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  1. Sturmgrunder

    RPF doesn’t work

    RPF can only point in ~8 directions. Even at a great distance the jumps will appear large because RPF points at the center of a given "zone" and they just entered a new one-- this means RPF just swung from behind them to in front of them. It's exaggerated because of the coarse reading it gives you but as long as you understand how it works you can extrapolate some extra info out of it.
  2. Sturmgrunder

    I don't trust YOU!!!

    If you were them and they said they had it dealt with, 99% success rate, how likely are you to trust that? I wonder.
  3. Man, you guys ping these folks way too often over the weirdest stuff. They have to be drowning in notifications every day and people wonder why they don't always respond. Under the old system rounding basically meant that you had to exceed armour by at least half a millimeter in pen before it counted, for better or worse, and it makes it easier to display the pen in client and do the mental math around IFHE. Ease of use of course goes out the window if you're doing the math yourself since it's just an extra step. With the changes, the rounding acts as a buff, effectively allowing you to pen armour that you're at least within half a millimeter of penning normally-- 20.7mm pen, for example, will end up being able to pen 21mm armour.
  4. They're rounded to the nearest, not strictly up or down. Not sure offhand if anything has .5 but I presume it would round up.
  5. Sturmgrunder

    Steel and Coal, a problem

    33.5k in my armory right now. I think it's a really good idea to have more ships coming out than anyone can reasonably get for these resources because it encourages you to just get the ones you really want and ensures more diversity, plus you're more likely to have at least one ship in each batch you're really interested in. The problem is when there are a number of ships you're interested in and they haven't announced what they will cost. I'll get a Smolensk for coal, but not before they confirm Siegfried because for me that takes priority. Same with Thunderer, though I hope that's a split. Then there's Colbert and apparently that's NTC, which looks to be a miserable shitshow.
  6. Sturmgrunder

    I Can Already See Whiners Screaming OP And Nerf It

    They don't fire nearly as fast. They fire almost half as fast. Friesland has about 95% of HE damage per minute of a fully kitted out Harugumo. It also has more health than a Gearing. It will almost certainly lose to Haru but outside of eating a torpedo Friesland will absolutely devour Gearing and the like. For most DDs their only real hope is that they are likely a lot more stealthy than Friesland, so they can at least avoid a confrontation or even try and keep it lit from stealth for their allies instead.
  7. Sturmgrunder

    PTS Base EXP Puzzle

    Not sure what difference it'll make, since the scoreboard XP is before modifiers and the XP breakdown doesn't tell you how you got your base XP, just how you got your ship XP-- but 'ere ya go.
  8. Sturmgrunder

    KMS Siegfried

    It has Bismarck guns, but with Hipper accuracy. Unfortunately, if it's offered through the NTC, then as interesting as it is and as much as I have wanted the O-klasse ingame for as long as I have, I doubt I can justify getting it. The NTC as is currently documented is hell. Unless the mechanics become much more friendly (you don't actually lose your researched ships, and instead gain XP personal missions for each ship in the line/etc-- otherwise you you can't even use some lines because you'll need those ships for CBs/ranked/etc) or the reward costs are drastically slashed from the prices that were floated around for the climb to level 3 buff rewards for one ship, by the time you can purchase a ship in the NTC it will be extremely hard to justify purchasing a ship you just like next to ships that are genuinely too strong (ahem, Ohio). For that much effort most players won't have much access to NTC rewards no matter how much they play, realistically, unless they're willing to drop hundreds of dollars in free XP conversion. There is just no room to pick up a ship like Siegfried in such a system sans potent buffs, no matter how much you might like it. Here's hoping it's just a Coal/Steel ship. Fem, though, if you're still haunting the thread 'ere-- why Siegfried? It's a great name, but why not use it on a T10 version, ala Yoshino, and arm the T10 version with the Siegfried variant of those guns? The Germans took the same guns the Bismarck/O-klasse were armed with and developed a coastal battery version named Siegfried, as they fired special Siegfriedgranate. The shells were notably lighter (~40%) but used a ton more propellant, and thus had real-world muzzle velocities of 1050m/s. The chambers were larger, so they didn't fit the same turret design, and IIRC an AP shell wasn't finished, but there were ideas floated around with regards to mounting these back on ships. It would be unique and thematically interesting to name the T10 "O-klasse" version the Siegfried and put together such a design for it (you guys definitely have the resources and are pretty good at this sort of thing) and it would have pretty good basis in reality. Siegfried as is, as a T9, though, could definitely use some splinter decks in the bow, or at least the 40mm icebreaker of the Hipper (side-note, no such icebreaker on the Roon/Hindenburg or at least the Eugen?), but failing all that here's hoping it at least has enhanced secondary range and maybe accuracy. The secondaries are pretty good otherwise, and it would make for an extremely unique and uniquely German take on a battlecruiser in that case.
  9. Sturmgrunder

    Absolutely Terrible!

    To my knowledge there is no ship called Le Fantastique. I see this weirdly often, though. The destroyer you're talking about is Le Fantasque, or "the capricious one".
  10. Sturmgrunder

    Is Yoshino better than Azuma relative to tier?

    Not a single person has mentioned that Azuma has a vastly superior repair party. Aside from some 30mm plating that doesn't save you from bow pens or citadels from the side anyway, the torps, and the slightly better reload on Yoshino, they're pretty much the same. Realistically, you bounce cits with your well armoured citadel, and if Azuma is gonna get citadeled Yoshi almost certainly will as well, but Azuma will take large full pens that Yoshi doesn't. On the flip side, Azuma has half the cooldown on its repair party. This means that Azuma is actually a lot more durable in sustained engagements against its favoured targets-- cruisers. Yoshi does have slightly more positional freedom since BBs won't punish it as hard, but then it loses a ton since it can't repair tank light damage like Azuma can. I think if you faced off the two ships, Azuma would virtually always, comfortably, win. Yoshi would only win by landing a torpedo or two, and that's pretty telling. While Yoshi is an alright ship, certainly in the spectrum of "pretty well balanced" it's hard not to see it as something of a side grade to Azuma but a tier higher, like Azuma is the Eugen to Yoshi's Hipper... But Hipper got lost and ended up in the next tier. Pound for pound, I reckon Azuma is superior.
  11. Unfortunately... While the in-game viewer may not show it, the GK does in, in fact, have a very thick bulkhead there. Good sleuthing otherwise.
  12. Respondin' to this comment because I figure maybe I can at least answer this one-- at that range Haru has ~126mm of AP pen, and the bow of the GK is nearly all 60mm+, with only a little 32mm along the top. AP not only was the safer bet, but does a lot more alpha anyway, meaning it should always be used if possible. Now.. As for the detonation itself. One of the guys in my clan brought this up and demanded me explain it, and I got nothin'. I had a few ideas --it's possible that a shell pens a secondary turret facing the other direction, hits the top slope from the inside, deflects nearly straight down and then gets through the comparably unprotected deck/citadel roof sections, or perhaps it gets in through a cheeky ricochet on some hidden internal armour, but after seeing the replay the Haru seems to have only landed a few shells right on the nose of the GK at a reasonably steep angle, and the bulkheads it would have to travel through to get from there to the citadel are thick enough they could bounce the Haru's shells at that angle even without anything else in the way. All told, OP, and it ain't often I say this, but this looks like a genuine bug based on the replay, internal armour scheme, and what we know about how magazines and detonations work. I'd consider honestly submitting this one in a bug report directly to WG. Oh, and, moral of the story, always run your damned det flags in competitive. Yes, even on BBs. This was a total fluke, but it ain't that weird for another BB to hit the magazine or for a torpedo to tickle it, and, well... You don't want to be Strumpoo1, do you?
  13. Sturmgrunder

    Waiting for the buff to Italian ships like...

    Japanese do not have 1/4 pen. The 100mm IJN guns are an exception.
  14. Sturmgrunder

    I didn't deserve this

    Food for thought-- maybe part of why you generally don't do great is you have trouble identifying good performance when you see it. Perhaps you just, in fact, had a much better battle than you think you did, and instead of colouring it with your perceptions of your play you should try to learn from it-- there may be some revelations to be had that will serve you later.
  15. No. And I have some actual stats to prove it. In the last week in NA Hakuryu has a total of 226 players that played a total of 3789 games. They averaged a 49.6% WR and 84k damage. This is a small player pool and will mostly represent dedicated players, with each player on average playing ~17 games this week, but in reality a few players will have played many more. Contrast this with Midway's much healthier player pool of 608 in the same timeframe, who played a total of 10509 games, or roughly 16 each on average. Generally speaking, smaller player pools will generally indicate one of several things-- a ship has limited access, it is played mostly by dedicated players because it is strange, difficult, or awkward, but will have solid stats as a result of those dedicated players, or it is extremely weak or the player base doesn't understand it well yet and it will likely transition towards case two. Hak's access is not appreciably limited versus Midway's, and yet its playerbase and games played are roughly a third each, despite the fact that Midway possesses a higher winrate even with its more diluted playerbase at 50.55%, and higher average damage at just shy of 88k. Those numbers seem very different from the ones you pulled? Yeah, because that's how worthless WoWS-Numbers is for this stuff-- that's how much these numbers change with patches and how badly represented they often are by total averages. It's all indicative of just how truly insane Hak's performance was at the start, and how many people jumped onboard to play it as a result (and subsequently jumped ship as it became extremely weak). Hak isn't just a bit weak, though, Midway (and to a lesser extent Lexington) are simply too strong. For reference, this data and a lot more can be pulled pulled from MapleSyrup. The site is pretty obtuse to use but it not only directly polls wargaming's API for this data, it also splits the data by region and shows last week and last two months as separate blocks so you can actually compare trends and the effects of recent changes.