anything
  6. The inherent problem with AA is it’s one of 2 things. It’s either too powerful making it impossible to get an attack off according to CV players or it’s not powerful enough and strikes always get through according to anti CV players. The issue exist on legends as well but includes secondaries. We have BB users who want secondaries to kill DD’s almost instantly when they get in range. No matter how many times legends devs buff secondaries they will never be good enough until this is accomplished. So just like AA secondaries ( at least in legends) will either always be too powerful or not powerful enough depending on what ship you are using at the time. Its not possible to satisfy both sides of either issue at the same time.
  7. Ruthless4u

    Tier VII California Buff Discussion Thread

    Customizable captain system on legends, um sure. You are talking about the one where the players build their captains just like everyone else and flexibility is limited by how difficult it is for the average player who doesn’t pay to earn insignia and commendations to level up to an effective level. Thats the great commanders system you are referring to?
  8. Ruthless4u

    Feedback on ...What you like about WoWs!

    Go play Naval Action for a few weeks and see if you like having to rebuild any ships you lose.
  9. Ruthless4u

    what ships could be candidates for premium ships

    I’m really starting to think we will never see any Ships from Taffy 3. Likely the last best chance will be in 2 years at the 80th anniversary but I doubt WG cares that much.
  10. My humble suggestion for the Johnston if anyone missed it https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/252544-unique-feature-for-the-uss-johnston-if-she-is-added/?tab=comments#comment-5708047
  11. Ruthless4u

    Special Commander

    This is the PC forum, you need legends Reddit or discord. That being said you should be able to find him under the commanders tab. I’m a legends player so i can try to help. Which commander did you buy? Was it one of the Guise’s instead of a commander?
  12. From what I remember from The last stand of the tin can sailors and various articles on the battle she did duck into smoke/and rain squalls to make quick repairs so their is some basis for it in historical fact.
  13. This thread posted the other day got me thinking about it. One of the things brought up when the USS Johnston is mentioned is what “ gimmick “ or special trait she could have to make her stand out from the other Fletcher class DD’s in game. It would be a nod to her performance and tactics in the battle while offering a different play style from the other Fletchers in game.
  14. That could be interesting. Will to rebuild in legends requires an ally to be within a certain proximity so I could see something similar here. You could even use smoke from enemy ships. Not sure what you could replace the smoke consumable with though. Thanks for the compliment on my suggestion.