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  1. RulerOdin

    User names and WR

    I actually remember wondering this myself. I always thought it had to do with PR, as in the metric used by sites like wows-numbers, but it turns out that guess was wrong. According to a rather interesting post on this games subreddit, it means: Source is here The Reddit post itself is pretty interesting, consisting of analyzing how win rate tracks with different naming conventions.
  2. RulerOdin

    Premium Ship Review - HSF Harekaze II

    But you didn't make the post we're discussing? We're talking about the latter half of LWM's post which was a response to Litigo's question about whether Harekaze I is better than Harekaze II as a torpedo boat (specifically taking into account the fact that Harekaze I can take TRB). I wasn't talking about your question about the Angry YouTuber verdict.
  3. RulerOdin

    Premium Ship Review - HSF Harekaze II

    It's true that Harekaze II can't take TRB, but my understanding is that LWM (and the person they were quoting) we're discussing Harekaze with TRB. Litigo said: which to me sounds like they're asking if Harekaze II (with smoke but no TRB) is better than Harekaze (with no smoke but with TRB). LWM then said: Where she compares Kagero to Harekaze II since she says that the original Harekaze doesn't have TRB. I could of course be wrong, and apologize to the two of them if that is the case.
  4. RulerOdin

    Premium Ship Review - HSF Harekaze II

    I'm pretty sure this is false. At least for me I can definitely select TRB in place of smoke, but whether that's actually something I would do is another question. Additionally, thanks for the review of both ships! They definitely helped inform my decisions on whether to get them (Harekaze yes, Harekaze II no).
  5. In my entire time playing this game I can only once remember thinking "is that a bot?". Specifically, I was playing Kitakaze and it looked like the enemy Fletcher just sailed from their spawn, into the B cap, and then right out without stopping or changing direction (if I remember right). When I started firing at them as far as I could tell their turrets didn't even move. And I don't think this was them just giving up, since I had zero support so they definitely could have dealt at least some damage. Obviously there could be other stuff going on, like setting the autopilot then leaving to do a quick task which ends up taking more time than expected, but it was still definitely weird. In any case, my experience is that ships that appear to be bots are not really an issue (at least compared to other topics).
  6. RulerOdin

    Paying attention to the ship lineup is game changing

    Yeah, I don't see it either. I'm not entirely sure what causes it on this forum, but literally every embedded YouTube video (even the one's I post) are invisible. One thing you can do is inspect element and copy the link, seen here: Then you just paste it into your browser. If you don't want to be forced to watch it in full screen and actually have access to the rest of YouTube, you have to edit it to match a normal YouTube link by deleting the "?feature=oembed" and replacing "embed/" with "watch?v=". Here's a comparison between the two: Before: https://www.youtube.com/embed/_nCTkCSb67Q?feature=oembed After: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_nCTkCSb67Q The other thing I hope people start doing (since I've seen this problem mentioned before by other people) is to just paste the plain text link as well. If you already have the link copied, you can just paste again and select to do it as plain text. EDIT: for some reason the video now displays for me. I didn't even change anything!
  7. RulerOdin

    Reminder: Armory

    Another +1 for it working with Firefox. I've been using Firefox to access the armory and dockyard for months now without issue.
  8. RulerOdin

    Reminder: Armory

    Yes, I just did. I think the way the in game armory works (as well as the dockyard and clan tab) is that it's actually loading a webpage, then just displaying it in game. https://armory.worldofwarships.com/en is for the armory, https://clans.worldofwarships.com/search is for clans, and https://dockyard.worldofwarships.com/ is for the dockyard. The last one was very useful when the dockyard was being buggy and not loading. It's possible they just made a webpage version and the in game version works differently, but I find that somewhat unlikely since it would just be extra work. It's possible there's other pages I'm not thinking of that also have webpages.
  9. RulerOdin

    Vampire II coming, so what's leaving?

    I can't believe I missed that. I literally opened the armory tab to the RB to confirm the 2 BBs I listed, distinctly remember seeing Siegfried, and then entirely forgot about it. I suppose it's kind of appropriate considering how the secondaries have become so forgettable. I suppose that confirms my point even more, since each ship type now has 2 ships available.
  10. RulerOdin

    Vampire II coming, so what's leaving?

    I don't think we really know. As far as I can remember (though I could be wrong) no ship has ever been removed from the RB, so we have no precedent as to when they might want to remove something. They were fine having multiple BBs for quite some time (Ohio and Slava) so 2 DDs should be fine, Colbert is still the only cruiser, and Emilio has quite the unique play style and was only recently added, so I can't see it being removed soon even if we will then have 2 DDs. In any case, assuming they stick to giving warnings with long lead times (which would be especially applicable with the RB) I don't think you have to worry. Edit: Ensign_Cthulhu pointed out I missed Siegfried, so Vampire II now makes is so that each type will have 2 ships (excluding CVs).
  11. RulerOdin

    Laughably pathetic launcher performance.

    I personally am not so quick to doubt OP. I had something similar, but I didn't check all the details so I'm not sure if it's identical. Last night during the installation (specifically the installation, not the download) of an update (presumably the upcoming 10.5) my computer was slowing down a fair amount. I can confirm I do not have use all system resources checked, and I have a Ryzen 5600x, 32 GB of RAM, and am installing on a SATA SSD. I wasn't doing anything else on the system but watching youtube videos, but the videos would still stutter occasionally, especially when switching tabs. This cleared up once the update completed. I didn't check task manager, so I don't know the exact numbers, which means maybe it was somehow using all my resources anyways. I plan on monitoring more carefully at the time of my next update so I can submit a ticket, but until that comes I'll have to wait.
  12. Can I recommend posting the raw links then in addition to embedding the video? It majorly helps those who are experiencing the issue, and it only takes another copy and paste and a mouse click to disable the rich text paste.
  13. Apologies then. I can't actually see what video you posted (the forum ate it, just like it seems to have eaten mine) so if I'd looked I doubt I would have realized it was the same since you didn't post the raw link. I think this issue is pretty common since I've seen it mentioned elsewhere, so I've taken to adding both the embed and the link just in case. Though admittedly, even if it did show up I likely still would have made the mistake since I was reading only the new content since I last viewed this thread some time ago, and based on their comment I assumed they had seen no reviews.
  14. Someone else linked this video in another thread topic about this. I haven't watched any of their other content, so I don't know how reliable I find them, but at the very least it gives you an idea of what the game play is like. (Direct link in case it gets eaten: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hzAueJnE_I)
  15. RulerOdin

    Zath Chat - Ships Leaving in 10.5

    In this context though we were discussing IJN premiums for a DD player (excluding Shinonome since you need T8 plus for that and we were also assuming a new player), and afaik there's no T6 premium IJN cruiser. Maybe I didn't make that clear though. I would rather be playing a bottom tier Atago than a bottom tier Mutsu. Atago gets a heal, amazing stealth, pretty good armor (thick deck thin citadel), good guns, while Mutsu may have 16 inch guns, but they have the WWI Nagato shells (I believe) and a T8 BB will just lolpen you from what feels every direction while you relatively stroll across the map.