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  1. SkaKilla

    Looking for a clan

    So pretty straight forward, I am looking for clan that is reasonably active, knowledgeable, and isn’t afraid to exploit a little thing called teamwork. Quick run down. I have most of the tier X’s, and know how to use them (minus the carriers). To sum it up. I am a good jack of all trades boat driver and pretty good Shima driver. I have discord and teamspeak, Pacific time zone works best, and the clan needs to be chill with the occasional work deployments. Thanks for your time and look forward to sailing with everyone.
  2. SkaKilla

    How's my driving?

    Ok, so I feel like I hit a wall and could use some advice on how to improve my game play. Like what should I prioritize? Damage or vision control? Capping early, or just contesting and capping later on? IAsking as a meh Shima driver. Any tips or tricks would be appreciated. I might just be frustrated and need to take a step back. Anyhow, any assistance would be appreciated.